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Jessica Hahn, Kato Kaelin, and John Wayne Bobbitt go crazy on 'The View'

The View must be wishing it had never done its “Where Are They Now?” segment each day this week. Jessica Hahn tried to shift questions about her sexual behavior to Barbara Walters’, John Wayne Bobbitt babbled on and on about how well his “equipment” works, and Kato Kaelin joked that he was now “living behind Tiger Woods’ house.” READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife' recap: Guest stars America Ferrera and Gary Cole shot straight

The Good Wife emphasized the personal lives and feelings of its protagonists this week, and after last week’s tense Kalinda’s-secrets outing, Tuesday night’s edition, titled “Silver Bullet,” was an hour that let us catch our breath and catch up with other characters.

Most prominent among these was Christine Baranski’s Diane, who still goes all swoony at the sight of Tea Partying, gun-loving ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh, played so well by Gary Cole. (The secret to Cole’s performance, I’ve realized, is that he plays McVeigh as though he was a character in a Western, while all the city slickers around him gawp — it’s a shrewd acting choice.)

The plot involved READ FULL STORY

'Amanda Knox' TV-movie review: The Lifetime channel's verdict? Guilty!

With her bratty attitude and self-absorbed worldview, the Amanda Knox that Hayden Panettiere gave us in Monday night’s Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy sure looked like she was more than capable of murder. The way the Heroes-star-turned-villain portrayed her, this TV version of Knox would have knocked off anyone who was bummer enough to so much as criticize her housekeeping habits. READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes to The New York Times for calling its reporting 'shoddy'

On Wednesday morning’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg apologized for her lengthy criticisms on Monday’s show of a New York Times piece about black Oscar winners. READ FULL STORY

'Two and a Half Men' review: Charlie Sheen shines in the last new episode for a while

Charlie Harper was as excited about going to Paris as Charlie Sheen might be: “They have their own Disney World and they serve wine!” he exulted on this, the last new Two and a Half Men for a while. READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg criticizes 'New York Times' for not mentioning her Oscar; Hasselbeck cancels subscription in protest. UPDATE: The New York Times responds

Whoopi Goldberg bitterly criticized The New York Times on Monday morning’s The View for not mentioning that she had won an Oscar in a Sunday piece about the paucity of black actors who have won Academy Awards. READ FULL STORY

On '60 Minutes,' Lady Gaga greets Anderson Cooper in her underwear, says she 'smokes pot' while writing songs, and is 'a master of the art of fame'

Lady Gaga’s 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper was a delightful segment in which the singer-songwriter-performance-artist proclaimed, “I art-direct every moment of my life.” She claimed to be “honest all the time,” and said, “I smoke a lot of pot when I write [music] and drink whiskey… and I’m not gonna sugar-coat it for 60 Minutes… I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke a lot of weed when I write.” (Cooper prefaced the interview by saying that “her comments about drugs may concern some parents.”) READ FULL STORY

How many times did O'Reilly interrupt Obama? THIS many times...with help from the Smurfs!

Some saw Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl conversation with President Barack Obama as less of an interview than an interruption-fest. The Fox News Channel host interjected such essential comments as “Those are tough boys, the Muslim Brotherhood” and (speaking about a chunk of the American people) “They hate you,” for READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' recap: Dana Carvey brought his old characters, some old friends, and Justin Bieber

Dana Carvey brought along some old friends, including Mike Myers and Jon Lovitz, and a new one, Justin Bieber, in returning as the host of Saturday Night Live. In the process, he proved that some old routines hold up well, and others are wobbly from familiarity. READ FULL STORY

Whoopi Goldberg cites her own past drug addiction discussing Charlie Sheen as an 'alcoholic, drug user' on 'The View'

Whoopi Goldberg talked about her own past struggles with drugs during a discussion of Charlie Sheen’s woes on Wednesday morning’s The View. The discussion centered on a report that Sheen has decided to continue to film episodes of Two and a Half Men rather than go into rehab, the hosts said. READ FULL STORY

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