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Why did Oprah matter? Will she ever again, on her OWN?

Unlike so many trumped-up celebrations of famous people, the three-day farewell to Oprah Winfrey taking place — where else? — on The Oprah Winfrey Show can scarcely be dismissed as self-congratulation or hype. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' season finale recap: Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, a formidable team

Saturday Night Live wrapped up its season by opting for familiar characters and sketches that ranged from quite to very funny. Host Justin Timberlake acted, danced, and, yes, sang up a storm, but so did music guest Lady Gaga, who proved to be a delightfully game addition to a number of sketches. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' finale with Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga: Your opinion is desired.

Oh my, is it the end of the season for Saturday Night Live already? Well, what better way to cap it off with one of the show’s best hosts, Justin Timberlake? And, as the music guest, a  READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' season finale recap: 'Closing Arguments' opened new doors for Alicia and Will and Peter and...

The Good Wife closed out its season with a finale titled “Closing Arguments” that must have set hearts aflutter for anyone who’s spent the season hoping Alicia and Will would get together. The rest of us marveled one last time at how much storytelling The Good Wife can cram into an hour. This is, I’m convinced, the reason The Good Wife has taken off as an audience obsession, an Internet-watercooler phenomenon: Co-creators Robert and Michelle King are steadfastly sure that viewers of network, one-hour genre shows (The Good Wife is a courtroom drama-slash-romance novel for TV) can absorb a lot more plot, characterization, and detail than the audience is frequently given credit for. READ FULL STORY

'30 Rock' and 'Parks and Recreation': Two opposing views of the world in which we live

Season finales always have the potential for surprise. I was struck by how low-key, for example, Justified chose to close out a superbly acted season; I was a little disappointed that it withheld the pleasure of a good old Western shoot-out that would have forced Raylan Givens to give in to his held-in-check violent side and dispatch one or two of the season’s memorable antagonists. Similarly, last night’s 30 Rock surprised me for the almost bleak finale it presented, which  READ FULL STORY

'Friday Night Lights' series finale review: We've reached the end. 'Coach, you changed my life.'

Friday Night Lights wrapped up its season and the entire series on DirecTV on Wednesday night. If I told you how many times my eyes welled up watching the finale, you’d think I was a terrible pushover. But man, that was one fine, emotional, intelligent, and satisfying ending.

It was Christmastime in Dillon, Texas, and Eric and Tami Taylor were still fighting over their conflicting job offers.


'True Blood' season finale review: 'Evil Is Going On,' and on, and on...

True Blood closed out its season on Sunday night with a series of double- and triple-crosses. The series didn’t so much end with a cliffhanger than READ FULL STORY

'Rescue Me' season finale: It didn't exactly go out in a blaze of glory

Since Rescue Me is such an assiduously irreverent show, I feel free to say that it ended its season trying to get us to both care for and laugh at one of its least appealing characters, young Damien (poor Michael Zegen), whom someone described last night as Tommy’s “brain-damaged godson.”

Then again, picking a least-likable character in Rescue Me these days is a real horse-race, since to my way of thinking you’d have also have to consider the shrill tantrum-thrower READ FULL STORY

'Burn Notice' summer finale: Exciting, but how satisfying?

Burn Notice wrapped up its summer season a bit of a cheat: The promised showdown between Michael and Jesse was more like a prolonging of their You burned me! spat, and this was one hour in which the client-of-the-week subplot was less entertaining than READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' season finale review: As inevitable as death and horses?

There was so much self-conscious irony, art-world-insider chattiness, and reality-TV posturing during this energetic first season of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist that it was almost inevitable that the show would end by striking one of its rarest poses: sincerity.

The hour began with the Project Runway-style gimmick that’s always better than a gimmick: visits READ FULL STORY

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