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'The River' premiere review: Take me to the river, wash me in the scary

The River is a fun, scary tale that arrived on Tuesday night disguised as a grim, scary tale. That’s the way these things work: The frights wouldn’t be nearly as effective if the characters didn’t find blood-curdling precisely the stuff that made us jump and giggle. Thus, when Leslie Hope’s Tess  got abruptly sucked beneath what was thought to be shallow water (for a few seconds, only her frantically gesticulating hand remained in view), you might have yelped, but you might also have laughed at how smoothly executed the scare effect was achieved. READ FULL STORY

UPDATE: 'Alcatraz' week 2, 'Kit Nelson': Why it's caught on with a large audience so quickly, and why it may deserve to

Alcatraz premiered last week with back-to-back episodes that lured more than 10 million viewers and bested the premiere of its time-period predecessor, Terra Nova. The show had two things going for it from the start: A catchy premise (Alcatraz prisoners from the 1960s are somehow transported into our current era) and fan-favorite Jorge Garcia. READ FULL STORY

'Alcatraz' premiere review: Did its supernatural crime stories take you prisoner?

Alcatraz premiered with back-to-back episodes on Monday night as Fox did its best to lure a large audience, trained to tune into House, to check out its newest production from producer J.J. Abrams and costarring a very prominent Lost alumnus, Jorge Garcia. Combining cop drama with supernatural elements, it has, at its best, the elements of an old Steve Ditko-drawn Strange Suspense Story tale. At its weakest, Alcatraz is a mash-up: CSI: Fringe Prison Break. READ FULL STORY

'Terra Nova' premiere review: Is this a family-friendly killer dinosaur show you can get lost in?

At this point, the fact that Terra Nova is big, expensive, and was much-delayed in its premiere is as much a part of the narrative of the show as the series itself. The two-hour premiere was a dinosaur throwback to ancient TV action shows; it just happened to co-star dinosaurs. READ FULL STORY

'Justified' season premiere review: Pullin' guns and 'cultivatin' herb'

Justified demonstrated at the start of its second season last night that it’s working on a level that is, if anything, even more cool, witty, and serene than its debut season. It takes some guts to avoid trying to rev up the pace just to show viewers we’re back!, and to resist worries about the sophomore-year jinx. Timothy Olyphant is the actor most attuned to Elmore Leonard’s source prose since George Clooney captured the polite-cool-cat pose perfectly in Out of Sight. READ FULL STORY

'Mr. Sunshine' premiere review: Matthew Perry followed 'Modern Family' with modern irony. Did you like it, or did you miss 'Cougar Town'?

Matthew Perry’s new show Mr. Sunshine made its debut in ABC’s best showcase time period for a sitcom: Following Modern Family. The show that usually occupies that spot, Cougar Town, starring Perry’s former Friends co-star Courteney Cox, has certainly benefited from this slot. But I think following Modern Family may have emphasized one of the potential weaknesses of Mr. Sunshine: Sunshine radiates READ FULL STORY

Ken Tucker's 10 MORE Best TV shows of 2010: My 11-20 List

Here they are: 10 more TV shows that can stand among the best TV of the year. This round-up includes many of the shows I wept, agonized, and rent my garments over including or dropping from my 10 Best list, which can be seen here.

11. Carlos (Sundance Channel) A portrait of the terrorist as a narcissist, a screw-up, and a human lethal weapon, Carlos — a three part made-for-TV movie by director Olivier Assayas and starring Edgar Ramirez as Carlos the Jackal — was as unnerving as any thriller on the small or big screen this year, and unafraid to show both the glamor and the horror of self-styled revolutionary action. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes TV nominations: 'The Walking Dead'! 'Boardwalk Empire'! Other surprises and disappointments!

The Golden Globes TV nominations found room for zombies and bootleggers this year, as The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire were among the new names on the television list. The biggest loser: Lost.

In keeping with a tradition of rewarding HBO shows, Boardwalk Empire‘s nominations included Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald as well as the show itself. More surprising was the inclusion of The Walking Dead, which despite its late-in-the-year premiere and a mere half-dozen episodes managed to impress the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Other newcomers included READ FULL STORY

The Fall TV season that failed us: Are you hooked on any of the new shows?

All the new fall TV shows have premiered. Have you put season passes on your favorites yet? Have you been discussing new shows the morning after with your friends and co-workers?

I’ll bet you haven’t.

This has proven to be the least buzzed-about TV season in recent memory. Among people I talk to, within and outside of EW, not one network show has inspired passionate affection. Sure, most people who’ve seen Raising Hope agree that it’s funny. I enjoyed the pilot of Hawaii Five-O, but I can’t say I’m hooked. Ditto No Ordinary Family, which has possibilities as the show begins to balance its light and dark elements. But the one series so many READ FULL STORY

The Emmy Awards: OK, I only predicted half the winners, but it was a terrific show, because...

To anyone who placed bets based on my Emmy Awards choices for “who will win,” I offer a half-apology: of the 12 categories on my ballot yesterday, I was correct in only six. I foresaw the victories of Modern Family, Jane Lynch, Jon Stewart, Edie Falco, Jim Parsons, and Temple Grandin.

But I — and you — have a lot to be happy about anyway:

• How great that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston won acting awards for my favorite TV series of the year thus far, Breaking Bad.

• How wonderful that quality triumphed over READ FULL STORY

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