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The final '24' review: The show is over. 'Shut it down.'

Stop and think about it: The last chunk of 24 ended between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. That’s the middle of the afternoon. Such a sleepy, winding-down time, for most of us. A time for an afternoon cup of coffee or soda to get through the rest of the work day. But not for Jack Bauer.

The last half of this final season set Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer loose as what he was trained to be and always tried to transcend: a remorseless killer. And it couldn’t come too soon, as far as I was concerned. I’d gotten used to only half-listening to any of the high-flown prattle about either the peace treaty (“the most important diplomatic action in generations!”) or the death of Hassan (he was handsome, he was a rake, he died — get over it). This eighth season of 24 was uneven — part dud, part exciting action-adventure. By this measure, one of the clear high points of last night was when READ FULL STORY

The last 'Law & Order' review: How can we miss you if you never go away?

The central plot of last night’s final new episode of Law & Order mattered less than all the stuff going on around it. It was the unexpectedly abrupt conclusion of the series after NBC unveiled its fall schedule last week, and L&O was nowhere to be seen. It gave us some closure to the season-long subplot about the cancer READ FULL STORY

'24' finale instant reaction: What did you think of the end of the final day?

Spoiler alert! Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen tonight’s two-hour 24 series finale! I’m warning you — try to imagine me speaking to you in a patented Jack Bauer hoarse growl — stay away until you’ve watched. Numerous spoilers ahead. READ FULL STORY

The final 'Lost' review: sweet, fun, Christian

Lost went out in a manner that was refreshingly not like that of so many dramas, which tend to become more dramatic, serious, and bleak in an effort to prove their ultimate profundity. Instead, the long Lost last night was a combination of a greatest-hits album and a lively Sunday-school lesson. Everyone was forgiven; everyone smiled. If The Mary Tyler Moore Show hadn’t done it first, I suspect that READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' season finale recap: 'Over There, Part 2,' a kiss, a 'death,' and the 'monsters in our skin'

In the alternate universe, Madison Square Garden is the quarantined site of a worm-hole with people frozen since 1999 in containment-amber; Liberty Island doesn’t just have a bronze version of the Statue of Liberty — it’s also the headquarters for the Department of Defense. (Leave it to patriotic politicians to militarize a symbol of open welcome.)

And so the season finale of Fringe began, with Peter helicoptering over the island to greet his long-lost father, the Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop. They said all the right things — “I’ve imagined this moment so many times”; “It wasn’t easy, making the choice to come home” — but there was READ FULL STORY

'Fringe' season finale tonight: Don't miss the shock surprise ending

If you thought last week’s first part of the Fringe season finale “Over There” was good, you’ll probably be thrilled and deeply satisfied with tonight’s second, concluding hour. You’ve seen the coming attractions, with such terrific visuals as READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' Alec Baldwin season-finale recap. Plus: rating the best of SNL's season

Alec Baldwin commenced his 15th hosting assignment for Saturday Night Live by noting that he was now tied with Steve Martin. A TV was wheeled on-stage for Martin to appear “via satellite” to jabber amiably, only to have Baldwin shove the television off-camera. The bit was quick and funny.

That was followed by READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' season finale tonight with Alec Baldwin: Will the show go out on a note of triumph?

Alec Baldwin hosts Saturday Night Live for the 15th time tonight. The musical guests are Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Update: Go here for a complete recap of last night’s show, plus an overview of the season.

'Fringe' recap: 'Over There, Part 1' is one great half of a fantastic finale

The first half of the two-part Fringe season finale, “Over There,” hurtled us over there — to the alternate universe, where Peter was following his true father, and where alternative versions of Olivia, Broyles, and even Astrid existed in cleverly different versions of the ones we know.

Over there, Olivia is an auburn-haired, wisecracking, jack-booted member of a Fringe Division that’s overseen by READ FULL STORY

A new, longer look at the 'Fringe' season finale!

Take a verrrry close look at this brand-new, extended Fringe season-finale trailer.

You’ll see that Josh Jackson’s Peter Bishop gets “taken to the other side” (ah, that would actually be his true home, wouldn’t it?). You’ll see alternate-universe versions of READ FULL STORY

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