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'The Office' season premiere review: Now THAT's the way to start a season

The season premiere of The Office has a lot more snap and vigor than most of last season’s episodes. The half-hour felt as though, with the end of the series in sight, it now has a renewed sense of purpose — to go out strongly, and perhaps paying off on a number of long-running subplots. READ FULL STORY

'SNL Weekend Update Thursday' review: Mitt Romney in a 'Cash Cab'

It’s election season, so Saturday Night Live is back with its Thursday night half-hour somewhat-political-humor specials. As you could have predicted much — much too much — of the material was devoted to the 47% video, and unfortunately for SNL, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have already beaten NBC’s show to the satirical punch on that subject.  READ FULL STORY

NBC is a big mess; NBC is on the verge of big success: A critic's take

Given the announcement of its midseason schedule, we can say two things: NBC is in big trouble, and NBC is paving a path to success.

NBC is in big trouble generally because its new fall shows have either been watched with a minimum of enthusiasm or by virtually no one. More specifically, NBC is in big trouble, public-relations-wise, because it will yank Community from its Thursday-night 8 p.m. slot to make way for the return of 30 Rock as of Jan. 12. And Community fans are, I can tell you from experience, some of the most passionate and social-networky fans in the uni-Twitter-verse. READ FULL STORY

What I got wrong, and right, in my Emmy predictions

Never have I been so glad to be wrong… in just a couple of Emmy categories. I’m certainly not going to whine about not predicting such superb surprise nominations as Louie CK, Timothy Olyphant, and Walton Goggins.

Yes, I’m doing my due diligence in following up on my Emmy predictions post yesterday; I owe it to you to own up to my miscalculations… and crow about my perspicacity! READ FULL STORY

NBC's Fall schedule, night by night: Can you get a bigger audience by combining Playboy bunnies with 'Parenthood'?

I sure hope the fall schedule NBC announced today does better than the fall shows NBC has given us in recent years, because aren’t we all tired of making jokes about the latest Law & Order spin-off, fretting over Chuck, and reminding each other that this used to be the home of Friends, Seinfeld, and Cheers? READ FULL STORY

'The Office' and the final importance of Michael Scott

Scanning a lot of the pieces that have been written leading up to this week’s final Michael Scott episode of The Office, I kept seeing the same word applied to Steve Carell’s character: clueless. Michael is widely perceived as being clueless about how a normal boss should behave; about how ordinary human interactions (conducting a romance; socializing with employees) should proceed.

I disagree slightly: I think the greatness of what Carell did with the character handed to him by Ricky Gervais was  READ FULL STORY

'The Paul Reiser Show' premiere review: It's easy to curb your enthusiasm for this thing

The Paul Reiser Show was such an unfunny, odd fit, nestled between Community and The Office on Thursday night, you had to wonder what NBC was thinking, or if it was thinking at all. The new show has the feeling of a payoff on some old contract addendum Reiser had written into his Mad About You agreement. “You mean a decade after Mad About You ends, we have to give you a half hour on Thursday nights to do whatever you want? Oh, maaaan… Well, okay…” READ FULL STORY

One great moment each from 'Community,' 'The Office,' 'Parks and Recreation,' and '30 Rock'

Thursday night’s comedy lineup was full of good laughs and honest emotion. I’m picking the single best moment from four of these shows. Tell me if you agree with my choices.

Community: Abed’s description of being an extra on Cougar Town. Wonderful — truly: skilled and subtle acting from Danny Pudi delivering a long, nuanced monologue.

The Office: How about that proposal? The candles! Michael and Holly walking past the procession of office workers! Their reaction when Michael told them of his future!

Parks and Recreation: I’m tempted just to hand it to the “German muffin,” but Tom’s kickin’-it camping tent/entertainment center wins.

30 Rock: The walk-‘n’-talk scene between Liz Lemon and Aaron Sorkin–brilliant.

(Oh, and P.S.: NBC is managing to make me hate The Voice even before it begins by running those horrible, taking-up-the-lower-quarter-of-the-screen ads with the likes of Christina Aguilera.)

Agree? Disagree?

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OK, 'Perfect Couples,' you're winning me over

This week, sandwiched between the best episode of Community I’ve seen yet (Chevy Chase’s deviousness, Joel McHale’s histrionics, LeVar Burton’s magnificent cameo, the satire of single-camera filming in the context of a single-camera show: pretty genius) and the weakest episode of The Office I’ve seen yet (sorry, Office, but sometimes a parody of an unfunny movie just results in a rather unfunny half hour), Perfect Couples was pretty darn funny. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes TV nominations: 'The Walking Dead'! 'Boardwalk Empire'! Other surprises and disappointments!

The Golden Globes TV nominations found room for zombies and bootleggers this year, as The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire were among the new names on the television list. The biggest loser: Lost.

In keeping with a tradition of rewarding HBO shows, Boardwalk Empire‘s nominations included Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald as well as the show itself. More surprising was the inclusion of The Walking Dead, which despite its late-in-the-year premiere and a mere half-dozen episodes managed to impress the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Other newcomers included READ FULL STORY

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