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Best TV of 2010: My mid-year Top 10 list

We’re half-way through the year; time to stop and take stock of the TV year thus far. Here is my mid-year Top 10, selected from shows airing during the period between January and July 2010. I’ve also added a few notes at the end about some other notable TV events. Happy holiday weekend to you.

1. Breaking Bad (AMC) No TV series this year has mixed READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' season finale review: 'We had a good run, but it's over'

It’s not often that Breaking Bad does flashbacks, so when it does — particularly as one of its always-crucial pre-credits sequences — we’d best pay close attention. Thus when last night’s season finale, entitled “Full Measure,” commenced with a scene of younger Walt and a pregnant-with-Walter-Jr. Skyler walking with a real-estate agent through the house-with-a-pool that would become their home-with-nightmares, fresh insight into these characters was gleaned. We saw that, even before he was diagnosed with cancer and started making meth to pay his future bills, Walter White was something of a dreamer, a suppressed risk-taker. Skyler loved the three-bedroom house, but Walt thought READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' tonight: Season three is ending with a bang

Well, it’s the one we’ve been both waiting for and dreading: The third-season finale of Breaking Bad. After the gasping conclusion of last week’s hour — Bryan Cranston’s Walter White ramming into two drug dealers with his car and then shooting READ FULL STORY

Preview of 'Breaking Bad' tonight: Do not miss it, especially the final scene

I know there’s a lot on TV to distract you tonight — oh, how are you going to watch the MTV Movie Awards AND Kate Plus 8? — but I urge you not to miss tonight’s Breaking Bad. In particular, do not miss READ FULL STORY

Review of tonight's 'Breaking Bad': I know it's 'Lost' Night, but watch or record this episode, please

I’m breaking (as it were) with precedent and offering a preview-review of tonight’s Breaking Bad, because it’s so good, I’d be shocked if both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul don’t use the episode for Emmy consideration. There’s more on TV tonight than Lost, folks.

The pre-credits begin with a super-close-up of a fly. The episode’s title? “Fly.” The hour is basically a three-character piece: Walt, Jesse, and READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' recap: Majorly 'Kafkaesque'

Breaking Bad divided its time this week between Walt’s surprise-filled hospital vigil with the recuperating Hank, and Jesse’s not-at-all surprising, but very satisfying, slip from recovering addict to a return to his old meth-slinging ways.

Walter and Jesse had a tense READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' recap: Peekaboo, 'I See You'... pow!

After last week’s stunning attack on Hank by the relentless cousins, it made dramatic sense for Breaking Bad to pull back a bit this week, to do one of the things it does best: let us see the aftermath of how ordinary people react when put in extraordinary circumstances.

This is, of course, the entire premise of the series — Walter White never set out to become an outlaw meth manufacturer. But it’s easy for a successful TV series to lose sight of its original premise, something Bad creator Vince Gilligan never has.

Thus we began in the hospital. Jesse is being released after READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' last night: A new high point for this great show?

Last night’s Breaking Bad was more explosive than an RV meth-lab driving into a burning building. It was also one of the most beautiful-looking hours on TV this season.

The pre-credits sequence, in which we saw a flashback to the murderous READ FULL STORY

'Breaking Bad' season premiere review: Are those rattlesnake skulls on your boots, or are you just glad to see me?

The third season of Breaking Bad got off to a great start this week, with an episode titled “No Mas” directed by series star Bryan Cranston. The opening moments were like watching a Sergio Leone spaghetti-Western made fresh, as two villainous-looking cousins wearing cowboy boots with little rattlesnake skulls in the toe-tips walked through harsh sun and dusty air to make clear their ultimate goal: to kill Cranston’s Walter White.

Meanwhile, we were treated to some fine scenes of Aaron Paul’s Jesse in rehab. Fragile from the accidental drug-related death of his girlfriend, Jesse was a soft target for the clever combination of hard-headed 12-step tenets and soft-headed New Age philosophy being swirled into his noggin. “Self-hatred, guilt accomplishes nothing,” said the group leader played with excellent oiliness by Jerre Burns.

The show was filled with striking images, such as Walt burning a huge amount of money, suggesting a break with his meth-cooking criminal past.

But nothing is simple or clean-cut on Breaking Bad, and as much as Walt wanted to READ FULL STORY

Sunday-night TV: What will you be watching? 'Undercover Boss' or 'Desperate Housewives'? 'Breaking Bad' or 'Celebrity Apprentice'?

It’s an unusually busy Sunday night on TV tonight. New episodes of familiar shows, season premieres, and one new series. I’m really curious: How will you be spending your TV time tonight?

For me, the big event is the return of Breaking Bad, which has a third-season opener full of menace, humor, and excitement, as Bryan Cranston’s Walt and Aaron Paul’s Jesse face fresh stress and the aroma of meth-to-be-made. Woo-hoo!

Not that I want to influence your vote or anything. Perhaps you’re more intrigued by READ FULL STORY

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