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What I got wrong, and right, in my Emmy predictions

Never have I been so glad to be wrong… in just a couple of Emmy categories. I’m certainly not going to whine about not predicting such superb surprise nominations as Louie CK, Timothy Olyphant, and Walton Goggins.

Yes, I’m doing my due diligence in following up on my Emmy predictions post yesterday; I owe it to you to own up to my miscalculations… and crow about my perspicacity! READ FULL STORY

Jane Lynch and Bill Maher read the Anthony Weiner Facebook messages: VIDEO very NSFW

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, the host brought out Jane Lynch to read transcriptions with him of the Facebook messages exchanged by Rep. Anthony Weiner and blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss. READ FULL STORY

Jon Stewart takes on Olbermann, Maddow, and Maher; also announces a new rally

Jon Stewart began Monday night’s Daily Show by congratulating Conan O’Brien on his new show… and feigned shock upon discovering that Conan is now his time-period competition. “Now I’ll never be able to watch me!” he howled.

But Stewart was just winding up. As we kinda knew he would, Stewart wasted no time in taking on READ FULL STORY

Christine O'Donnell, witchcraft, and Bill Maher: TV and politics put a hex on common sense

On the Friday season premiere of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher played a clip of newly victorious Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell. It was a 1999 segment from Maher’s old ABC show Politically Incorrect, and it’s had READ FULL STORY

Larry King says he wants Ryan Seacrest to take his place

As a nation reeled at the news that Larry King had announced he’s stepping down from Larry King Live, King was asked by READ FULL STORY

Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens 'gloat' about Catholic Church child-abuse scandals

On Real Time with Bill Maher last night, the host and guest Christopher Hitchens discussed the current new reports, and institutional cover-ups, of child molestation by Catholic priests. Hitchens and Maher, both committed atheists, cheerfully admitted they were there to “gloat” about the scandal, while casting the crimes in the most stark language. “Let’s not call it ‘child abuse,'” said Hitchens. “It’s the rape and torture of children.”

“This is the one crime one cannot think about without vomiting,” said Hitchens.

It was pretty invigorating to see and hear something like this discussed on TV, where the iron-clad rule is that there are two sides to every story, and the opposite side must be given air-time. As Maher noted, there’s no one who’s going to come forward and make the “pro-child abuse” case.

Of course, Hitchens is the man who wrote an entire book condemning Mother Teresa. Between his ferocious anti-Catholicism and the way Maher’s smugness can get in the way of even his good observations, I’ll bet there were some viewers watching this who thought, yeah, well, they have a point, but do they have to condemn everything about the Church?

What do you think?

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'Bill Maher': Pro-killer whale, anti-Obama health summit

Bill Maher’s trenchant comment about about the whale trainer killed at SeaWorld this week? “If people f— with animals that should be in the wild, I’m sorry when they die, but ya get what ya get.”

To which panel guest Olivia Wilde added, “If only dolphins could kill people!”

Guest Adam Carolla chimed in: “Any time someone tries to ride you, if you knock them off, you should be able to kill them; I don’t care if it’s a niece or a nephew.” Full admission: I laughed at Carolla’s line.

Less blood-thirsty was surprise guest Chris Rock, who dropped by, he said, because he was taping Wanda Sykes’ talk show nearby. It was a nice, comradely gesture, but Rock had little to add to the discussion of health care. Why should he have? He just popped in, not knowing what the subject was, just to make people happy to see a really funny guy for a few moments.

As for health care, Maher called this week’s health-care summit “total bulls—” and said that “if the Democrats can’t push [President Obama’s plan] through, they’re NBC — they’re a joke.”

Mocking Obama’s opening remarks in which the President told personal anecdotes about family members with illnesses, Maher joked that “John McCain told how he once carried a brain-dead woman through an entire campaign.”

There was a lot of genial yelling during a guest panel, most of it Maher’s, and then a lot of lousy “New Rules” jokes. In short, a typical Real Time with Bill Maher: Lots of noise, with a few funny moments.

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