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Republican debate in South Carolina: Five guys trying to be heard over a wild, jeering audience

It was sad to see Jon Huntsman leave the Presidential race this morning, because it means Stephen Colbert can’t crow about his lead over Huntsman in at least one South Carolina poll. But Huntsman was undoubtedly relieved he didn’t have to stand on-stage Monday night to face the most raucous, roused-rabble audience of any Republican debate held thus far. READ FULL STORY

Mitt Romney is a serial killer, Stephen Colbert super PAC TV ad asserts

Stephen Colbert’s super PAC has released an ad asserting that Mitt Romney “is a serial killer.” The ad, narrated by John Lithgow (himself a former serial killer on Dexter), concludes: “Stop Mitt the Ripper before he kills again.” READ FULL STORY

Stephen Colbert is preparing to enter the South Carolina primary: 'I'm doing it!': VIDEO

The “major announcement” that Stephen Colbert promised this week has come to pass. He formally transferred his super PAC to Jon Stewart during Thursday night’s Colbert Report. In so doing, Colbert is able to enter the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, his home state. (A campaigning politician is legally prohibited from simultaneously running a super PAC.) A graphic appeared onscreen screaming, “I’m doing it!” READ FULL STORY

'When Mitt Romney Came to Town' review: TV news reacts, while Gingrich enjoys 'the suffering'

When Mitt Romney Came to Town, a half-hour video financed by Newt Gingrich’s super PAC Winning Our Future, is a pulverizing piece of propaganda designed to portray Romney as a rapacious, conscience-less businessman who’ll do “anything for a profit,” as one of the quotes from Romney himself phrases it. Heavy on accusation and poignant interviews with unemployed people, the anti-Romney film could have been made by an Occupy Wall Street film student, or by Keith Olbermann during all the time he’s had declining to appear on Current TV. But the fact that it comes from an opponent in Romney’s own party, and lays out a line of attack the Democrats can use in the November election, raises it to high curiosity status. READ FULL STORY

New Hampshire primary TV coverage: Mitt Romney wins in votes and loses in the court of 'I like to fire people'

As the results of the New Hampshire primary vote rolled in, cable news networks had found the theme of the night. It was, roughly speaking, “What the hell was Mitt Romney thinking when he said, ‘I like to fire people’?” By 8 p.m. EST, Romney was the projected winner, with Ron Paul besting Jon Huntsman for second place. That left the pundits with lots of time to ponder the Romney psyche. READ FULL STORY

'CBS This Morning' premiere review: Charlie Rose, Gayle King, Erica Hill in a glass-smooth debut

Warning to guests appearing on the new CBS This Morning: The “greenroom” — the traditional name for the backstage place where guests wait before appearing on camera — is a “glass room” on the new set. Don’t get caught chomping down on a bagel just because Charlie Rose is talking to Newt Gingrich — the camera may catch you in mid-bite! During the 8 a.m. hour of the CBS This Morning premiere, the camera panned away from the new set’s combination of high-tech roundtable and old-fashioned brick-and-bookshelf backdrop to reveal a transparent greenroom where the obligatory table with coffee, sweets, and fruit plate plus sofas were joined by upcoming guests Julianna Margulies and Melissa Etheridge chatting with each other. In my occasional visits to network greenrooms, the atmosphere is hushed, with guests maintaining wary distance, silently contemplating their upcoming talking-points; we’ll see how long the bigger celebs put up with an exposed view. READ FULL STORY

A new New Hampshire Republican debate: If it's Sunday, it must be 'baloney'!

The second Republican debate within 12 hours was held Sunday morning during an expanded version of Meet the Press. Having laid back last night and given Mitt Romney an opportunity to speak at greater length than he has during any previous debate, his five competitors came to muss Mitt’s rhetorical hair at this one. Newt Gingrich implored Romney to “drop the pious baloney” about his history as a conservative and his motives for running for president. READ FULL STORY

New Hampshire debate: A real Saturday night live!

Saturday night’s Republican debate on ABC found the six men on a New Hampshire stage railing against gay marriage, “the media’s war on religion,” and President Obama’s “social welfare state.” Mitt Romney also emphasized that we need to be reminded that we have “the right to pursue happiness.” And by invoking happiness, he wasn’t trying to act as a prime-time lead-in to Saturday Night Live. READ FULL STORY

The Iowa caucuses: Where Santortum surged, and Rachel Maddow and Sarah Palin found (a little) common ground

For most of the prime time hours Tuesday night, the Iowa caucuses were an endlessly varied repetitions of “it’s too close to call” and “it’s a three-way race between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.” And that’s the way it went until Romney very narrowly defeated Santorum very late into the night. Nevertheless, the TV coverage yielded some interesting moments of contrast-and-compare, of stylistic tics, twists, and turns. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: I count down my TV Top 10 -- VIDEO

I usually fret and agonize over assembling a TV Top 10 list. I worry over valuing a novel new series over a more established yet still-excellent show. I sometimes try to smoosh shows together under a theme to smuggle more than 10 onto the list. But this year, putting together the list was a pure, unconflicted pleasure. READ FULL STORY

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