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'Parks and Recreation' move to ABC, after 'Modern Family': I had a dream; 'Fringe' was in it too: VIDEO

Parks and Recreation is at a high point in its creative life, but it’s not doing too well in the ratings. In my dream, it would air on Wednesday nights, move from NBC to ABC, and follow Modern Family. READ FULL STORY

'Community' tonight: Don't miss this one!

Maybe you don’t watch Community. (Seems likely, since this very funny, smart show is getting creamed by Big Bang Theory this season.) Maybe you don’t watch because you think it’s too in-jokey and ironic. (Which is sometimes a fair complaint; in fact, I thought the past couple of weeks have been a little too obvious with the in-jokes about poor ratings and the obsessive mythology of the show.) But here’s my pitch: Watch tonight, because this episode, titled “Remedial Chaos Theory,” is one of the best episodes of Community to date, and one that gives any newcomer very clear delineations of all the main characters’ personalities. READ FULL STORY

'Last Man Standing' premiere review: Tim Allen's new sitcom, a home improver, or doomed to extinction?

Last Man Standing is one of those junky, by-the-numbers sitcoms I know that, as a critic, I’m supposed to dislike and put down in a ruthless manner. But I can’t bring myself to do it. When I look at the now-rounded softness of Tim Allen, and note once again how his sandpaper voice contrasts winningly with his hopeful eyes, it’s impossible to plunge a shiv into this series, which premiered with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday night. READ FULL STORY

'South Park' mid season premiere: Asperger's syndrome gets the Cartman treatment

South Park returned for its mid season 15 premiere, picking up where the show left off, with the malaise of “You’re Getting Old” having deepened heavily. Stan’s morose conviction that the world has become filled with, ah, excrement is only increased when he faces a fall filled with Terra Nova and Ashton Kutcher in Two and a Half Men, both of which were mercilessly ridiculed. Oh, and he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. READ FULL STORY

'2 Broke Girls' review: Not living up to 1's potential?

Oh, dear. Three weeks in, 2 Broke Girls is not quite living up to its potential as the new season’s break-out/talent-filled/girl-power-trend sitcom. I’m not talking about ratings — those are solid, for sure. I mean the actual quality of the jokes and the direction (or lack of one) the series is taking as it settles in as a weekly series. READ FULL STORY

'Mike & Molly' season premiere review: Is this show worthy of Melissa McCarthy and an Emmy?

Before Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy for her performance in it, Mike & Molly was known primarily as the third hit show producer Chuck Lorre had running on CBS. Last September, McCarthy was still known primarily to most of us as Gilmore Girls‘ Sookie, and co-star Billy Gardell had been a funny stand-up comic. Now, however, after her break-out film performance in Bridesmaids and copping a surprise Emmy, McCarthy is looking like a big fish in a small, slightly fetid sitcom pond. READ FULL STORY

'New Girl' premiere review: Has Fox overdosed you on Zooey Deschanel already?

Watching the debut of New Girl, you may have been thinking, “I’ve heard these jokes before.” Oh, right: It was in the 21,875 commercials Fox offered in promoting the show, revealing punchline after punchline. Is there such a thing as too much promotion — specifically, promos that give away the best gags? Only the ratings will tell, but even if you hadn’t already downloaded it on iTunes or watched it on Hulu, I’ll bet a lot of you thought you’d seen much of this half hour well before it aired.

Not that Zooey Deschanel can or should be blamed for any of this. READ FULL STORY

Ashton Kutcher joined 'Two and a Half Men' as Charlie Sheen was roasted into ashes: A review

An absent Charlie Sheen stole the ninth-season premiere of Two and a Half Men from Ashton Kutcher without showing up. Much of the half hour was taken up with Charlie Harper jokes. He’d died in France, hit by a train; the early line “his body exploded like a balloon full of meat,” crafted by four writers including Chuck Lorre, made sure there was scant sentimentality over Charlie’s departure — Harper or Sheen.  Kutcher made his entrance READ FULL STORY

Predicting the Emmys poorly: I shoulda followed my heart...

Predicting the Emmys, like trying to foretell any awards, is always a mixture of rooting for favorites and attempting to divine what the voting body of the Emmy Awards will do. By this measure, I didn’t do very well at all. In retrospect, I should have gone with shows and performers I really, really liked.

If you combine the number predictions I made here in Entertainment Weekly and on, I attempted 24 categories. I correctly predicted nine. But if you look at my EW picks, they were divided into who “will” and who “should” win. Important lesson I learned here: If I had gone with my “should”s (that is, the ones I fervently hoped to win, but didn’t think Emmy voters would go for), my total would have been a much more respectable 14 out of 24. READ FULL STORY

The Emmy Awards show review: Jane Lynch, 'Modern Family,' 'Downton Abbey,' and some genuine surprises

It’s rare that an awards show both rewards the people who really deserve those awards and is itself a rewarding show. But this year’s Emmy Awards was both. Led by spunky, clever host Jane Lynch, the Emmys were delightfully surprising — Margo Martindale! Kyle Chandler! Melissa McCarthy plus all the other Best Comedy Actress nominees onstage together! — and, in most ways, quite satisfactory. READ FULL STORY

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