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Best of 2011: I count down my TV Top 10 -- VIDEO

I usually fret and agonize over assembling a TV Top 10 list. I worry over valuing a novel new series over a more established yet still-excellent show. I sometimes try to smoosh shows together under a theme to smuggle more than 10 onto the list. But this year, putting together the list was a pure, unconflicted pleasure. READ FULL STORY

What I got wrong, and right, in my Emmy predictions

Never have I been so glad to be wrong… in just a couple of Emmy categories. I’m certainly not going to whine about not predicting such superb surprise nominations as Louie CK, Timothy Olyphant, and Walton Goggins.

Yes, I’m doing my due diligence in following up on my Emmy predictions post yesterday; I owe it to you to own up to my miscalculations… and crow about my perspicacity! READ FULL STORY

My Emmy nominee predictions in all major categories: Here's what you can expect tomorrow

The Emmy nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and you know who’s going to do well with multiple noms? Modern Family! Mad Men! 30 Rock! Boardwalk Empire! And what shows won’t get enough of the respect they deserve? Fringe! Justified! Community! But it doesn’t take a wizard to hazard those guesses, does it? So I’m going to take a much deeper dive into speculating on just which shows will fill out the nominations in every major category. Ready? It’s a long list. I’m pretty confident about these predictions. Hold your nose and take the plunge with me. READ FULL STORY

Jay Leno bombed with Casey Anthony jokes last night

If you wanted righteous satire about the dismaying Anthony verdict, you were out of luck, with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on vacation. In fact, most of late-night was on vacation, except for Jay Leno, who bypassed satire of the media and stuck with what he knows best: “It was so hot today, people were as delirious and incoherent as a Florida jury…. This [verdict] means President Obama’s economic team is only the second most clueless group of people in America.”  READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart went easy on his pal Anthony Weiner. He was the only one.

Jon Stewart may have been the only television news commentator in America on Monday who did not pounce on Rep. Anthony Weiner and beat him up verbally for admitting he lied about his Twitter gaffe. Stewart was in an awkward position, having acknowledged last week that Weiner is an old friend, but even so, his restraint was striking. Of course, in the context of a TV news day that preceded Weiner’s extraordinary, lengthy apology and interrogation by the (mostly) legit news media and the equally extraordinary hijacking of Weiner’s announcement by blogger Andrew Breitbart, Stewart’s giving a virtual pass to Weiner wasn’t nearly the most striking event of the news cycle. READ FULL STORY

Sarah Palin wins by behaving like a pop star, not a politician: Could a cross between Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga get nominated? Sure.

From Memorial Day weekend through today and beyond, Sarah Palin is dominating the TV news cycle. She’s doing it by providing garishly irresistible visuals — footage of her big bus, its sides decorated with images of the Constitution, the phrase “One Nation,” and a plug for her website — and by providing no interviews with the “lamestream media”… except for Fox News. READ FULL STORY

'Comedy Awards' review: Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, David Letterman, Bill Murray helped to save it

Comedy Central’s first annual Comedy Awards was a curious mixture of really funny and really boring, so chock-full of funny people squeezed into two hours that only a few of them stood out effectively. We’ll see about that “annual” thing. READ FULL STORY

Bill O'Reilly attacks Keith Olbermann: 'A hateful commentator' has been 'neutralized.' Plus Colbert video and Craig Ferguson jokes

If you thought Bill O’Reilly was going to let his time-period competitor Keith Olbermann depart MSNBC without getting in a few final kicks, you underestimate how much glee there is in the halls of the Fox News Channel today. READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck reviews Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity': 'It was not good... a high-school play'

Glenn Beck offered his take on the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” on his Monday afternoon Fox News Channel show.

Mid-way through the hour-long Glenn Beck show, Beck characterized Stewart’s effort as the equivalent of “a high-school play; it was not good.” Referring to much of the rally as “nonsense,” Beck nonetheless said Stewart tried to give out “the same message I gave on 8/28,” referring to his own D.C. rally this past August.

But unlike Beck, Stewart was “co-opted [by the liberals]. I don’t think READ FULL STORY

'Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear' review: Jon Stewart led his nation, unevenly, and mostly against the media

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert led their “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” from the National Mall to a crowd at what Stewart estimated as “over ten million people.” And if you believe that, you believe that John Legend does justice to Bill Withers music.

A gigantic-scale put-on laced with sincerity, the rally had something for almost everyone. This was typified by a “train” music medley: Cat Stevens/Yusuf’s “Peace Train,” Ozzie Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” and the O’Jays’ “Love Train.” (When it comes to art, the O’Jays won.)

The event was an assiduously shambling affair aimed more at the assembled throng than the TV and internet audience, which was as it should be, given a crowd that held up signs with sentiments such as “Don’t Be Mean” and “I Have A Really Big Sign.”

Some highlights:

• Sam Waterston read a rally-themed poem written by Colbert featuring the rhyme scheme of your average Dr. Seuss book.

• Among the medals bestowed by Stewart and Colbert, two excellent ones stood out: One, a Medal of Reasonableness to READ FULL STORY

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