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'Caged' premiere review: MTV goes MMA, tries for a knockout

MTV tried to edit the opening moments of the first episode of Caged so that it had a vibe familiar to its viewers: a Teen Mom aura, with a Louisiana girl named Red narrating, describing how difficult it is to be an unwed mother, a student, and the ex-girlfriend of Wes, the father of her baby. But the show is, at bottom, really about what its title implies: Cage fighting, mixed martial arts, as conducted in a Southern town. READ FULL STORY

How the deficit reduction negotiations are like 'Big Brother' (hint: think of Michele Bachmann as Jordan)

President Obama is meeting with House Speaker (a.k.a., Head Of Household) John Boehner tonight, at roughly the same time a new episode of Big Brother airs on CBS, to try and negotiate a deal about some revised form of a deficit reduction package and raising the debt ceiling. The details of how this mismatched couple will resolve this are roughly as complicated as trying to figure out the new Big Brother rules about playing in teams of two, not as individuals, and which team to nominate for eviction.  READ FULL STORY

'Mob Wives' premiere review: Funny, appalling, frightening, and good.

As someone who’s watched at least a few episodes of every version of the Real Housewives franchise and feels a bit nauseous about it, I didn’t come to Mob Wives with high hopes. But this floridly funny, vicariously vicious reality series exerts a vulgar charm. It’s like watching a cross between The Sopranos and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' review: Haddie and sex, Amber and drugs, Crosby and his sad house

Last night’s Parenthood had some of the best parent-child interactions I’ve seen on TV in a while. Certainly the entire Haddie-has-sex, Adam-and-Kristina-react plot line was one that must have reverberated throughout many households. READ FULL STORY

Donald Trump's birther rant: 'I want Obama to show his birth certificate!' Whoopi Goldberg calls 'B.S.' on Trump

If Donald Trump runs for president, it’s safe to say Whoopi Goldberg won’t be voting for him. READ FULL STORY

'Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid' review: So bad, it was... pretty bad. Putting the squeeze on Debbie Gibson and Tiffany...

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid could have been the perfect Saturday-night SyFy movie. It had what its title promised: mega-sized pythons and gigantic alligators, eating people and each other. It had this genre’s requisite washed-up star-power in ’80s pop singers Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Gibson played a radical animal-rights activist. Tiffany portrayed a park ranger with her uniform sufficiently unbuttoned to reveal that she may have been trying to smuggle newborn twins into the Everglades. The horror started out promisingly in the opening moments, when a python ate a dog and then vomited out the remains. So far, so good. READ FULL STORY

'The View' gone wild: Behar and Walters slap at Snooki, and Hasselbeck cozies up to Bill O'Reilly

The View sprang one of its periodic leaks on Wednesday morning, with the panel squirting out opinions on everything from Jersey Shore to Sarah Palin.

Responding to the video that Snooki and J-Woww made ridiculing Joy Behar’s ridicule of them, Barbara Walters described Snookie as “a woman who drinks too much” and gets “smacked in the face,” while Behar commented drily, “I didn’t know they allowed cameras into AA meetings.” READ FULL STORY

'Young Justice' premiere review: Cool concept, and a super-ior cartoon

Young Justice made its debut on Friday night with an hour-long edition on the Cartoon Network. It was a clever concept that was pretty well executed: above-average animation; intriguingly different takes on a few familiar characters; and the promise of even better editions to come.

The debut centered on Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy. (I liked the way Speedy READ FULL STORY

Charlie Sheen vs. Mel Gibson: Sometimes the industry, and the audience, WANTS a 'degenerate'

Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre says the original concept for the hit sitcom took off from the premise of how “a child might be a positive influence on the life of a degenerate.” The wry Lorre adds READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart takes on Olbermann, Maddow, and Maher; also announces a new rally

Jon Stewart began Monday night’s Daily Show by congratulating Conan O’Brien on his new show… and feigned shock upon discovering that Conan is now his time-period competition. “Now I’ll never be able to watch me!” he howled.

But Stewart was just winding up. As we kinda knew he would, Stewart wasted no time in taking on READ FULL STORY

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