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Joss Whedon weighs in on Mitt Romney, foresees a 'Zomney' apocalypse: VIDEO

Joss Whedon forsees the future under a Mitt Romney administration, he’s set his thoughts down in a video, and it’s just the kind of thing to gobble up on a Sunday before watching The Walking Dead. Whedon’s “Zomney” vid is whimsical yet blunt. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead' premiere review: Back to the reason this show exists: Killin' zombies

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night for its third season, and returned to its roots. By which I mean: Killing zombies. After a season spent largely squandered by debates about morality and the frailty of human existence, with lots of maundering soul-searching, The Walking Dead needed to realign itself. Similarly, viewers — including me — need to shake off the idea that there should be deeper character development. Just because it’s on AMC doesn’t mean it’s of Breaking Bad or Mad Men quality. We have to take The Walking Dead on its own terms. And those terms are, I repeat: Killing zombies.

'Walking Dead' season premiere VIDEO review: It may be the best episode yet

The Walking Dead begins its new season tomorrow night with an episode directed by Ernest Dickerson that takes the show back to what it exists to do: Kill zombies. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead' review: 'He won't stop'

There was one shot in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead that suggested to me the series was on its way to improvement. It was a quick moment, when dead zombie bodies had been piled into a truck. Director Clark Johnson chose to film it from a slight distance. As the vehicle rumbled along, a stray arm fell off the truck, and Laurie Holden’s Andrea hopped off to toss it back into the pile. A small gesture, to be sure, but so perfectly gross, yet, in the logic set up by the series, in keeping with the casual way this character and others now deal with the walkers. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead' and 'Pretty Much Dead Already': A cheap thrill-kill, or new life for the season?

The Walking Dead closed out its mid-season last night, and things were not looking good for our protagonists, or for the series. The show has turned into a nighttime soap with occasional appearances by deceased but moving, flesh-rotting, flesh-eating cameo monsters. If I had to choose between another scene of Shane looking belligerent while talking in that affected drawl or one of zombies crawling all over him and eating Shane as he looks belligerent while talking in that affected drawl, I’d choose the latter. (It’s what he deserves after what he did to Otis anyway.) READ FULL STORY

'Hell on Wheels' premiere review: Are these AMC's new Western zombies?

The latest AMC project to come down a now-literal track is Hell on Wheels, which premiered Sunday night with a pilot episode that attempted once again to jump-start a revival of that fundamental but faded TV genre, the Western. Alas, this post-Civil War saga, about the railroading of America starring Anson Mount as a vengeful Confederate Man In Black, lacked narrative steam. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead' season premiere review: Running away from/killing zombies. Is that all there is?

The Walking Dead returned on Sunday night for a second season of running away from/killing zombies. The pace and depth of Robert Kirkman’s source comic-book was significantly more swift and detailed than this opening episode, which pretty much just made sure we knew the living cast is beating a hasty retreat from Atlanta and heading for Fort Benning. Really, if it wasn’t for Daryl’s crossbow (which I’ve come to think of as a character every bit as vivid as Daryl or any other human in the show), I wouldn’t have been entirely sure which side to root for. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead' season-premiere video review: Are the stakes higher?

The second season of The Walking Dead premieres on Sunday night, and few fans will be able to watch it without bringing to the show all that’s happened behind the scenes: The exit of producer-director-writer Frank Darabont; the continuing, essential presence of superb story-teller Robert Kirkman; the pressure that must be carried lightly by new showrunner Glen Mazzara. READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones,' 'The Killing': What new shows should get Emmy nominations?

How ’bout that Game of Thrones final scene last night? How ’bout the closing-seconds revelation in The Killing last night?

Both shows are barreling toward their season finales as Emmy voters are getting ready to make their nominations, and I’m betting that these two Sunday-night series, along with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, will be among the few first-season shows that will garner nominations in a few categories. READ FULL STORY

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