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Good night, and a few more opinions and recommendations

Here’s the way I began this blog in 2008:

“Hello. I’ll use this space to: talk about what I watched last night
 (strong opinions guaranteed); what I think you shouldn’t miss tonight; and
 what’s coming up that you should set your DVR for. Absolutely anything is
 open for dissection, celebration, criticism, and discussion, from an actor’s 
great performance, to a story-line that’s starting to stink, to championing 
TV shows both obscure and famous. I watch TV, you watch TV: Let’s share our 
thoughts and passions, OK?” READ FULL STORY

'Enlightened' season premiere review: Watch this Laura Dern show tonight, please

There’s a lot on TV tonight — the Golden Globes, new episodes of The Good Wife and Downton Abbey, the season premiere of Girls — but let me urge you to try and catch the second-season premiere of HBO’s Enlightened. This half-hour co-created by co-stars Laura Dern and Mike White is extraordinarily good: funny and moving and constantly surprising. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' and its Kalinda problem

Is this the season Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) peaks, as a character? I think it may be: Her hubby-trouble subplot in the new season of The Good Wife has been so disconnected from the real meat of the episodes – the law firm in bankruptcy; the introduction of a marvelously low-key Nathan Lane as the firm’s fussily efficient appointed trustee; this week’s mini-showcase for Maura Tierney, who just becomes more beguiling, more forceful, more intriguing with every guest role she takes – that Julianna Margulies’ Alicia has even remarked on how detached Kalinda is from the rest of what’s going on. READ FULL STORY

Emmy nominations tomorrow: Do ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox have a chance against AMC, HBO, and Showtime?

When the Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow, you can be sure of two things: The noms will be dominated by cable fare, and the howls you’ll hear from fans will be for non-cable network shows that got passed over.

So, if you’re a fan of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Breaking Bad, you can be sure that your faves will be more than well-represented. But what are some of your favorite network series? Fringe? Community? Person of Interest? Ah, I would bet that you’ll be out of luck. (Not that I don’t hope I’m wrong about that.) This will also hold true in the TV-movie and miniseries categories. READ FULL STORY

Introducing 2012 Emmy Watch: Nominations I wish we'd see

The Emmy nominations are being decided even as I write this. Members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences must hand in their ballots by June 28; the nominations will be announced on July 19. Why don’t we help out these folks and suggest worthy candidates?

That’s the thinking behind the long, carefully reasoned, highly passionate, sometimes stubbornly flukey list that follows. As EW’s TV critic, I tend to have some opinions not shared by the majority of official Emmy voters. I also suspect, however, that you, the reader, share some of my passions — such as Fringe, Girls,  and Community — that the Academy is unlikely to nominate. Which is one reason to agitate for them, right? READ FULL STORY

What TV do you watch on Sunday nights, and when do you watch it?: VIDEO

Sunday nights are getting more crowded with good, essential stuff every week: It’s time to start picking and choosing what you’ll watch in real time, what you’ll DVR for later viewing, and what you might just give up on because it’s just too much TV.

Mad Men. Game of Thrones. The Good Wife. The Killing. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globe TV nominations: Why some are great, and some omissions are ridiculous: VIDEO

The Golden Globes loom. The Golden Globes list. The nominations tilt toward cable TV, and away from network, at least in the drama category. READ FULL STORY

Best of 2011: I count down my TV Top 10 -- VIDEO

I usually fret and agonize over assembling a TV Top 10 list. I worry over valuing a novel new series over a more established yet still-excellent show. I sometimes try to smoosh shows together under a theme to smuggle more than 10 onto the list. But this year, putting together the list was a pure, unconflicted pleasure. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Can we get a couple of Emmys ready for Bob Balaban and Carrie Preston?

This week’s The Good Wife offered up a fine confrontation between two familiar faces: Josh Charles’ Will and Chris Noth’s Peter went toe-to-toe over Alicia a legal dispute. But two other faces brought us bigger smiles this week: Bob Balaban as a punctilious Treasury Department official, and True Blood‘s Carrie Preston as Alicia’s slyly dithering lawyer. READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' season premiere review: 'A New Day,' a new season, Arab Spring in the fall

The third-season premiere of The Good Wife, an hour titled “A New Day,” was a sustained series of pairings: Will and Alicia; Alicia vs. Peter; Alicia vs. Cary; a Muslim student accused of murdering a Jewish student; Kalinda and investigator Sophia; Eli and a crisis-management client; Grace and her new tutor; and, in the end, the twosome that provoked the crime that was the legal case of the week. READ FULL STORY

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