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'American Horror Story: Asylum' premiere review: Boo! As in, were you well-scared, or disappointed?

In part because it involves people associated with The New Normal and The Voice, the new season of American Horror Story, subtitled Asylum, is automatically scarier than the first one. Co-creator Ryan Murphy, the man behind the garish laughs of New Normal, has enlisted Adam Levine as one of his horror-show victims, and just watching the stubbly singer-scarecrow feign sex with his character’s new bride (Jenna Dewan Tatum) was effectively, thoroughly unnerving. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globe TV nominations: Why some are great, and some omissions are ridiculous: VIDEO

The Golden Globes loom. The Golden Globes list. The nominations tilt toward cable TV, and away from network, at least in the drama category. READ FULL STORY

Golden Globes TV nominations: Why are the choices so smart, yet so frustrating?

The TV nominations for the Golden Globes were such a predictable mishmash of well-deserved semi-surprises, the usual suspects, and dismaying disappointments that, like the SAG nominations yesterday and the Emmy nominations perennially, it makes me wonder two things: Why do I — and you; we — get so het up about awards, and is America ever going to reward John Noble? READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story' premiere review: Was it scary/freaky/sexy enough for you?

“The world is a horrible place,” said a character in the premiere of American Horror Story, and this new hour from Glee producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk did its best to prove that dismal sentiment true. Welcome to The Anti-Glee, or perhaps more like Gleeful Hell. There was sadism on the screen, and you may have felt a sadistic pleasure in watching. READ FULL STORY

'American Horror Story': It's coming tonight, it's unavoidable, it's...

No new fall TV has left me with more conflicted feelings and thoughts than American Horror Story, the new haunted-house saga from Glee‘s Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Which means, among other things, that it must be doing something right: Provocation is a lot better than predictability, and the one thing you cannot accuse Horror Story of being is predictable.

Or maybe you can. I’ve marshaled some of my thoughts on this below: READ FULL STORY

Instant reaction to 'American Horror Story,' from the creators of 'Glee': Eeeeek!

Glee producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk screened their new October drama American Horror Story to TV critics at the Summer TV Press Tour in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. It stars Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton, The Practice‘s Dylan McDermott, Oscar-winner Jessica Lange, True Blood‘s Denis O’Hare, and a whole lotta screams, sex, jolts, mashed faces, psychotic behavior, and dead babies. If you have been wanting to hear the erstwhile Tami Taylor say, “I can be kinky,” this show may be for you. Then again, it may be the show that peels back your skull and makes you run bellowing from the room. READ FULL STORY

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