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'House' series finale review: All's well that ends musically

House shuttered itself on Monday night. The first hour, titled “Swan Song,” consisted of a retrospective of the series’ eight seasons, 177 episodes, with lots of behind-the-scenes interviews with the crew and co-stars, some of them conducted by star Hugh Laurie, and a paintball fight. The second hour, “Everybody Dies,” featured a typically baffling medical case for Dr. Gregory House, which was only a first-half-hour cover for what really mattered, including numerous guest faces from the past, and which requires in this spot a SPOILER ALERT. READ FULL STORY

Watching 'House' knowing it's going to be razed: A review

Last week it was announced that after eight seasons Hugh Laurie’s pill-popping brilliant misanthrope Dr. Gregory House would be voluntarily limping off to syndicated and cable rerun nirvana. (A nirvana, I must add, that the grump did his best to never achieve during this character’s lifetime. After all, a happy House was always the least appealing House.) And so this week’s House was the first one we could watch with that knowledge, and, inevitably, it changes how you’ll experience the rest of the season. READ FULL STORY

What I got wrong, and right, in my Emmy predictions

Never have I been so glad to be wrong… in just a couple of Emmy categories. I’m certainly not going to whine about not predicting such superb surprise nominations as Louie CK, Timothy Olyphant, and Walton Goggins.

Yes, I’m doing my due diligence in following up on my Emmy predictions post yesterday; I owe it to you to own up to my miscalculations… and crow about my perspicacity! READ FULL STORY

Fox's Fall schedule, night by night: Steven Spielberg, meet your new roommate, Simon Cowell

Fox has become the most schizophrenic network, with its relentless pursuit of the minimally talented in its reality programming, and its equally relentless pursuit of maximum quality in its scripted series. Any ads for its fall schedule might as well just consist of busts of two gigantic heads: Steven Spielberg, whose lavishly-budgeted Terra Nova is bound to be the season’s biggest economic and reputation-affecting production, and Simon Cowell, from whose waggling brow has sprung a Stateside version of The X Factor talent show, a sure-fire ratings-getter out of the gate. READ FULL STORY

'House' 150th episode review: Olivia Wilde, hoarders, and potato guns

The soap-opera version of House continues relentlessly. In the series’ 150th episode on Monday night, a maudlin medical case was matched with the return of Olivia Wilde, wilder than Hugh Laurie’s House might have dreamed, since she’s now a slinky ex-con. READ FULL STORY

'House' spoofed 'Two and a Half Men,' 'The Walking Dead,' and bad soap opera: A review

Oh, that House: Just when you think the series has become a ridiculous soap opera, it becomes… an accidentally timely ridiculous soap opera. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes TV nominations: 'The Walking Dead'! 'Boardwalk Empire'! Other surprises and disappointments!

The Golden Globes TV nominations found room for zombies and bootleggers this year, as The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire were among the new names on the television list. The biggest loser: Lost.

In keeping with a tradition of rewarding HBO shows, Boardwalk Empire‘s nominations included Steve Buscemi and Kelly Macdonald as well as the show itself. More surprising was the inclusion of The Walking Dead, which despite its late-in-the-year premiere and a mere half-dozen episodes managed to impress the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Other newcomers included READ FULL STORY

'Chase' review: For one night, at least, better than 'House'

After poking fun of Chase for being a generically titled adventure show, I have a confession: I’ve watched every episode. I know what it’s trying to be — Justified with a woman, complete with daddy-issues — and I know that on those terms, it’s a failure. But if you watch it just for the (duh) chase scenes, which are skillfully staged, and for the way star Kelli Giddish’s mouth turns as southward as her twangy accent, it can be fun.

Grim fun, to be sure, as was proven this week, when House refugee Jennifer Morrison guest-starred as READ FULL STORY

'House' season premiere review: 'Now What?' Well, now things get drippy...

Remember when House was a show about a brilliant but difficult doctor who solved baffling medical cases with a mixture of piercing insight and a pitiless work ethic? That was the House you and I lived in for quite a while.

But now, House is a show about READ FULL STORY

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