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'Big Brother 14' premiere review: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

Like a scab one cannot resist picking, Big Brother is an irritant I cannot resist looking at, for at least a few episodes, every summer. In the past, I’ve been hooked for whole seasons. More recently, I’ve found the house fetid, even toxic, and evicted myself quickly. Based on Thursday night’s premiere, I’m appalled to say I may have to watch at least one more time. READ FULL STORY

'The Glass House' premiere review: 'The show they didn't want you to see' was the show you didn't need to watch

The announcer for The Glass House, which premiered on ABC Monday night after The Bachelorette, said this was “the show they didn’t want you to see!” That was intended to be a reference to CBS’ attempts to prevent ABC from airing what it views as a Big Brother rip-off, but after watching the show, I think “they” might actually have been “all humans with brains and a conscience.” READ FULL STORY

How the deficit reduction negotiations are like 'Big Brother' (hint: think of Michele Bachmann as Jordan)

President Obama is meeting with House Speaker (a.k.a., Head Of Household) John Boehner tonight, at roughly the same time a new episode of Big Brother airs on CBS, to try and negotiate a deal about some revised form of a deficit reduction package and raising the debt ceiling. The details of how this mismatched couple will resolve this are roughly as complicated as trying to figure out the new Big Brother rules about playing in teams of two, not as individuals, and which team to nominate for eviction.  READ FULL STORY

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