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Jon Hamm hosting 'Saturday Night Live' tonight: Your opinion is desired

Jon Hamm is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, with musical guest Rihanna. Hamm is coming off a great season of Mad Men – both for us, and for SNL‘s writers, who can mess with the beauty that is READ FULL STORY

'The Monster Mash': Craig Ferguson wishes you a Happy Halloween (preview VIDEO)

Craig Ferguson and his gang of questionable friends dress up in appropriately scary-scandalous garb tonight to lip synch to Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s immortal 1962 hit “The Monster Mash.” Make sure you catch the cameo by READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' or 'Parenthood': Which will you watch tonight?

It’s Tuesday, which means a 10 p.m. dilemma: Which excellent drama do you watch, The Good Wife or Parenthood?

Both are having solid seasons. Right now, I’d give the edge to The Good Wife, which has really been sparking on all levels. I think we can all agree that READ FULL STORY

Is tonight's new PBS 'Sherlock' one of the best Sherlock Holmes ever?

This week’s Masterpiece Mystery! begins a three-week run of Sherlock, a clever re-imagining of Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century. One thing that marks this production off from previous adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work — that is, aside from the fact that this Sherlock has a website and texts furiously — is that it forces the Holmes cult to overlap with another venerable British cult: the one for Doctor Who.

Benedict Cumberbatch, from Atonement, stars as a jittery Holmes who’s more addicted to e-mail and his nicotine patch than to the traditional snoot-full of cocaine. His Watson is an Afghanistan war veteran played by Martin Freeman, who just READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' tonight: Emma Stone, Kings of Leon, and your opinion

Well, Emma Stone certainly seems enthusiastic to be hosting Saturday Night Live this week, with musical guest READ FULL STORY

Bill O'Reilly and the feud with 'The View' that will not end: 'I condemn the far-left fanatics'

Bill O’Reilly took to The O’Reilly Factor on Monday night and used his “Talking Points Memo” to “advance this troubling but important story.”

O’Reilly addressed the post-mortem The View conducted this morning about READ FULL STORY

'Rubicon' season finale tonight: The conspiracy will be revealed, but will you be watching?

Rubicon wraps up its first season tonight, doomed to be overshadowed by the season finale of its AMC neighbor, Mad Men. Which is too bad, because Rubicon became, after a meandering start, a crackerjack thriller.

Last week’s terrorist attack on an oil tanker in Galveston Bay, Texas, was one of those just-this-shy-of-doomsday scenarios that Will Travers and his API team were created to prevent in advance. But failure is one of Rubicon‘s greatest READ FULL STORY

'Carlos' tonight: Left-wing extremism turned into art

You have a fine opportunity tonight: Carlos, the extraordinary film about the real-life international terrorist Carlos the Jackal, will begin airing this evening on the Sundance Channel. The movie is scheduled to open in some theaters on Friday. Don’t miss the chance to watch it at home: Think Scarface with radical politics.

The movie stars Edgar Ramirez (The Bourne Ultimatum; Che) as the man who took the name “Carlos” once he began READ FULL STORY

Jane Lynch and Bruno Mars on 'Saturday Night Live': Your opinion is desired

You know how this works.

I put up this week’s promotional spots for Saturday Night Live, like this one, with READ FULL STORY

Bruce Springsteen documentary tonight: 'More than rich or famous, I wanted to be great'

There are two Bruce Springsteens in tonight’s don’t-miss HBO special The Promise: The Making of Darkness On The Edge of Town. There’s the Springsteen of the late 1970s, ambitious and anxious and eager to get on with his career in the wake of his then-recent ascent to super-stardom with Born To Run. Then there’s the Springsteen of 2010, ambitious and READ FULL STORY

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