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Pia Toscano: Why (one of) the right one(s) was voted off

Last night’s elimination of Pia Toscano was, in the widely used phrase, a “shocker” only if you weren’t following what is making American Idol such an improved show this season. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart buries Glenn Beck on 'The Daily Show': 'Glenn Beck was sent here by Jesus': WITH VIDEO

Jon Stewart began The Daily Show on Thursday night with an extended Glenn Beck parody that buried, interred, incinerated, and spread the ashes of Beck’s public persona. It was funny — indeed, hilarious, yes. To watch it was also to witness a satirist bidding a truly fond farewell to one of the most ripe, juicy, nutty objects his satire could ever have the privilege to mock. “He was great for business,” admitted Stewart. READ FULL STORY

'Extreme Couponing' review: Weird, selfish people, or thrifty smarties?

Extreme Couponing, which premiered on TLC, has elicited some extreme reactions. Some reviewers and viewers have scorned the show as an example of obsessive selfishness. Others admire the ingenuity of the shoppers who are able to reduce $1,000-plus grocery bills to a little over $100.

Me, I think the show is a canny example of two elements floating through the country right now. The first is a fascination with extreme behavior as it’s filtered through reality TV, whether we’re talking about people who sire a lot of children (hello, Duggar family) or who stuff their bodies with a lot of drugs (hello, Intervention and Relapse). The second is the fact that a lot of people don’t have as much money as they used to. It’s the economy, not-stupid! READ FULL STORY

TV reactions to Glenn Beck's Fox departure begin... with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck began his Wednesday-afternoon Fox News show by confirming, “I am going to leave this program later this year, but I am not leaving Fox.”

He added, “There are more important stories than, ‘What’s the big fat chunky guy on TV gonna do in his future?'” But then he asked us to continue to watch because he’d have more to say at the end of his show… about “chunky” Glenn Beck. READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus 8' season premiere review: It's off to a brilliant start... or is it?

Kate Gosselin began the new season of Kate Plus 8 episodes by showing a new side of herself. Charming, witty, and endearing, she managed to overturn a widespread image of herself as petty, mean, and selfish. The new episode took the family-minus-Jon to  READ FULL STORY

'Relapse' premiere review: Alcoholic-not-Anonymous, and a selfish meth-head

Hoping to cash in on the ratings success that was Intervention, A&E brought us Relapse, a new series on Monday night. It followed two chronic users: David, a firefighter in the throes of alcoholism, and Brooke, addicted to crystal meth. READ FULL STORY

'The Kennedys' review: What if they made a controversial miniseries and nobody watched it?

The Kennedys is destined to be a highly controversial, much-written-about TV event that almost no one besides people in the media and the relatives of the actors’ families will actually watch. READ FULL STORY

A new 'Parenthood' returns tonight: Is Crosby really that bad, as a father, as a man?

Parenthood returns with a new episode tonight, and among the show’s many wonderfully emotional, intricate subplots, the Crosby-is-a-bad-dude one fascinates me, and perhaps you. READ FULL STORY

Ken Burns is making a 'Vietnam' documentary. Here are 5 things he should read before he does.

Ken Burns has found another war, one arguably as divisive as the one that made his career, the Civil War. PBS announced today that Burns is working with various collaborators on Vietnam, “a ten-to-twelve hour documentary film series about the history and meaning of the Vietnam War.” READ FULL STORY

Donald Trump's birther rant: 'I want Obama to show his birth certificate!' Whoopi Goldberg calls 'B.S.' on Trump

If Donald Trump runs for president, it’s safe to say Whoopi Goldberg won’t be voting for him. READ FULL STORY

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