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Who should replace Meredith Vieira? Rachel Maddow? Megyn Kelly? What about...

First, I hope Meredith Vieira doesn’t leave the Today show — she’s intelligent and funny and can handle every sort of segment, a tricky skill. Still, if the reports are true about her exit when her contract is up in September, her replacement will be crucial to the Today show’s ratings, as well as the chemistry with her coanchor Matt Lauer. With that in mind, let’s pick some possibilities: READ FULL STORY

'Celebrity Rehab' premiere: 'I smell face-lifts!' and other appalling remarks and behavior

Every season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew fills a viewer with contradictory reactions. On the one hand, we’re saddened when we see the sad wreck that, say, former kid pop star Leif Garrett has become, “not sober since age 14,” as he said last night in the season 4 premiere. We wish him better health. On the other hand, we witness the appalling behavior of Jason Davis (who? the grandson of super-wealthy mogul Marvin Davis) as he whines about READ FULL STORY

'Harry Loves Lisa' review: Hamlin and Rinna, deflating those lips, inflating their careers

The new reality show Harry Loves Lisa follows Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna as they try to keep their careers from sputtering to a halt. Hey, nothing wrong with that: Who’s not trying to do the same thing these days? It’s just that most of us don’t do it with cameras recording our every dull READ FULL STORY

When favorite actors go into so-so shows: Sela Ward, Nathan Fillion and others, you deserve better

The news this week that Sela Ward would be joining the cast of CSI: NY left some of us very ambivalent. Reactions ranged from, “I love Sela Ward; so glad she got the job!” to “How unfair for Sela — that’s the best job she could get?” Count me in the READ FULL STORY

'Glee,' finishing weakly?: Three things the show should fix next season

Glee closed out its first season last night, and it must be pointed out that, while the series remains one of the most original concepts in prime-time, Glee has also become, I’m sorry to say, a bit strained, a tad self-congratulatory. Worse, it has a woman problem. Here are three things Glee has to do to READ FULL STORY

Kate Gosselin to Jimmy Kimmel: 'I wish they would just learn how boring I am'

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars exit interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was pure Kate all the way: Defiant but defensive, honest but without humility, funny but guarded. Asked by Kimmel which of the judges READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family' last night: Has your companion ever embarrassed you in a social setting?

Typically terrific Modern Family last night, but the scenes in which Mitchell tried to impress a possible new boss (all praise to Justin Kirk), were almost too good — awfully squirm-inducing.

As Cam babbled nervously and bumped into the furniture, I could feel READ FULL STORY

Brad Garrett: "'Til Death' cancelled, weird 7-Up commercials: Some career advice

I’ve always liked Brad Garrett as a stand-up comedian, and he was the perfect guy for the woefully imperfect brother on Everybody Loves Raymond. But with READ FULL STORY

I want Claire Danes' father-in-law to have his own TV show

A couple of months ago, while promoting her superb TV-movie Temple Grandin on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, star Claire Danes happened to mention that her father-in-law is a professor of philosophy specializing in moral particularism.

Well, Ferguson’s reaction was as though he’d just discovered a new world he wanted to explore immediately. He asked Danes if she thought this man, Jonathan Dancy, would appear on his show. She said she’d ask.

True to his desire, READ FULL STORY

A '24' movie: Let's cast the film!

With the news that the final episode of 24 will air May 24 came the added quote that Kiefer Sutherland and his fellow producers hope to make a 24 feature film. Sutherland: “There has been a demand and an interest in a 24 film, which would be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day.”

Sutherland has expressed this idea before, of course. In 2006, Sutherland told an interviewer, “The script is actually in development right now.” At that point, the star had hoped to shoot a film during the break between TV seasons. The current screenplay is being written by Billy Ray (State of Play).

But we should help out old Jack Bauer in the casting, don’t you think?

First of all, READ FULL STORY

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