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'Rock Center with Brian Williams,' week two: Tina Fey forced to admit she watches 'Extreme Couponing' and 'Cake Boss'

The second week of Rock Center with Brian Williams found the news magazine pursuing its mixture of wildly diverse stories, any one of which could have used a lot more time and a lot more reporting. Yet the host undercut his own enterprise by appearing most eager of all to conduct his in-studio interview with Tina Fey. READ FULL STORY

'The Five': The Fox News Channel's most delightfully crazy show

Imagine my surprise last Friday when I turned on my favorite guilty pleasure — Fox News’ The Five, its five-person, 5 p.m. five-days-a-week replacement for the full-fathom-five insanity of Glenn Beck — and saw little ol’ me getting slammed by the panel. There on screen was the cover of the new Muppetastic Entertainment Weekly alongside a pic of my ugly mug, as one of the Five, Greg Gutfeld, criticized me for my review suggesting that last week’s South Park was slightly weaker than some of its recent, sterling efforts. READ FULL STORY

Andy Rooney: He was more than just the great grump of '60 Minutes'

Andy Rooney, who became famous delivering his “A Few Minutes With… ” segments on 60 Minutes, has died. He was 92 years old. Rooney won five Emmy Awards, including a 2003 “Lifetime Achievement” Emmy; his first was for writing the 1968 CBS News documentary Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed.

The most highly visible link to the first generation of TV personalities — he wrote for anchors, reporters, and entertainers — Rooney was a lot more than the “cranky,” “Did you ever notice FILL IN BLANK?” guy that too many people ridiculed. READ FULL STORY

'Rock Center with Brian Williams' premiere review: 'Birth tourism' and man-camps: Jon Stewart gives his blessing and some beer

Brian Williams has carved out a unique position in network news. He’s the anchor for NBC’s nightly news at a time when the early-evening national newscast has never meant less to a public used to 24-hour cable news and instant internet updates. So Williams has raised his profile by pursuing his instincts, which are those of a wiseguy. He’s been very funny on talk shows, displaying a wry, self-deprecating humor that doesn’t undercut his authority when he has to report breaking news or grave stories. Which also makes him one of the few news broadcasters who can make the most out of the showcase he’s been given: the cutesily named but engagingly interesting Rock Center with Brian Williams. READ FULL STORY

Ruth Madoff on '60 Minutes': Hard to believe?

It was hard to believe Ruth Madoff on 60 Minutes, on a couple of levels. The first was why 60 Minutes had her on its show. Even as a craven ratings ploy, it was pretty embarrassing for the news magazine to devote time to the wife of convicted financial advisor Bernie Madoff. Morley Safer’s kid-gloves scoffing at Ruth’s gullability was supposed to pass as journalistic interrogation, but what did the segment really provide, other than an opportunity for Ruth to natter on about her ignorance of her husband’s massive Ponzi scheming? READ FULL STORY

CNN Republican debate turned into 'Ocean's Seven': It was Vegas, baby!

The “Western Republican Presidential Debate,” televised by CNN, began with a heavily produced intro that made sure you knew the debate took place in Las Vegas. A gritty-voiced narrator ran down the current odds for the candidates, their pictures placed on playing cards tossed onto green felt. The poker game where “the stakes are high”! Where Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul are “wild cards”! Wayne Newton was in the audience! READ FULL STORY

Sheen says he 'adores' Obama, criticizes 'corporate America' for not 'investing back'

Describing President Obama as “still the only adult in the room,” Martin Sheen will tell Joy Behar tonight that liberals in Hollywood should hold back on criticizing the President: “Steady, steady,” he warns recent celebrity Obama critics such as Michael Moore and Matt Damon, “you’re talking about a very special man.” READ FULL STORY

See video of Herman Cain singing 'Imagine There's No Pizza'; John Lennon dismayed in heaven

Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been doing his best to establish himself as a viable option in this election season. Now The Omaha World-Herald has released a video of the Godfather Pizza king singing a variation on John Lennon’s “Imagine” that may tip your opinion one way or another. READ FULL STORY

Amanda Knox deserves to 'become a big star,' Donald Trump tells Erin Burnett

On the premiere edition of OutFront with new CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Donald Trump said the found-innocent Amanda Knox can “maybe become a big star and build some dividends from this … absolutely outrageous” murder trial. Speaking by phone to Burnett, Trump said he was friends with Knox’s father and sympathized with Knox’s family. Is there no pop culture event to which Donald Trump does not have a connection? Is he thinking of booking Hank Williams, Jr., on the next Celebrity Apprentice, perhaps? READ FULL STORY

Andy Rooney signs off: Here's why there's a lot more to his TV work than cranky observations (with VIDEO)

Andy Rooney, in signing off from 60 Minutes this weekend, said that “this is the moment I’ve dreaded” — the final weekly installment of his “few minutes” segments. But Rooney is actually ending a chapter in TV history that many have likely forgotten, if you ever knew it to begin with. Rooney has long been the most highly visible link to the first generation of TV personalities — anchors, reporters, and entertainers. He’s a helluva a lot more than the “cranky,” “Did you ever notice FILL IN BLANK?” guy that too many people ridicule these days. READ FULL STORY

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