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ABC's Fall schedule, night by night: 13 shots at greatness!

ABC announced it will launch 13 new shows, and the network needs all the new blood and experimentation it can afford. The network is stuck in two primary styles — the nighttime soap (Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy) and the family sitcom (Modern Family, The Middle), with Dancing With the Stars its always-potentially-wobbly sure-thing. (That is to say, yes, people will tune in, but their weekly commitment depends on each season’s casting.) READ FULL STORY

'Firefly' came back: This is the role Nathan Fillion was born to play: A flawed leader of men and women

Firefly, the Joss Whedon-created sci-fi Western that came and went in 2002, is back on the Science Channel, its two-hour premiere on Sunday night reminding us how good the show was, and why it was pretty much doomed from the start. READ FULL STORY

'Castle' review: Laura Prepon played 'Nikki Heat' as Stana Katic as Beckett: 'Way too meta,' said Nathan Fillion, er, Castle

Castle had a clever little outing this week titled “Nikki Heat,” with guest star Laura Prepon playing an actress researching her Nikki role in Heat Wave, a movie being made from the novel of the same name by Nathan Fillion’s Rick Castle.

Prepon’s Natalie Rhodes arrived in the New York police station much as Castle himself did in the series premiere — she was there to shadow Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett for research. The humorous twist was that Castle had no respect for Rhodes as an actress (she was famous for B-movies with title like Mutilation High and Hell’s Crawl Space), while Rhodes had no respect for Castle since she hadn’t read his book, only the script someone else had written. READ FULL STORY

The Fall TV season that failed us: Are you hooked on any of the new shows?

All the new fall TV shows have premiered. Have you put season passes on your favorites yet? Have you been discussing new shows the morning after with your friends and co-workers?

I’ll bet you haven’t.

This has proven to be the least buzzed-about TV season in recent memory. Among people I talk to, within and outside of EW, not one network show has inspired passionate affection. Sure, most people who’ve seen Raising Hope agree that it’s funny. I enjoyed the pilot of Hawaii Five-O, but I can’t say I’m hooked. Ditto No Ordinary Family, which has possibilities as the show begins to balance its light and dark elements. But the one series so many READ FULL STORY

When favorite actors go into so-so shows: Sela Ward, Nathan Fillion and others, you deserve better

The news this week that Sela Ward would be joining the cast of CSI: NY left some of us very ambivalent. Reactions ranged from, “I love Sela Ward; so glad she got the job!” to “How unfair for Sela — that’s the best job she could get?” Count me in the READ FULL STORY

That great Old Spice TV ad: 'I'm on a horse' and how he got there

The proof of a good commercial is whether you can stand to watch it more than once. When it comes to the Old Spice ad with that guy who talks rapidly to the women in the audience, presenting one fantasy scenario after another and concluding, “I’m on a horse” — well, it still makes me grin, even after seeing it during the Super Bowl, during the Olympics, and I don’t know how many other places:

The guy here is actor Isaiah Mustafa, and he does the best over-the-top line-reading in recent TV-commercial history. Mustafa has had small roles on Ugly Betty and NCIS: Los Angeles, and IMDb lists him as appearing on an upcoming episode of Castle as “Team Leader.” Clearly, this man deserves a bigger role in a TV show, fast.

If you’re obsessed or even just interested, there’s an intriguing — if rather long — video about the making of this spot, in which two guys from the agency that produced it, Wieden + Kennedy, claim there’s minimal CGI used. That’s right: Mustafa slides from the boat onto the horse in one shot:

Do you like this ad? Do you think it succeeds in making an ancient brand like Old Spice seem a bit more interesting? And what TV show would you cast Isaiah Mustafa in?

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