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'Work of Art' season finale review: 'Project Artwork' comes to an end

Work of Art concluded its second season Wednesday night with an hour that typified what made this season so frustrating. The very quality that should make this series a TV natural — it’s visual art, being made right in front of your eyes — is also what ended up hemming in the series. READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' recap: 'I don't particularly WANT to get naked, but... '

“It’s time to sell out,” host China Chow told the remaining six artists on this week’s Work of Art. Of course, some would say they sold out when they signed on to Work of Art. But what sounded like a banal idea — exploring, as Simon de Pury said, the “art versus commerce” conundrum by having the contestants make art, sell it on the street, and then display it in the gallery ended up with one of this series’ livelier episodes. READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' recap: 'There's enough of The Sucklord to go around'

It’s always nice to have a person on a reality show with whom a viewer can identify, who speaks on camera the thoughts you’re having in your head. In the case of this week’s Work of Art: The Increasingly Fruitless Search for the Next Great Artist, that person was Lola, who responded to the careful, thoughtful critique of Simon de Pury by saying, after he’d walked away, “Whatever. I don’t care what Simon says.” READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' recap: 'God, this sucks,' saith The Sucklord. He's right.

Tasked with taking a headline from The New York Times and making a piece of art from it, the Work of Art contestants created some of their best and worst work to date, but the subhead that lingers over this season remains “Is this a vital reality show?” READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' recap: Your kid can do better than that

Work of Art this week was a graphic demonstration of the philistine sentiment uttered about modern art at least since Jackson Pollock first splattered paint on canvas: the old, “My kid can do better than that.” Unfortunately, this was indeed the case for many of the contestants paired off with child artists this night. READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' recap: What a load of 'poop'

The second week of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist was a mess; assembling the hour must have driven the show’s editors crazy. The hour started out with a demonstration of parkour, the strenuous, French-derived, running-climbing-leaping exercise done by daredevils on city architecture. The idea was to give the contestants and viewers a kinetic image for the week’s task: create “a piece about motion.” The artists were divided into two teams, told to come up with a theme, and put together two competing group shows. READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art: The Next Great Artist' recap: Enter the Sucklord

Finally, the second season of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist has arrived on Bravo, and with it, the Sucklord. Work of Art must have thought it died and went to heaven when this guy strolled in, disfiguring stormtrooper dolls and calling it art. The Sucklord — real name: Morgan Phillips — is a 42-year-old artist/huckster in the tradition of Jeff Koons who looks a bit like Jimmy Fallon doing an impersonation of a gelled twit. With this guy around, everyone becomes an inadvertent comedian. When another contestant, Michelle, said in the opening moments, “I don’t want to be the one who sucks” — well, Lordy, supply your own just-look-to-your-right punchline. READ FULL STORY

The grotesque 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season premiere: Suicide and a very awkward dinner

The last thing one expects from any of the Real Housewives series is sincerity. Thus the four-minute mourning segment tacked onto the start of the second-season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to address the recent suicide of Russell Armstrong was as hopeless an attempt at good taste as suggesting to Taylor, Camille, Kyle, Kim, and Lisa that they might want to go easier on the surgical enhancement and the ostentatious jewelry. READ FULL STORY

'Work of Art' returns for second season starring... The Sucklord

You can take your stinkin’ Big Brother (it does literally stink in that house, you know it does) and all your various Real Housewives: The reality-TV competition show I’ve been waiting for all summer is finally coming back… in the early fall. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the absurdly entertaining contest to see who’s the best artist among 14 plucky paint-brush wielders. The series returns Wednesday, Oct. 12, and as you can seeĀ  READ FULL STORY

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