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Republican debate in South Carolina: Five guys trying to be heard over a wild, jeering audience

It was sad to see Jon Huntsman leave the Presidential race this morning, because it means Stephen Colbert can’t crow about his lead over Huntsman in at least one South Carolina poll. But Huntsman was undoubtedly relieved he didn’t have to stand on-stage Monday night to face the most raucous, roused-rabble audience of any Republican debate held thus far. READ FULL STORY

Craig Ferguson and Carrie Fisher talk sperm, druthers, balls, and Balzac

Last night on The Late Late Show, the newly be-Twittered Craig Ferguson hosted Carrie Fisher, always a genial loose cannon. Her opening salvo to the host? “I’ve been Twittering you backstage, without a lubricant.”

Between stroking Craig’s leg, giving him the (pixilated) finger, and bad-mouthing a producer for her one-woman show Wishful Drinking, Fisher was really on a roll. The following clip captures some of the high points of her low humor:

Lest you think the mighty Fisher is a heedless vulgarian, I’ll point out that she plays with language, in her novels, memoirs, stage shows, and TV appearances, in amusing ways.

And Craig appreciates that kind of give-and-take; he’s as interested in the derivation of the term “druthers” as he is in a pun on Balzac.

Craig also said last night he suspected he was going to “get tired of the Twitter thing” pretty fast. I think the only solution to this is to Twitter him immediately (@craigyferg ) and express your opinion on this.

What did you think of Fisher’s happily ribaldĀ Late Late Show segment?

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Craig Ferguson joins Twitter: He predicts death of Twitter

Craig Ferguson joined Twitter, he announced last night. You can follow him @CraigyFerg.

Being the exceedingly amusing man filled with existential dread that he is, one of his first tweets was, “The fact that i am on twitter probably means its on the way out.”

“Twitter has better lighting than my show,” was another observation. And there was this bold declaration: “I follow no one. Except Dave I suppose. Or the local news. Or the smell of ham.”

Can you tell I’m following Craig? Will you?

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It's 'True Blood on Twitter Thursday'!


Proving once again that True Blood and Twitter (and, well, are taking over the culture, I take modest pride in informing you of “True Blood on Twitter Thursday.”

It’s a group of Blood fans who gather on Twitter and act out various characters and scenarios each week. This week, today, the “True Blood on Twitter Thursday” group will be performing, via Twitter, the winning entries of my Write Your Own True Blood Episode competition. Couldn’t be more proud. And congrats once again to the winners, “B.E.V.” and “TJ.”

You can check out the details and all the fun onĀ True Blood on Twitter Thursday” here.

And keep getting ready for this Sunday’s season finale.

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