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'Taking On Tyson' review: Mike Tyson takes a bite out of Animal Planet

I knew that Mike Tyson had been raising pigeons since he was young, but didn’t know, until I watched the premiere of Taking On Tyson on Sunday night, that Tyson raced them as well. READ FULL STORY

'Bethenny Ever After' premiere review: 'Sometimes she pushes it way too hard'

Bethenny Frankel is arguably the best product manufactured by Bravo’s Real Housewives factory. She’s smart, funny, and self-aware. She’s also aggressive, argumentative, and drives a hard bargain, whether it’s with her Skinnygirl business or her marriage to Jason Hoppy. READ FULL STORY

'Beyond Scared Straight' premiere review: Can anything scare teenagers anymore? (Especially after the 'SNL' spoof.)

Beyond Scared Straight premiered on A&E on Thursday night, a documentary series meant to frighten law-breaking young people into getting their lives together by exposing them to the harshness of prison life. READ FULL STORY

A review of the final 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': 'Our life is in your hands, Sarah!'

Sarah Palin’s Alaska wrapped up its first and final season with two hours of Palin-mania: Our Sarah and her family went gold-prospecting, kayaking, blueberry-picking, and moose-kissing. (You do it by putting a banana in your mouth and extending it to the moose’s mouth. No kidding.) Palin also offered her own critique of the infamous Kate Gosselin episode. READ FULL STORY

Paula Abdul lost it on 'Live to Dance': Ratings update: Losing even more

Paula Abdul, once the country’s most endearingly irritating ditz on American Idol, presided over the premiere of Live to Dance on Tuesday night with a disappointing amount of calm sanity. A seemingly endless two hours of dancers ranging in age from 9 to 90, Live to Dance was constructed around her background as a dancer and choreographer.

[UPDATE: The series’ second episode sank 25% in the ratings with a 1.8 in the 18-49 demo and a third-place finish. Not good.]

What it proved to be, however, was an America’s Got Talent limited to fancy footwork; to a Dancing With the Stars without stars; a So You Think You Can Dance with … well, that’s basically what Live to Dance was: SYTYCD without Cat Deeley, but a lesser host with an accent, the toothy Andrew Gunsberg.

Early on, the crowd favorite READ FULL STORY

'No Easy Decision' review: Abortion was the focus of MTV's '16 and Pregnant' special

No Easy Decision, MTV’s special spun off from 16 and Pregnant, followed Markai Durham as she came to the agonizing conclusion to have an abortion. With a frankness rarely seen anywhere on television, No Easy Decision presented a vivid, unsparing look at something that’s not just an “issue” but a harrowing decision. READ FULL STORY

Sarah Palin sneers at 'conservationists who write me nasty letters': A 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' review

Sarah Palin visited a logging camp, picked up a chainsaw, and helped cut down a tree during this week’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Later, after playing a spirited game of “Eskimo bingo” with some loggers’ families, Palin sneered at “conservationists [who] write me nasty letters because I support [logging], usin’ their pretty little pencils and their pretty little stationery, not realizin,’ where do you think your pencil and your stationery comes from? It came from a tree that was harvested!”

As usual, Palin’s pluckiness was impressive. She READ FULL STORY

With Kate Gosselin gone, Sarah Palin takes a shot at Michelle Obama, goes rafting: A 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' review

After last week’s special Invasion of the Kate Monster episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, La Palin had to unwind a bit, as who would not after Hurricane Gosselin had swept through Wasilla?

So she loaded most of the family into a big RV and went rafting, camping, dog-sledding, even panning for gold, as well as enjoying all the treats of the great outdoors.

“Where’s the s’mores ingredients?” Sarah said to her children, adding, “This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.” I would assume this was a shot against the First Lady’s campaign against childhood obesity, wouldn’t you?

The hour was beautifully filmed, as usual, and it looked like great fun to shoot the “class-three rapids” (I don’t know from rafting; seemed challenging to me), and only a little tedious to go panning for gold. Palin’s father, Chuck, told the camera, “On a good day we can find an ounce of gold, and gold is $1,200 an ounce, so you can make a living at it.” Wow — why hasn’t everyone headed up to Alaska for this, especially after seeing all those invest-in-gold commercials they air on Fox News?

Oh, yes — the cameras. Herein lies the perplexing quality of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In the midst of this idyllic getaway, framed against majestic mountains and glaciers, Palin could not resist saying how glad she was to “get away from the idiots and the bloggers who do not like our family.” She also said, READ FULL STORY

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' met the whining fury of Kate Gosselin: 'She bitched the moment she got off the plane'

Last week, Sarah Palin shot a caribou; this week, Sarah Palin might have, at the very least, used a taser gun on Kate Gosselin and I doubt that even Aaron Sorkin would lodge so much as a complaint.

The idea was a TLC match made in heaven, or hell: Put its two biggest stars, Palin and Gosselin, in one episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In theory, it made sense. Gosselin is READ FULL STORY

'Sarah Palin's Alaska': Palin shoots the caribou, and the bull, with her father

We learned a couple of things during this week’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Palin can bag a caribou with a rifle, give or take five shots or so, and she’s got a cute, doughty father.

Seventy-two year old Chuck Heath, a genial turtle of a fellow, took his daughter and a family friend out hunting when it was discovered that, in rummaging through the Palin family freezer, the Palins were down to “five packages of moose and three [packages] of caribou” meat. Oh my gosh — they might starve! This bit of READ FULL STORY

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