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'The Newsroom' season finale review: All's well that ends where it all began

The Newsroom wrapped up its first season with a timely nod to Republican voter suppression laws and a whole lotta symmetry to bring the finale full circle, back to the key events of the series pilot. READ FULL STORY

'Political Animals' finale review: Real-life politics ended up swamping this miniseries

Political Animals concluded its miniseries saga on Sunday night, and it must be said that this well-cast, well-acted nighttime soap became progressively less engaging as it went along. The series tried to wrap things up with a cliffhanger that would leave viewers rooting for more — an always-possible additional season — but I doubt this final hour stirred up too much support for a new campaign. Political Animals concluded at an unfortunate time its creators could not have predicted: When the real-life Presidential race and political policy debate has become more wild and florid than anything this USA network entry could match.

This is your SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the series (season?) finale of Political Animals. READ FULL STORY

Did 'The Closer' set up 'Major Crimes' to fail?

The Closer closed out Kyra Sedgwick’s involvement in the series on Monday night, installing Mary McDonnell in her place, in a “new” series, Major Crimes. While I have no inside information about how McDonnell was originally cast in The Closer, I’m led to think, based on the premiere episode that aired after the Closer finale, that she was never intended to be the new star of the show. Because the new show is, I believe, an inevitable disappointment for hardcore Closer fans. As for those of us who are Mary McDonnell fans? Ambivalence reigns! READ FULL STORY

'The Killing' season finale review: The murder of Rosie Larsen was solved

The Killing wrapped up its second season on Sunday night by solving the murder case that took about 26 days to solve in Killing-time, but seemed to take a lot longer to many of us who stuck with it. By the end, you may have felt like Mireille Enos’ Sarah Linden did: Like walking away in an exhausted daze.


'Girls' and 'Mad Men' season finales: A VIDEO review

Girls wraps up its first season on Sunday. In contrast to Mad Men, which concluded with rather muted notes (Don casting a lizard gaze on a woman who chats him up in a bar; Pete looking into his soul and seeing a bag of wet sand), Girls is a-poppin’. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' season finale review: Don Draper, the Easter Jesus, and 'The Phantom,' the ghost who walks

Mad Men wrapped up its fifth season with “The Phantom,” an episode that served as a refresher-course in the themes that had been explored throughout the previous weeks, as though prepping us for Professor Matthew Weiner’s final exam. Let’s run through them, shall we, class?

Q: Why was Don Draper unhappy? A: Before we answer that, let’s state what we can now see were the season’s two grand, over-arching themes: That achieving one’s goals does not bring anything like happiness, and that everyone — viewers and other characters alike — wants to see Pete Campbell punched in the face again and again and again. READ FULL STORY

'House' series finale review: All's well that ends musically

House shuttered itself on Monday night. The first hour, titled “Swan Song,” consisted of a retrospective of the series’ eight seasons, 177 episodes, with lots of behind-the-scenes interviews with the crew and co-stars, some of them conducted by star Hugh Laurie, and a paintball fight. The second hour, “Everybody Dies,” featured a typically baffling medical case for Dr. Gregory House, which was only a first-half-hour cover for what really mattered, including numerous guest faces from the past, and which requires in this spot a SPOILER ALERT. READ FULL STORY

'Smash' season finale: A video preview-review

Smash concludes its first season tonight, and we’ll see who gets to take center-stage, Megan Hilty’s Ivy or Katharine McPhee’s Karen, to portray Marilyn Monroe in the show’s Broadway-show-within-a-TV-show, the don’t-call-it-a-bomb Bombshell, previewing in Boston. READ FULL STORY

'CSI' season finale review: Now THAT'S how to shake up a series!

Gotta hand it to CSI: The show went big for its 12th-season finale on Wednesday night. One big resignation (“I out!”), a triple homicide, a double kidnapping, a wife revealed — the linchpin of the CSI franchise proved it’s still the best of ‘em. READ FULL STORY

The final 'Prime Suspect' episodes: A farewell to a good show

NBC burned off the final two episodes of Prime Suspect on Sunday night. The football game was on Fox, CBS aired a rerun, you aren’t watching Desperate Housewives anymore, are you, especially when you could watch Downton Abbey? Anyway, much in the manner a criminal on an episode of Prime Suspect might dispose of two dead bodies, NBC dumped Prime Suspect with a pair of new, good episodes. READ FULL STORY

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