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'Banshee' premiere review: The new pulp fiction: Sexy, violent, Amish

In Banshee, a muscled bullet-head played by Antony Starr was released from prison, grabbed a quick bit of sexual intercourse from a welcoming waitress, stole a car, and quickly assumed the identity of a dead man who was about to become the new sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania. If you bought this premise, and looked past the fervid exaggeration of the opening moments that are meant to keep Cinemax viewers from switching the channel, you were probably drawn into the clever, well-filmed, intriguing saga set up by series creators Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler. READ FULL STORY

'Justified' season premiere review: Family matters. So does money.

One distinctive element of Justified, which commenced its fourth season on Tuesday night, is its emphasis on family as both a source of pain and (often twisted) loyalty. For a crime series whose P.R. is built almost entirely around big photos of a Stetson hatted Timothy Olyphant, Justified is awfully enmeshed in the ways blood ties can forge bloody ties. READ FULL STORY

TV Review Math: 'Deception' premiere

Revenge x Days of Our Lives ÷ Tate Donovan + Irony = Deception READ FULL STORY

'Downton Abbey' season premiere review: A rich, dense fruitcake, with occasional creepy-Crawleys

As was made thumpingly obvious in its super-sized premiere, how much you enjoy Downton Abbey‘s third season is, more than ever for this series, predicated on just how much of an Anglophile you are. You have to be willing to go pretty thick into the weediness of British property rights and privilege, and to realize that as much as we have great affection for the Crawleys, they — like real people we love and put up with, such as family members — have their blind spots, their objectionable beliefs, their frustrating set ways. For instance, we don’t have to turn a deaf ear to anything as (to most of this family’s way of thinking) crassly complex as the struggle for Irish independence in order maintain the illusion of the Crawleys as a clan to care about. Me, I was amused as always, and was also perfectly content to feel irritation periodically mixing with my enjoyment of these toffee-nosed twits, these occasionally creepy-Crawleys. READ FULL STORY

'Parenthood' review: Kristina made a bold decision. And by 'bold,' I mean 'bald.'

Parenthood began our new year with a new episode that may have had you tearing up before the opening credits. In the space of a few minutes, the show went from raucous laughter (courtesy of the Braverman women, out on the town for a night of boozy revelry, culminating in Kristina’s excellently impudent question to Sarah as to who has the bigger endowment, Hank or Mark?) to hushed poignancy. READ FULL STORY

Here are three new TV shows I'm looking forward to in 2013: VIDEO

The new year brings new TV shows, some of them imminent. Having viewed a few of them, seen bits and pieces of others, and banking on the track record of the producers, stars, and networks of others, I’ve put together a little video review of three of them I’m particularly looking forward to. READ FULL STORY

'Homeland' season finale review: The revenge of Mandy Patinkin

Homeland concluded its season with an episode that gave the best lines to Mandy Patinkin’s Saul, and set the series spinning forward for another season. The question is: Are you going to go with it, given what’s now happened?


'Homeland' review: Death versus romance? 'It wasn't even close'

In a way, what this week’s Homeland was about was one of the most simple things imaginable for a complex piece of television: Allowing a love story to unfold. Which is a storytelling goal that will, I’m pretty sure, annoy nearly as many viewers as it pleases.


My Top 10 TV shows of 2012. Well, almost all 10 -- VIDEO

Below, my picks for some of the best TV shows of 2012, in handy video form.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly can probably predict a few picks. I’ll tell you in advance that I stuck to a list comprised of regularly scheduled series, no arch stunt-picks, like the Presidential election coverage or some wheezy old anti-Here Comes Honey Boo Boo rant. Upbeat, that’s my motto! READ FULL STORY

'Nashville' midseason finale review: Narrowly avoiding 'Glee'-fulness, will the series find its way in the future?

Nashville‘s mid-season finale on Wednesday night offered examples of what this fascinating production does right, does wrong, needs improvement on, and should just plain get rid of. Oh, plus one absolutely shameless scene that I sorta loved. The show is clearly a work-in-progress, but that doesn’t mean it’s in artistic trouble — it means the folks making this show seem to be trying hard to stay true to the pilot’s original conception and also reach out to a larger audience.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for this week’s Nashville. READ FULL STORY

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