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'The Office' season premiere review: Now THAT's the way to start a season

The season premiere of The Office has a lot more snap and vigor than most of last season’s episodes. The half-hour felt as though, with the end of the series in sight, it now has a renewed sense of purpose — to go out strongly, and perhaps paying off on a number of long-running subplots. READ FULL STORY

NBC's new fall season: Sitcoms and 'Parenthood'

The new TV season is in full swing on NBC, with sitcoms such as Go On and The New Normal having aired their second episodes, and the season premiere of one of my favorite dramas, Parenthood, aired earlier this week. READ FULL STORY

'The New Normal' premiere review: Will you be spending more time with this family?

The New Normal got a nice little showcase preview after the season premiere of The Voice on Monday night, and it is, in the manner to which we have become accustomed with productions mounted by Ryan Murphy, a briskly-paced mishmash of the well-performed, the extravagantly sentimental, the insufferably self-congratulatory, and the witheringly sarcastic. Plus, NeNe Leakes and a cameo by Gwyneth Paltrow. READ FULL STORY

Mitt Romney at the Republican Convention: A TV review

Mitt Romney gave what must be deemed his best public performance since he began his run for the Presidency at the Republican Convention on Thursday night. Enthused but not over-eager, bright-eyed instead of vacant-eyed as he can often seem on-camera, delivering both the emotional autobiographical material as well as the laugh lines without stepping on his own timing, Romney made his case with forceful vigor. READ FULL STORY

'Animal Practice' premiere review: Can humans be as funny as a monkey? This show suggests... not

Animal Practice, a new fall show that premiered Sunday night after the Olympics, stars Weeds‘s Justin Kirk, JoAnna Garcia-Swisher (Reba, Privileged), and the monkey Crystal, who has arguably the most impressive credits of all, having co-starred in The Hangover II and who portrays Annie’s Boobs in Community. Together, they are the key characters in a sitcom about a veterinary practice full of animals both domestic and wild, and humor both wild and lame.  READ FULL STORY

'Go On' premiere review: Does Matthew Perry have a new-season sitcom hit?

Go On premiered on Wednesday night after the Olympics — it won’t be back until its regularly scheduled series debut in September — and on a first look, I’d have to say I’ve rarely seen a show with such a gap between the abilities of its cast and the ideas at the heart of the series. Matthew Perry, making another attempt at using his prodigious comedic timing after the ratings failures of Mr. Sunshine and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, has surrounded himself with very good performers pushing an odd agenda. READ FULL STORY

Television Critics Association awards go to 'Breaking Bad,' 'Cheers,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Downton Abbey' and more

The Television Critics Association awards were announced on Saturday night. The nation’s TV critics gave awards to Louie for best comedy, Breaking Bad for best drama; the “Program of the Year” award went to Game of Thrones. The event was hosted by Bad‘s Bryan Cranston.  READ FULL STORY

Sherman Hemsley: A tribute to the great George Jefferson, and more

Sherman Hemsley, the man who brought George Jefferson to vivid life, has died at age 74. The accomplished stage actor achieved his widest fame in a role he raised to comic greatness: George Jefferson, the egotistical, strutting centerpiece of The Jeffersons. READ FULL STORY

New NBC sitcoms: Pitting 'broad' comedy against 'sophisticated' comedy is the wrong approach

Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said to the country’s critics at the Television Critics Association’s press tour In Los Angeles that while he respects sitcoms on his network such as Community, 30 Rock, and Parks and Recreation — shows that are, as he said, “sophisticated” ones that “critics love,” his plan for the fall involves “broadening the audience.” The idea that the way to reach a broad audience is by going less sophisticated is an odd one, and one that suggests a problem NBC might have for its sitcom development in the near future. READ FULL STORY

Emmy Awards: Why Sherlock Holmes and various 'girls' make this a schizo but superb nominations list

You can argue about your favorite snubs (and, sure, Community and Fringe are among mine), but if you look at the entire list of Emmy nominations, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (probably by coincidence and chance) spread a lot of love to many of the right shows and the right stars. READ FULL STORY

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