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Obama wants Mitt Romney to tell supporter Donald Trump: 'You're fired!'

In an ad premiering today, the Obama campaign criticizes Mitt Romney for not distancing himself from Donald Trump’s persistent questioning of President Obama’s citizenship. Clips contrast John McCain’s firm put-down of birther supporters versus Romney’s silence on the matter. READ FULL STORY

The return of 'The Colbert Report': 'Are you ready to get these bastards?'

Stephen Colbert returned to The Colbert Report last night after a week away, listing some of the rumors he — “the hub around which the Republic turns” — heard about his absence. They included that he was canceled by the FCC at the request of the Federal Election Commission because he was about to announce his candidacy, and that his show was canceled because he offended the Catholic church when he compared the Pope’s “hat” to a giant prophylactic.But then he added, “Oh, one more thing. Evidently, having 11 children makes you tough as nails,” a reference to his 91-year-old mother, Lorna Colbert, who is reportedly ill. (Colbert is the youngest of 11.) READ FULL STORY

Amanda Knox deserves to 'become a big star,' Donald Trump tells Erin Burnett

On the premiere edition of OutFront with new CNN anchor Erin Burnett, Donald Trump said the found-innocent Amanda Knox can “maybe become a big star and build some dividends from this … absolutely outrageous” murder trial. Speaking by phone to Burnett, Trump said he was friends with Knox’s father and sympathized with Knox’s family. Is there no pop culture event to which Donald Trump does not have a connection? Is he thinking of booking Hank Williams, Jr., on the next Celebrity Apprentice, perhaps? READ FULL STORY

Sarah Palin wins by behaving like a pop star, not a politician: Could a cross between Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga get nominated? Sure.

From Memorial Day weekend through today and beyond, Sarah Palin is dominating the TV news cycle. She’s doing it by providing garishly irresistible visuals — footage of her big bus, its sides decorated with images of the Constitution, the phrase “One Nation,” and a plug for her website — and by providing no interviews with the “lamestream media”… except for Fox News. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' review: Tina Fey celebrated Mother's Day early

With Tina Fey hosting what she called “the Mother’s Day episode of Saturday Night Live,” there was a feminine-friendly vibe you don’t get most weeks on this show.  READ FULL STORY

Obama, bin Laden, and Donald Trump: Two speeches, two very different moments of greatness

On Sunday night, President Obama delivered extraordinary information when he interrupted the Sunday-night TV schedule to announce the death of Osama bin Laden. It was a moment of triumph for the country, and for the American troops involved in the killing of bin Laden. The President was  READ FULL STORY

Letterman thinks Donald Trump's Obama remarks 'smack of racism'

David Letterman is joking around with Dr. Phil tonight, and in the preview clip here, he asks the would-be wise doctor about Donald Trump. Dr. Phil fumfers around a bit, but Dave is really setting up to advance his own theory about Trump: that he’s carried his campaign against President Obama into ugly territory. READ FULL STORY

'The View': Donald Trump has 'created more jobs' than Obama; Couric talks career change

On Tuesday morning’s The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to change the conversation about Donald Trump’s ongoing birther obsession with President Obama by asserting that Trump would make a good candidate for President because he’s “created more jobs” than Obama. READ FULL STORY

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