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'Kate Plus 8' season premiere review: It's off to a brilliant start... or is it?

Kate Gosselin began the new season of Kate Plus 8 episodes by showing a new side of herself. Charming, witty, and endearing, she managed to overturn a widespread image of herself as petty, mean, and selfish. The new episode took the family-minus-Jon to  READ FULL STORY

'Bethenny Ever After' premiere review: 'Sometimes she pushes it way too hard'

Bethenny Frankel is arguably the best product manufactured by Bravo’s Real Housewives factory. She’s smart, funny, and self-aware. She’s also aggressive, argumentative, and drives a hard bargain, whether it’s with her Skinnygirl business or her marriage to Jason Hoppy. READ FULL STORY

'Raising Hope' and 'Running Wilde' premiere reviews: Which was funnier?

Fox’s back-to-back new sitcoms, Raising Hope and Running Wilde, premiered on Tuesday night, and two more different shows are difficult to imagine.

Raising Hope is from Greg Garcia, the writer-producer who gave us My Name Is Earl. Like Earl, Raising Hope is READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus 8' review: And you thought you saw the last of Gosselin on the Emmys...

Fresh from her triumphant appearance on last night’s Emmys, Kate Gosselin — wait, let me start over.

Fresh from her incredibly lucky phone call from Jimmy Fallon, tapping her to use her notoriety for some fleeting good, Kate Gosselin returned to TV last night with another Kate Plus 8 “special.” It was a trip to READ FULL STORY

Cloris Leachman to critics: 'I'm so sick of Betty White'

While promoting her new fall series Raising Hope at the Televisions Critics Association gathering in L.A., co-star Cloris Leachman was asked about the current adulation Betty White is enjoying. “I’m so sick of Betty White,” Leachman snapped, to READ FULL STORY

'Teen Mom' and 'If You Really Knew Me' reviews: Life is hard, happiness is possible, but elusive

No matter what you may think of the choices the young people in Teen Mom have made, you can’t accuse the series of taking the easy way out: As the Tuesday-night season premiere proved once again, everyone has READ FULL STORY

'Kate Plus 8' review: 'Am I grumpy? Yes. You would be too if you had to run 26 acres alone.'

The second new Kate Plus 8 special aired on Sunday night, and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the kids stage a prison break.

The night’s big activity was the building of a chicken coop on the Gosselin property. Why? Because Kate said she buys “four or five dozen” eggs a week, so why not buy some chickens to gather her own? Or rather, have the kids gather them. What started as a nice family project turned into a punitive exercise, as do so READ FULL STORY

'Glee' and its baby issue: Did Mrs. Corcoran really deserve Beth?

For the most part, I thought Glee finished up its first season the way Glee would: With performances so good, they prevented the gag-reflex I have at Journey songs and pomp-rock such as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s all about balance: I’ll forgive the use of the ukulele for the astute use of “To Sir With Love.”

One development sticks in my craw, however. Shelby Corcoran ends up with Beth? After READ FULL STORY

Two hours of 'Kate Plus 8': I watched them so you didn't have to

The two back-to-back editions of the new specials Kate Plus Eight could have used a combo-title: The Horror, The Horror.

In the first, which TLC called “6th Birthday Surprise,” the Jon-less Kate Gosselin took her eight kids to READ FULL STORY

Octomom Nadya Suleman to Oprah: 'I have a ridiculously huge family... for my own childish desires'

Oprah Winfrey said on today’s show she “had reservations” about interviewing Nadya Suleman and thereby joining the Octomom media coverage — until she got a letter from Suleman saying the Octomom wanted the world “to see her for who she is.”

Who she is, to my eyes after watching Oprah, is a woman with a shaky grasp on reality, READ FULL STORY

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