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State of the Union TV coverage: High emotions and charged rhetoric

In his last State of the Union address before he faces a re-election challenge, President Obama on Tuesday night called upon Congress to “lower the temperature in this town” and “work together.” But the television high point of the evening occurred just before the speech, as the President, in making his way to the podium, paused to hug Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who is resigning this week to recover from her brain injury. A chant of “Gabby, Gabby, Gabby” could be heard throughout the House floor, as Giffords was given a standing ovation. READ FULL STORY

South Carolina primary results and beyond: Where the pundits don't matter

The victory of Newt Gingrich in South Carolina on Saturday night found much of the TV news punditocracy caught flat-footed, grasping for answers beyond cliches about why the defeat of frontrunner Mitt Romney was accomplished so handily. READ FULL STORY

'When Mitt Romney Came to Town' review: TV news reacts, while Gingrich enjoys 'the suffering'

When Mitt Romney Came to Town, a half-hour video financed by Newt Gingrich’s super PAC Winning Our Future, is a pulverizing piece of propaganda designed to portray Romney as a rapacious, conscience-less businessman who’ll do “anything for a profit,” as one of the quotes from Romney himself phrases it. Heavy on accusation and poignant interviews with unemployed people, the anti-Romney film could have been made by an Occupy Wall Street film student, or by Keith Olbermann during all the time he’s had declining to appear on Current TV. But the fact that it comes from an opponent in Romney’s own party, and lays out a line of attack the Democrats can use in the November election, raises it to high curiosity status. READ FULL STORY

The Iowa caucuses: Where Santortum surged, and Rachel Maddow and Sarah Palin found (a little) common ground

For most of the prime time hours Tuesday night, the Iowa caucuses were an endlessly varied repetitions of “it’s too close to call” and “it’s a three-way race between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.” And that’s the way it went until Romney very narrowly defeated Santorum very late into the night. Nevertheless, the TV coverage yielded some interesting moments of contrast-and-compare, of stylistic tics, twists, and turns. READ FULL STORY

Fox News Republican debate review: Throwing red meat to the candidates, they bit, with a dash of zany

Two factors dovetailed to make Thursday night’s Republican debate lively, occasionally cut-throat television: It was the final set-to before the Iowa caucuses and thus the candidates’ last chance to reach a wide audience, and it was hosted and broadcast by the Fox News Channel, which knew how to dangle the red meat in front of the seven participants.  READ FULL STORY

Who should replace Meredith Vieira? Rachel Maddow? Megyn Kelly? What about...

First, I hope Meredith Vieira doesn’t leave the Today show — she’s intelligent and funny and can handle every sort of segment, a tricky skill. Still, if the reports are true about her exit when her contract is up in September, her replacement will be crucial to the Today show’s ratings, as well as the chemistry with her coanchor Matt Lauer. With that in mind, let’s pick some possibilities: READ FULL STORY

Fox News' wild afternoon: Megyn Kelly pummels Bill O'Reilly, debates Nicolette Sheridan versus Marc Cherry

Megyn Kelly, the attorney who hosts Fox News’ afternoon show America Live, is nothing if not contrarian. This afternoon, she weighed in on the Desperate Housewives/Nicollette Sheridan case, and handed Bill O’Reilly his backside in another segment.

In the regular segment called “Kelly’s Court,” Kelly had two talking-heads yammer about whether or not Nicollette Sheridan has a legal case against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. While dubious about Sheridan waiting so long after the alleged assault and battery charge the actress has filed, Kelly thinks Sheridan “has a case” if Cherry “actually hit her.” You can see the clip here.

More interestingly, Kelly went a little meta on her audience, debating O’Reilly on her show for a segment of The O‘Reilly Factor that will air tonight.

You can hear the details about the case they’re debating below. What’s interesting is the way O’Reilly, who can usually bully his way through any argument he pleases by cutting off an opinion with which he disagress, gets more or less hammered by Kelly. She does not give an inch in her pleasantly-phrased but no less firm indignation that O’Reilly has taken her comments out of context, and her defense of free speech:

“We have a first amendment that allows you to say disgusting things in this country,” said Kelly. Bracing words to hear any afternoon.

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Scott Brown's daughter Ayla on post-'Idol' singing and posing nude

Today on Fox News Channel’s America Live with Megyn Kelly, Senator Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla gave Kelly an earful about her future. When asked if she was embarrassed by her father’s 1982 Cosmopolitan magazine photo shoot, Ayla said no, adding cheerfully, “If [my sister] Arianna and I wanted to pose nude, he can’t say anything about it.”

Uh-oh. Far be it from me to interfere with private family matters, but in the interest of preventing some new pop-culture political scandal, I’d say the Massachusetts senator may want to nip this potential one in the bud early.

The American Idol semi-finalist, who recently released an EP called Circles, said she plans to resume her singing career when she graduates from college in May.

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For more: Ayla Brown on her music career, her Senator-elect dad, and American Idol after Simon Cowell

Bill O'Reilly on his Jon Stewart interview tonight: 'Hey, he called us'

Bill O’Reilly, trying to hype tonight’s interview with Jon Stewart, went on Fox News Channel’s America Live with Megyn Kelly this afternoon.

O’Reilly said it’s going to be a “big night” for the host of The Daily Show: “Hey, somebody will actually watch him,” he said, referring to the smaller audience Comedy Central attracts compared to The O’Reilly Factor‘s ratings.

O’Reilly said he was “surprised” Stewart wanted to come on: “[His people] called us,” he said.

“He’s a witty guy,” said O’Reilly. “I don’t like the way he chops up his news clips,” said O’Reilly, implying Stewart edits unfairly. “I’ll talk to him about that tonight.”

Will you be watching Stewart on The Factor?

Either way, I’ll be posting a complete review of what Megyn Kelly just called “the clash of the titans” later this evening, right here.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck on 'The View' this morning: 'Put Bush on trial!'

During a heated discussion this morning on The View about where the 9/11 terrorist trials should be held, Elisabeth Hasselbeck shouted, “Put Bush on trial!”

“That’s a very good idea, Elisabeth,” said Joy Behar.

The context? Goldberg raised the “hot topic” that the Obama administration is backing away from its decision to hold a trial in Manhattan:

Where, asked Goldberg in her role as moderator, should it be held? Guantanamo?, she suggested.

“A military tribunal,” Hasselbeck shot back — but her shot missed, since the question wasn’t what kind of trial but where. Hasselbeck wanted to start READ FULL STORY

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