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Madonna at the Super Bowl review: A shockingly sincere, joyous performance

Madonna was careful, in interviews before the Super Bowl, to say how nervous she was, how no one had to worry about her plotting to incite controversy. But instead of resulting in a cautious, tedious performance, Madonna gave a joyous, unironic, openhearted one. She deployed guest stars including Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A., but they never stole her glowing spotlight. From her entrance hoisted aloft by Roman-soldier dancers to the massed choir that sent her off, she was both in full command and full of generosity toward her massive audience.  READ FULL STORY

'Caged' premiere review: MTV goes MMA, tries for a knockout

MTV tried to edit the opening moments of the first episode of Caged so that it had a vibe familiar to its viewers: a Teen Mom aura, with a Louisiana girl named Red narrating, describing how difficult it is to be an unwed mother, a student, and the ex-girlfriend of Wes, the father of her baby. But the show is, at bottom, really about what its title implies: Cage fighting, mixed martial arts, as conducted in a Southern town. READ FULL STORY

Jerry Sandusky NBC interview: 'I enjoy young people. I love being around them.' The 'monster' speaks. -- VIDEO

Speaking to Bob Costas on Rock Center with Brian Williams on Monday night, former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky denied he had “any inappropriate sexual contact” with children. “I have horsed around with kids,” Sandusky told Costas in a phone interview. “I have showered [with children] after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact.” READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' series finale review: 'Clear eyes, full hearts'? More like teary eyes, broken hearts for fans

Friday Night Lights wrapped up its season and the entire series on Friday night. If I told you how many times my eyes welled up watching the finale, you’d think I was a terrible pushover. But man, that was one fine, emotional, intelligent, and satisfying ending.

It was Christmastime in Dillon, Texas, and Eric and Tami Taylor were still fighting over their conflicting job offers. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: 'Play it like it's the last time'

We’ve already arrived at Friday Night Lights‘ penultimate episode. Titled “Texas Whatever” and directed by Kyle Chandler, it was a great episode that saw the return of Adrianne Palicki as Tyra, Zach Gilford as Matt, and some big, fundamental changes in life in Dillon, Tex. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: New jobs, old wounds

The return of Tim Riggins — freed from jail last week, with not a little help from Coach Eric Taylor’s character-witness testimony before a parole board — set this week’s Friday Night Lights into emotional motion. What was striking was that, as superb as Taylor Kitsch has always been in this role, FNL has raised a supporting cast during his absence that has risen to the challenge of this terrific series. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: Don't go!

Boy, Vince’s father was even more irritated than ever this week on Friday Night Lights. Not only were his plans to be a super-dad-super-agent falling apart with every ring of his cellphone, but his arch-nemesis, Coach Taylor, was the one getting the flattery and offers. Florida wants Eric badly, so much so that they’re willing to part with a crate of fresh oranges, certainly the cheapest (yet nutritious!) form of enticement in the history of college-football recruitment. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: Taking a 'gut check' on the season thus far

Friday Night Lights is, we all know, the greatest TV drama centered around sports in the history of the medium (I said drama, readers, so don’t start writing in about your [and my] beloved SportsNight, or your inexplicable nostalgia for Robert Wuhl’s Arliss). But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, one of the things that makes FNL so engrossing is its willingness to go off in all sorts of directions, some of which pay off magnificently, while others pay off aimlessly. Such is life. And TV. READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: Team fractures

Friday Night Lights continued to push our hero Vince into antihero territory this week — that’s what can happen when you start taking your cues from the long-absent father who’s suddenly showering you with attention. Eager for READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' recap: Familiar faces returned

If you thought Friday Night Lights was going to let Julie off the hook for her little life-disaster (smooching with married T.A.; running into the Taylors’ mailbox), you must have joined me in the pleasure I took in seeing Julie placed front and center and wallowing in gloriously unjustified self-pity this week. READ FULL STORY

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