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Larry King's last show review: Who said, 'I'll miss your sexy ass!'?

The last Larry King Live was a Larrypalooza of King’s things: The biggest guests (President Obama! Ryan Seacrest! President Clinton! Suze Orman!) and the biggest compliments (“You’re the best,” said Donald Trump; Trump also said, “Oprah is a tremendous person”). Katie Couric recited a Dr. Seuss-metered poem that included the couplet, “You made NAFTA exciting and that’s hard to do/You scored Paris Hilton’s first post-jail interview.”

Right to the end, Larry King was Larry King: Friendly, relaxed, never at a loss for a quick question. He even offered his definition of the best question an interviewer could ask: “The best question is ‘Why?’ because it can’t be answered with one word.”

When California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared this day, “Larry King Day” and held up an official state proclamation to that effect, the governor waited for a response from Larry. King paused for a few seconds, and then said, “Say hello to the wife.” READ FULL STORY

The banned Craig Ferguson 'Doctor Who' cold open: See it here

When The Late Late Show did its recent Doctor Who salute-show, Craig Ferguson was mightily cheesed off that the big production number he’d taped for the start of the hour was cut READ FULL STORY

Craig Ferguson and 'Doctor Who': A marriage made in a TARDIS

Last night’s Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson was a Doctor Who festival. Random, you say? I’m sorry — have you never seen  The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson? Do you not realize that this talk show thrives on pursuing the wayward enthusiasms of its host, which include, in no particular order, awkward pauses, high heels, refusing to allow guests to merely plug whatever TV show or movie they are promoting, and lip-synching to campy ’70s and ’80s pop songs.

Oh, and it turns out, Doctor Who. Interviewing the current READ FULL STORY

'Conan': His first week is over. How'd he do? Better and better...

Conan began the first week of Conan with jittery self-consciousness and an obsession with the wound that created Team Coco. Second-night guest Tom Hanks put it most succinctly when he joked that the host needed to “blame something on someone other than Jay.” But O’Brien concluded his week on Thursday night with a serene, sauntering entrance and a confident rhythm.

Conan’s beginning to use the TBS set to interact with audience members spontaneously, and engaging in more conversation and comedy bits with his greatest asset, sidekick and national treasure Andy Richter. It’s clearer than ever that READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart takes on Olbermann, Maddow, and Maher; also announces a new rally

Jon Stewart began Monday night’s Daily Show by congratulating Conan O’Brien on his new show… and feigned shock upon discovering that Conan is now his time-period competition. “Now I’ll never be able to watch me!” he howled.

But Stewart was just winding up. As we kinda knew he would, Stewart wasted no time in taking on READ FULL STORY

'Conan' first-night review: Coco's so-so show

A little over nine months after leaving The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien gave birth to Conan on Monday night, and the baby arrived looking both familiar and a little tired.

Conan commenced with a taped bit about O’Brien’s departure from NBC, complete with READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's 'Indecision 2010': 'If you're a Democrat, how do you look at yourself in the mirror Wednesday morning?'

Jon Stewart went for titles-within-titles for his live election coverage on Tuesday night. The Daily Show became Comedy Central’s Indecision 2010, with the subtitle Maybe We Can’t its… subtitle? Its sigh of resignation?

The live studio audience booed some of the Republican winners and cheered some of the Democratic winners. Although when Stewart said, “West Virginia will keep a Democratic seat,” the smattering of applause prompted Stewart to note sarcastically, “Boy, that sounded enthusiastic.”

To analyze what he termed “the ass-whupping that has been delivered to the Democrats,” Stewart brought out his guest, presidential historian Michael Beschloss. He pointed out that READ FULL STORY

'The Monster Mash': Craig Ferguson wishes you a Happy Halloween (preview VIDEO)

Craig Ferguson and his gang of questionable friends dress up in appropriately scary-scandalous garb tonight to lip synch to Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s immortal 1962 hit “The Monster Mash.” Make sure you catch the cameo by READ FULL STORY

Obama to Jon Stewart: 'I have a profound disagreement with you'

As a walk-up to this weekend’s “Rally To Restore Sanity,” Jon Stewart interviewed President Barack Obama, who on The Daily Show Wednesday night told the host, “The one thing that might have made a difference is if you held a ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ two years ago.”

That’s as close as you’re going to get to hearing the President READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: 'Expectations,' departures, and arrivals

“I do not like the way this is starting out,” said Coach Eric Taylor as Friday Night Lights began its run on DirecTV Wednesday night. Make that one of him.

The fifth and final season premiere was energetic with the changes we knew were coming. (SPOILER ALERT if you don’t want to know FNL‘s episode details.) It’s August, and READ FULL STORY

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