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Chris Rock explodes 'Letterman': Making Dave squirm re his marriage, plus sex jokes about Tiger Woods

Chris Rock was in his glory on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, making jokes about the host’s marriage and letting loose a savage sex-joke about Tiger Woods.

“You sound like an old-ass man,” was Chris Rock’s greeting to READ FULL STORY

'South Park' season premiere review: Tiger Woods got golf-clubbed

The South Park boys enjoyed a new video game last night, a new Tiger Woods game in which players can make Woods’ wife beat him with a golf club. (Cartman, thumbing the controls wildly, used his “Pre-Nup Power-Up Option”; instead of losing points, Woods “loses endorsements.”) Warning here, naughty language:

This episode, titled “Sexual Healing,” was a set-up for a South Park carpet-bombing of all celebrity sex-related scandals and sex-addiction therapy, with David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton, and David Duchovny among those cartooned by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

But the 14th season premiere wasn’t really slamming Woods and READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: If Betty White had hosted last night

Bowing to a grassroots movement to get the funniest senior citizen in show business front-and-center, SNL had Betty White host one of its best entries of the season last night. There was a peculiar cold-open in which Kenan Thompson played a live-action version of Cleveland from The Cleveland Show starring in a parody of The Blind Side. But Betty White started saving the show almost immediately. In her opening monologue, she claimed to be the “457th woman Tiger Woods slept with,” and offered a withering critique of his stiff apology from earlier this week.

There was the inevitable Golden Girls parody, with Abby Elliott playing Blanche and Jason Sudeikis looking fine as Bea Arthur’s Dorothy:

White showed just how spry she still is in an Olympics sketch, impersonating a skiing Lindsey Vonn. (Extra credit to Bill Hader for doing a fine version of a snowboarding, high-on-life Shaun White.)

Next up was a deft take-off on the recurring role White used to have on Boston Legal, with Darrell Hammond making an SNL cameo in James Spader’s role:

And in the fine tradition of SNL game-show parodies, there was READ FULL STORY

Seth MacFarlane on 'Bill Maher': Sarah Palin's 'phony pity' for those with Down's Syndrome

Seth MacFarlane told the host of Real Time with Bill Maher, “I saved my Sarah Palin virginity for you,” making his first public statement about Sarah Palin’s criticism of Family Guy‘s episode featuring a character with Down’s Syndrome.

MacFarlane cited Andrea Fay Friedman, the voice actress who played a character with Down’s Syndrome and has the condition herself, who said Palin “has no sense of humor.” MacFarlane said Palin wanted to “inspire phony pity” for people with Down’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately, Maher kept talking over MacFarlane, attacking Palin as “the queen of fake outrage,” when we wanted to hear MacFarlane‘s words.

Earlier, as part of a round-table discussion with READ FULL STORY

Tiger Woods' media (non-)event Friday: Smart, cynical, or dumb?

So by now, there’s a full-on frenzy over what Tiger Woods will or won’t say at his five-minute Friday apology and press conference. Or rather, his press statement: He’s reportedly not taking any questions.

Which is why this is kind of a non-event. But that, of course, becomes an event in itself: Pundits everywhere, from Fox News to MSNBC, have slammed Woods in advance for not answering reporters’ questions. On the network side, ABC’s Good Morning America featured segments from co-hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos that did a solid job of examining the pros and cons, with interviews with sports and media analysts who said, basically, if Woods is doing this just so he can get on with his golf career, it’ll be perceived as a cynical, insincere move. I’m not at all sure about that.

Nightline last night also had this thorough summary of the quandary Woods faces:

That report concludes with the phrase, “Admit, apologize, and advance.”

As some of you have already commented, to whom does Woods need to apologize, except to his wife and family? And wouldn’t it be good if Woods just did “advance” — that is, simply got on with his job of playing golf, and not play any further into the frenzy?

For more: Tiger Woods to apologize on Friday

Brit Hume, televangelist? Still trying to convert Tiger Woods to Christianity

Last night, Brit Hume only intensified his calls for scandal-plagued Tiger Woods to renounce his Buddhist faith and convert to Christianity. You can hear his argument, made to WTOP News radio in Washington, D.C., here.

This past Sunday, on Fox News, Hume made his first call for Woods to take solace in the “redemption and forgiveness” of Christianity, startling a lot of viewers with such frank religious proselytizing. Since Hume is currently a commentator as opposed to a news anchor, his opinion isn’t out of line for his role on TV.

Still, to assert that Christianity is a better faith from which to seek comfort than Buddhism seems a bit naive, to put it kindly. And what of this radio statement by Hume last night?: “You could argue that the two most controversial words in the English language are ‘Jesus Christ.'”

Really? Or is Jon Stewart’s take on the subject more in line with mainstream religious thought?:

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