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Emmy Awards show review: Jimmy Kimmel and the night's best, the most surprising, and the most tedious moments

Jimmy Kimmel presided over a mostly very funny, fairly briskly paced, and quite surprising Emmy broadcast on Sunday night. It just goes to show what a great year it was for dramas that Breaking Bad could lose in so many key categories and I’m still happy… because Homeland‘s sweep of best drama, actor, actress, and what seemed like 42 other Emmys was heartily well-deserved. And the cat-nap I took during the back-to-back, too-long acceptance speeches by Jessica Lange and Tom Berenger helped sustain my viewing energy. READ FULL STORY

Emmy nominations tomorrow: Do ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox have a chance against AMC, HBO, and Showtime?

When the Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow, you can be sure of two things: The noms will be dominated by cable fare, and the howls you’ll hear from fans will be for non-cable network shows that got passed over.

So, if you’re a fan of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Breaking Bad, you can be sure that your faves will be more than well-represented. But what are some of your favorite network series? Fringe? Community? Person of Interest? Ah, I would bet that you’ll be out of luck. (Not that I don’t hope I’m wrong about that.) This will also hold true in the TV-movie and miniseries categories. READ FULL STORY

'Girls' and 'Mad Men' season finales: A VIDEO review

Girls wraps up its first season on Sunday. In contrast to Mad Men, which concluded with rather muted notes (Don casting a lizard gaze on a woman who chats him up in a bar; Pete looking into his soul and seeing a bag of wet sand), Girls is a-poppin’. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' season finale review: Don Draper, the Easter Jesus, and 'The Phantom,' the ghost who walks

Mad Men wrapped up its fifth season with “The Phantom,” an episode that served as a refresher-course in the themes that had been explored throughout the previous weeks, as though prepping us for Professor Matthew Weiner’s final exam. Let’s run through them, shall we, class?

Q: Why was Don Draper unhappy? A: Before we answer that, let’s state what we can now see were the season’s two grand, over-arching themes: That achieving one’s goals does not bring anything like happiness, and that everyone — viewers and other characters alike — wants to see Pete Campbell punched in the face again and again and again. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' review: Losing enlightenment as the show heads to its season finale

The most telling exchange on last night’s Mad Men was the brief chat between Don and Roger, after Roger expressed a particularly pungent form of revenge Don might perform. “What happened to your enlightenment?” asked Don. “Wore off,” said Roger, with Rogerly, cavalier dismissal. And indeed, that’s what the past few weeks of Mad Men have felt like: A fading away of much of the season’s promise, a settling into a deep funk, a cynicism I’d call profound if it wasn’t so superficial. Jon Hamm may well earn an Emmy for becoming the Lon Chaney of Dismay: The Man of a Thousand Weary Faces. READ FULL STORY

'Tis the season of finales: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Mad Men,' 'The Killing': VIDEO review

Remember all those talks we had about how much good TV was crammed into Sunday nights? Well, it’s all going to come to an end soon. In fact, after this weekend, no more Game of Thrones for a while. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' review: 'Some very dirty business' with women we love

One reason Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is so maniacal about keeping plot points about his show secret until they air is that — well, as this week’s episode, “The Other Woman” proved, he reserves the right to explode every expectation you could bring to Mad Men, and then sets off a few extra firecrackers for the meticulously determined hell of it. READ FULL STORY

The 2011-12 TV season in review: What went wrong, what was done right, and what should have been

With the last gaspings of season and series finales this week, the 2011-12 season comes to a close. And any season that gave us Homeland, Girls, a great batch of Breaking Bad, Enlightened, and what’s shaping up as a terrific run of Mad Men must be deemed a success, right? Or is the quality outweighed by the soggy awfulness of Free Agents, Two Broke Girls, The Playboy Club, and H8r (oh, let’s face it, everything on the CW except Supernatural and the attempt to bring back Sarah Michelle Gellar, who — much as I like Emily VanCamp — would have been the perfect star for Revenge, not Ringer)? READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men,' 'Sherlock,' 'Girls,' 'The Killing': Sunday-night mini-reviews, from A to B-minus

So much TV on Sunday night; inaugurating a new occasional feature: A round-up of mini-reviews. (All rights reserved to expand upon these thoughts later in the week.)

Mad Men: “I got a million of ‘em,” said Michael Ginsberg, quoting Jimmy Durante and referring to ideas he has for ad campaigns. He’ll need ‘em, since this week’s theme was “every man for himself.” I know — when isn’t that a Mad Men theme? This night READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' culture: 'When did music become so important?'

On last night’s Mad Men, the ad agency sought to please a client by doing what was described as a “Hard Day’s Night campaign” — that is, a youth-oriented pitch that would leech off some of the Beatlemania energy that was in the 1966 air. Don Draper and colleagues faced a mop-topped fop of a client who wanted some cool music in the ad, and after he left, Don said to Megan, “When did music become so important?” READ FULL STORY

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