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Jay Leno talks about the David Letterman - Oprah ad: 'I want to thank Dave. I was glad to promote his show'

Tonight, Jay Leno couldn’t wait to talk about the commercial he made for The Late Show with David Letterman on his next-to-last Jay Leno Show on NBC.

“I’ll tell you the whole story right after ‘Headlines’!” he yelled as he went to his first commercial break.

In his opening monologue, Leno joked about the commercial he taped with Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. “Letterman and I hadn’t seen each other in 18 years. We’d lost touch. He found me on Facebook. He made a friend request, I accepted… Things are going so well between us, we’re going to go to the Vancouver Olympics  and compete in the two-man luge.”

Later, while seated, Leno told his version of the story.

“It was Dave’s idea,” said Leno. “And when he told me — no matter what animosity there is, among comedians, a good joke is a good joke. It makes all [the hostility] go away.”

Leno told the story, now familiar from the reporting of my colleague Lynette Rice, of the comedian arriving at Letterman’s Ed Sullivan Theater in disguise. “I see Dave, we shake hands, and… it was great to see my old friend again. We talked about the old days; it was really good to see him.”

Then Leno told a joke on his bosses. “The next day an NBC executive calls and says, ‘Jay, we have a problem. We think Dave shot some kind of secret show.'”

To make a long joke short, Leno said that NBC thought the disguised figure was “President Obama… ‘President Obama did a commercial for Dave!'”

Chuckling, Leno concluded, “I wanna thank Dave. I was glad to promote his show.”

What do you think of Leno’s version of the story?

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Late Show producer on Leno-Letterman-Oprah Super Bowl spot: Jay wore disguise to taping

Watch Letterman and Leno declare a grumpy truce during the Super Bowl

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Watch Letterman and Leno declare a grumpy truce during The Super Bowl!

If you thought you’d had a few too many beers seeing Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey, and David Letterman all sharing a sofa during a Super Bowl commercial, don’t worry. It really happened:

The spot, a commercial for The Late Show, is the biggest TV ad shocker of the Super Bowl, surpassing Tim Tebow with ease.

Letterman and Leno snipe at each other with mock-annoyance, with Dave mimicking Leno’s high-pitched voice. Oprah tries to calm the boys.

Now this is damage control for Leno: Agreeing to appear in a CBS Late Show ad while he’s still finishing out his NBC 10 p.m. show is the coolest thing Jay has done in… ages.

If it also makes Dave the publicity victor — after all, it is a commercial for his show, not the Leno Tonight Show — you have to hand it to Jay for playing along, probably as a slap at the way NBC handled the whole Tonight Show mess.

Now you’ve seen it: What do you think?

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Craig Ferguson in lipstick, with Rosie O'Donnell, talking Leno, Howard Stern, and J.D. Salinger

Rosie O’Donnell is a divisive figure — some of you love her; some of you hate her — but you have to admit she was pretty great during the opening of last night’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. (Please note the lip-sticked Ferguson on the right.)

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Kimmel on 'sucker-punching' Leno: Another knock-out last night

Yesterday, Jay Leno went on Oprah and said that Jimmy Kimmel “sucker-punched” him when Kimmel appeared on his “10 @ 10″ segment. Well, Kimmel devoted a chunk of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to deliver another sucker-pu… I mean, a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at how it all happened.

Check it out:

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Jay Leno on 'Oprah': Admits to lying, ridicules Conan's 'Tonight Show': This is damage control?

In a fascinating display of self-pity and hubris, Jay Leno went on Oprah today and really let loose: He said that the plan to return him to The Tonight Show was “a huge mess,” that he’d been “sucker-punched” by Jimmy Kimmel, that he’d lied when he told the public in 2004 he would retire when he left The Tonight Show in 2009, and that there’s “a lot of damage control that has to be done now.” Believe me: There’ll be even more to be done after this Oprah interview.

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