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'Celebrity Rehab' premiere: 'I smell face-lifts!' and other appalling remarks and behavior

Every season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew fills a viewer with contradictory reactions. On the one hand, we’re saddened when we see the sad wreck that, say, former kid pop star Leif Garrett has become, “not sober since age 14,” as he said last night in the season 4 premiere. We wish him better health. On the other hand, we witness the appalling behavior of Jason Davis (who? the grandson of super-wealthy mogul Marvin Davis) as he whines about READ FULL STORY

Four TV things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving weekend: Taylor Swift, 'Fringe,' Bristol Palin, and 'The Walking Dead'

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are a few things TV watchers can be thankful for:

1. Tonight’s TV special, Taylor Swift: Speak Now. Sure, it’s mostly a promotional hour plugging her new album, but like everything else Taylor Swift does, it’s both commercial and charming, shrewd and clever. It includes everything from musical performances to taking trips with Taylor to a Target store to buy her own album (added bonus: no Kristen Wiig guest appearance as an annoying Target check-out line employee):

2. A new Fringe episode. Yeah, okay, it’s not until next Thursday, but you can watch the past three episodes on Hulu now, this weekend, to prepare for Dec. 2’s big, climactic, things-really-change episode, “Entrada,” in which the two Olivias will make desperation moves, a character will die, and READ FULL STORY

Bristol to Sarah Palin: 'Mom, take your prom-hair back home!' How the Palins 'stun' TV viewers

Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Dancing with the Stars combine to throw a monkey-wrench into pop and political culture. The second episode of the former governor’s TLC series Sunday night was an irresistible hour of halibut fishing and clay-pigeon shootin': “Don’t retreat, just reload,” she told daughter Bristol as she racked a rifle. Meanwhile, Bristol will reload once again on Monday to out-last more dainty hoofers on DWTS. What is it about these two that exerts such a pull on viewers?

On Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Bristol bristled at her mother’s constant stream of advice, and snapped at her, “Mom, take your prom-hair home!” Sarah paused, apparently perplexed for a moment: She knew she’d been sassed impudently, but at the same time, she clearly admired her kid’s spunk.

So it is with both Palins on TV. As Bristol thunders READ FULL STORY

Peter Weller on 'Dexter,' 'Fringe,' 'Robocop,' reality TV, and more: an interview

If you watch Dexter, Peter Weller is currently making your head swivel as the corrupt cop/P.I. Stan Liddy. Weller plays Liddy like a human rattlesnake, all slithery menace, and tonight’s episode promises to further stoke the budding Liddy-mania among fans.

Weller credits Dexter co-producers Manny Coto and Chip Johannessen for bringing him into the world of Dexter:

“Manny and Chip are READ FULL STORY

'South Park' goes after 'Inception' and 'Hoarders'... and Woodsy Owl

South Park‘s “Insheeption” episode on Wednesday night started out as a parody of Hoarders and ended up a critique of Inception. Stan, with his school locker full of maggot-ridden sandwiches and junk, was READ FULL STORY

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' premiere review: They're needy, sad, depressed, and depressing: What a way to launch a series!

At this point, launching a new Real Housewives franchise requires something new, some novel approach or tone to distinguish it from the, what, 47 other Real Housewives editions, and so The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has found its niche: It’s going to be the needy, sad one of the bunch. The most famous face on the show that premiered Thursday night belongs to READ FULL STORY

The Fall TV season that failed us: Are you hooked on any of the new shows?

All the new fall TV shows have premiered. Have you put season passes on your favorites yet? Have you been discussing new shows the morning after with your friends and co-workers?

I’ll bet you haven’t.

This has proven to be the least buzzed-about TV season in recent memory. Among people I talk to, within and outside of EW, not one network show has inspired passionate affection. Sure, most people who’ve seen Raising Hope agree that it’s funny. I enjoyed the pilot of Hawaii Five-O, but I can’t say I’m hooked. Ditto No Ordinary Family, which has possibilities as the show begins to balance its light and dark elements. But the one series so many READ FULL STORY

'Harry Loves Lisa' review: Hamlin and Rinna, deflating those lips, inflating their careers

The new reality show Harry Loves Lisa follows Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna as they try to keep their careers from sputtering to a halt. Hey, nothing wrong with that: Who’s not trying to do the same thing these days? It’s just that most of us don’t do it with cameras recording our every dull READ FULL STORY

'Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets' review: Ground and pound and cut

It’s been a lot of fun watching Hard Knocks this season. As someone who doesn’t follow football regularly, I’ve been drawn in by the startling intimacy of this inside look at the pre-season New York Jets. Last night’s edition, which followed the team onto the field for a READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus 8' review: And you thought you saw the last of Gosselin on the Emmys...

Fresh from her triumphant appearance on last night’s Emmys, Kate Gosselin — wait, let me start over.

Fresh from her incredibly lucky phone call from Jimmy Fallon, tapping her to use her notoriety for some fleeting good, Kate Gosselin returned to TV last night with another Kate Plus 8 “special.” It was a trip to READ FULL STORY

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