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Seth MacFarlane, Oscar nomination presenter: Smug and condescending?

Wow, after seeing Seth MacFarlane’s smug, condescending presentation of the Oscar nominations this morning with Emma Stone, I can’t wait for him to host the show itself — it may be one for the ages. READ FULL STORY

Academy Awards show review: Oscars in good hands with Billy Crystal... and Christopher Guest, and Emma Stone, and Angelina Jolie's leg

It was a jolly good show, probably as good a show as any that lasts more than three hours and is obliged to run commercials for GCB and which bestowed its biggest awards upon a movie only a tiny percentage of the TV audience has seen. This year’s Oscar telecast was a comforting affair, starting with host Billy Crystal. By now, Crystal has achieved that status of being as reassuring as he is funny — you feel relaxed watching him, knowing he’s in charge and alert to the mood of the house. (The house, in fact, the former Kodak Theatre, became a Crystal running gag, renamed things like “Chapter 11 Theatre” and “the Your-Name-Here Theatre.”) Crystal’s opening filmed segment, inserting himself into some of the front-runners, was both funny by itself and funny just because he’s done it before and we like seeing him do it again. (My favorite line here: Billy, in place of Brad Pitt in Moneyball, telling the coaching table, “Clams you’re giving me, clams!”) READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel post-Oscar show review: Lindsay Lohan, 'Humpilates,' and Tom Hanks: with VIDEO

Lindsay-Lohan-Jimmy-KimmelImage Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABCJimmy Kimmel’s annual post-Oscar show was a glitzier version of his usual Live! With guest stars ranging from Tom Hanks to Lindsay Lohan, it was a shrewd shambles, artfully artless. READ FULL STORY

The Oscar telecast review: The hosts, the speeches, the mistakes, the ad-libs...

James-Franco-Hathaway-hostsImage Credit: A.M.P.A.S.Funny, poised, relaxed, and smart, Anne Hathaway and James Franco made for marvelous Oscar hosts. Their combination of respect and informality struck the right tone for the night, a happily surprising production that had its share of fine moments both planned and ad-libbed. READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to The New York Times for calling its reporting 'shoddy'

On Wednesday morning’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg apologized for her lengthy criticisms on Monday’s show of a New York Times piece about black Oscar winners. READ FULL STORY

10 TV events to look forward to in 2011

Happy new year! And a new year of TV means premieres, specials, returns of favorites, and risky business. Here are 10 TV events to look forward to. Bookmark this list and watch for their start-dates. READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar-special videos: 'Iron Man 2' trailer, 'Der Humpink' with winner Christoph Waltz, and the epic 'Handsome Man's Club'

Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar bash has turned into a reliably amusing event, whether he’s giving out awards for the Best Actor In Real Life (Jay Leno, a loser again)

or presiding over The Handsome Men’s Club, with Rob Lowe, Ethan Hawke, John Krasinski, Taye Diggs, and the great READ FULL STORY

A review: Barbara Walters' final Oscar special: 'I'm kind of sick of it'

Barbara Walters wrapped up 29 years of pre-Oscar specials with new interviews with nominees Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique and a batch of clips from her greatest-hits.

Mo’Nique spoke about her open marriage, which Walters seemed a bit dubious about. Worse, at least to judge from the host’s reaction, was this: “You do not believe in shaving your legs. Why?” Barbara glanced down at Mo’Nique’s gams, barely (so to speak) able to disguise her appalled opinion of this decision.

As far as the big stars were concerned, Walters and her co-producer Bill Geddie  READ FULL STORY

Jimmy Kimmel gets ready for the Oscars with Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConaughey, and the Handsome Men's Club

Jimmy Kimmel will host his fifth Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards you-know-when, this time with the Handsome Men’s Club:

Also part of the Club: Rob Lowe and Sting. Personally, I think the joke would have been funnier if Sting had been called out for wearing the Spanx.

Will you be watching Jimmy?

Sean Penn hopes you die of rectal cancer if you disagree with him

This morning, that nice Charles Osgood hosted an edition of the usually-sleepy CBS Sunday Morning that featured an interview with Sean Penn about his efforts to aid the suffering in Haiti. What’s making the news is his comment to reporter Lara Logan about those who would criticize him:

Here’s the context for Penn’s remarks, another clip, same interview:

Penn is scheduled to be a presenter during the Oscar awards tonight. What do you want to bet he’ll be on his best behavior, or will address this in some way?

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