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'Criminal Minds' season finale and Simon Cowell's exit: The night of the living dead

Criminal Minds finished out its season last night with a scenario that was creepy even by Criminal Minds standards, featuring guest star Tim Curry as a filthy, smelly killer bent on dragging down every life into which he came in contact.

Similarly, American Idol finished out its season with an equally grisly spectacle: the departure of Simon Cowell, with Idol bent on dragging down his life on the show by drowning his memory with mawkishness.

Tim Curry and Simon Cowell — two dead men walking, still able to READ FULL STORY

'Sunset Daze' breaking news: Old people have sex, drink, and shoot guns!

It was big enough news to make the front page of The New York Times, but that just goes to show The Old Grey Lady is easily titillated: Last night’s two premiere episodes of Sunset Daze were — and I say this without condescension — sweet.

In this era of Jersey Shore and Real Housewife idiocy, sweetness READ FULL STORY

'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' season finale: Did the revolution fizzle out?

And so we come to the final episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (he can’t crank it up for a second season, can he — what would he do, become DJ Rod’s personal trainer?).

The financial math became a bit fuzzy early on during this last hour. Jamie had said he needed $150,000 to keep fresh food coursing through the Huntington, West Virginia, school system, but I only saw the local business-folk handing out READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin to Jimmy Kimmel: 'I wish they would just learn how boring I am'

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars exit interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was pure Kate all the way: Defiant but defensive, honest but without humility, funny but guarded. Asked by Kimmel which of the judges READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': Tony says 'catatonic' Kate Gosselin displays 'zero energy, no motivation. I have to push her every week, it's exhausting'

Kate Gosselin said that her eight kids were visiting her this week in L.A., and her performance on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars reminded me of one of her tykes — Mady or Cara, say — playing dress-up and trying READ FULL STORY

'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' recap: 'I can't believe it.' Me neither. Did you?

This week, when most of the high school kids in Huntington, West Virginia, were offered french fries, pizza, or chef Jamie Oliver’s “home made spaghetti sauce [with] six or seven vegetables in there,” the majority chose the veggie sauce. Oliver exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!”

Neither could I. This was the first week of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution when I thought READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin seduces Jay Leno: 'We'll be voting for you on 'Dancing With the Stars'!' Plus last night's jokes from Craig Ferguson and Chris Rock

“There are only three things certain in this world,” said Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show last night. “Death, taxes, and Jay Leno at 11:30 on NBC.”

Jay Leno was smitten by the working-mom charms of Kate Gosselin on last night’s Tonight Show. “People give you grief,” said Leno. “But READ FULL STORY

Eating the KFC Double Down while watching Adam Lambert and 'American Idol' on Elvis night: A big, fat, cheesy combo!

I could not resist trying the KFC Double Down. I like junk food, even if I balance it out by eating a lot of broccoli-and-quinoa dinners. But you show me a new sandwich with bacon, cheese, and mayo-mystery-sauce wedged between two pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and that is a challenge I am ready to tackle.

Much the way the remaining American Idol contestants accepted the challenge of performing Elvis Presley songs. Insert your own grilled-peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches, late-period Elvis jokes here. Me, I respect Elvis in his prime the way I respect McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese: brilliant American inventiveness.

Don’t worry, this isn’t me dumping on Idol, and the eminent Michael Slezak gives you the full measure of his Idol expertise here.

No, I’m just writing about an experience you do all the time, but that critics don’t often write about: eating while watching TV.

So I sped home with my KFC Double Down in time to see Adam Lambert exhort the singers to provide viewers with what Elvis did: something “to listen to, look at, and feel.” I think Lambert is truly terrific. He gets it.

Unlike Presley, however, who was too polite to do such a thing, Lambert can also play the music critic with acuity. He told Andrew Garcia his rehearsal version of “Hound Dog” was “boring.” (It was.) In assessing Lee DeWyze, Lambert pointed to the area of the face and said, “there’s nothing going on there” — i.e., that Lee is inexpressive. (He is.)

I was so happy watching Lambert offer cogent, good-humored analysis that I started eating without thinking much about what I was consuming. (You know the feeling. Looking down at the empty bowl of potato chips during a Glee commercial break and wondering, where the hell did the chips all go?) Then I chewed and swallowed with concentration on the food.

The Double Down tasted… heavy, with grease. But not without a certain spicy charm. The KFC formula (I bought the “original,” not the “grilled”) combined with the bacon, cheese, and mayo for a nice tang. If I’d eaten a crisper piece of bacon placed on a single, thinner piece of KFC chicken, I think I actually would have said it was really fun. Unhealthy on a regular basis, but fun. Something like listening to badly but spiritedly performed music.

I’m not going to make the Double Down part of my regular snacking. It’s back to the broccoli and quinoa for me. Similarly, I’ll be watching Modern Family instead of Idol tomorrow night.

Have you tried the Double Down? Did you watch Idol? You didn’t by any chance combine the two, did you?

For Idol coverage: ‘American Idol’ brings back Adam Lambert for Elvis night

Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars': Tony says, 'If you fail this week, Jon wins'

Evidently hating Jon Gosselin can even inspire good (well, relatively good) dancing. During last night’s Dancing With the Stars rehearsal segment with Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani, Kate broke down in tears about her current legal tussle with Jon over the custody rights to her fame-making eight children. In an attempt to get her to focus on her dancing, Tony said READ FULL STORY

'Undercover Boss' season finale recap: 1-800-Flowers wilts our sympathy

The season finale of Undercover Boss told us the thorny story of 1-800-Flowers. The show pumped up a rivalry between the two brothers who head up the company, Jim and Chris McCann. Jim (the CEO) asked Chris (the company president) to go undercover. Why? Because as founder of the company and Jim’s big brother, he likes READ FULL STORY

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