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'Parenthood' review: Crosby and Jasmine, Adam and Crosby, Julia and that baby: What happened here?!

Talk about loading up an episode with character epiphanies: As it hurtles to a season ending, Parenthood piled on twists, revelations, and betrayals this week. So, right off the bat: Crosby and Jasmine? In a tent? Together with Jabbar? I kept looking around for that irritating cellist, lugging her instrument into the tent to spoon with Crosby… READ FULL STORY

Golden Globe TV nominations: Why some are great, and some omissions are ridiculous: VIDEO

The Golden Globes loom. The Golden Globes list. The nominations tilt toward cable TV, and away from network, at least in the drama category. READ FULL STORY

Completing 2011's TV Top 20: Ken Tucker's Nos. 11-20 shows, including 'Community,' 'Parenthood,' 'Game of Thrones'...

Here, as I do every year, I follow up my TV Top 10 with my picks for numbers 11 through 20. Some of you have said these are consolation prizes, but that’s not so. There’s so much good television, that for a few years, I was stuffing my Top 10 with entries that allowed for multiple shows (“Best Thursday-night sitcoms,” for instance, to let me to sneak three shows into one number) until that started to become unwieldy and ridiculous. (Besides, as a part-time music critic, I like the “Top 20” phrase, with its roots in old pop-music radio.) I had no problem this year coming up with a clean-cut Top 10; what follows are shows that grazed the list, missed it for reasons I’ll occasionally articulate below, and yet are nonetheless full of value.

11. Community So full of pop-culture allusions, it’s the one sitcom steeped in irony that isn’t smug about its own smarts. The series tried to dig a bit deeper emotionally this season, to warm some of the characters and perhaps increase its audience-outreach without betraying itself. Me, I could do with less Chang, more Britta, and a Jeff who doesn’t sometimes seem a charmingly quizzical bystander.

12. Parenthood This was the season that’s come the closest to juggling its big cast most deftly, providing nearly every character with a strong plotline. If it’s inevitable that Lauren Graham’s Sarah and Dax Shepard’s Crosby – the show’s most bumptious personalities – dominated the latter half of the season, I was glad to see strong showcases for Peter Krause, Monica Potter, and Bonnie Bedelia.

13. Prohibition Ken Burns and booze proved to be a smooth yet exciting combination. The year’s best TV documentary extended beyond the history of Prohibition to chronicle the era of women’s sufferage and the rise of gangsterism as well.

14. Modern Family The nation’s most popular sitcom had some growing pains this season: In an admirable attempt to try to widen and deepen its characters, it bumped into some sentimental moments that didn’t quite work emotionally. But that’s just a sign that MF is not becoming complacent, and its ensemble cast is a match for that of any drama on TV. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood': Did Adam really blow it?

It’s a measure of how much we can become involved with the characters of Parenthood that the current Adam-got-kissed-by-Rachel storyline is so irritating — in a good way. By that I mean, it’s successfully designed to make you argue with anyone who also watches the show. Was it a mistake, last night, for Adam to tell Kristina about the kiss? Was Crosby the rare voice of sensible realism in telling him he should clam up and let the indiscretion pass? How dumb was Adam to promise to fire Rachel and then not follow through, his sin of omission so easily discovered by his wife? READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' review: Cee Lo Green stole the spotlight from baby Nora

Because Parenthood is, among other good things, a paragon of domestic semi-realism (nope, still not buying that coffee-cart-girl adoption), I was dismayed to see how Kristina and her mere-days-old Nora were ignored once they got home from the hospital. This was mostly because… Cee Lo Green was coming to town! READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' season premiere review: Haddie's bad hair and other bad decisions, plus: Happy birthday, Sarah!

I’ll get the superficial observation out of the way first: Oh, Haddie, what did you do to your hair? You strike me as the kind of girl who would have watched every season Felicity alone in your room when you were younger; did you learn nothing from Keri Russell’s disastrous season-two ‘do?

Now, on to better thoughts. Parenthood began its third season on Tuesday night with a bit of forward time-jumping. Since we last saw everyone, Kristina (Monica Potter) has become well and fully-rounded pregnant, while husband Adam (Peter Krause) is still unemployed and spending far too much time thinking about what he’ll have for lunch today. Amber (Mae Whitman), who’s done herself no more favors in the hair department than has Haddie (Sarah Ramos), is looking to get out from under the smothering wing of her mother and move into her own apartment. And speaking of Sarah (Lauren Graham), she’s turning 40, with the requisite big Braverman birthday party planned. READ FULL STORY

My Emmy nominee predictions in all major categories: Here's what you can expect tomorrow

The Emmy nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and you know who’s going to do well with multiple noms? Modern Family! Mad Men! 30 Rock! Boardwalk Empire! And what shows won’t get enough of the respect they deserve? Fringe! Justified! Community! But it doesn’t take a wizard to hazard those guesses, does it? So I’m going to take a much deeper dive into speculating on just which shows will fill out the nominations in every major category. Ready? It’s a long list. I’m pretty confident about these predictions. Hold your nose and take the plunge with me. READ FULL STORY

NBC's Fall schedule, night by night: Can you get a bigger audience by combining Playboy bunnies with 'Parenthood'?

I sure hope the fall schedule NBC announced today does better than the fall shows NBC has given us in recent years, because aren’t we all tired of making jokes about the latest Law & Order spin-off, fretting over Chuck, and reminding each other that this used to be the home of Friends, Seinfeld, and Cheers? READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' review: Haddie and sex, Amber and drugs, Crosby and his sad house

Last night’s Parenthood had some of the best parent-child interactions I’ve seen on TV in a while. Certainly the entire Haddie-has-sex, Adam-and-Kristina-react plot line was one that must have reverberated throughout many households. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' review: Oh, Crosby, you big dummy. Also: Oh, Haddie, you naughty girl...

Another week, another foolish decision made by the character we love to see make foolish decisions. In a new plan — hey, that was the title of the episode, “New Plan” — to win back Jasmine, Crosby decided to buy a house. Because if there’s one thing a woman who’s hurt by your infidelity wants, it’s to move in with you, and into a house so small, she can’t help seeing you when you’re both in it all the time. READ FULL STORY

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