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Andy Rooney: He was more than just the great grump of '60 Minutes'

Andy Rooney, who became famous delivering his “A Few Minutes With… ” segments on 60 Minutes, has died. He was 92 years old. Rooney won five Emmy Awards, including a 2003 “Lifetime Achievement” Emmy; his first was for writing the 1968 CBS News documentary Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed.

The most highly visible link to the first generation of TV personalities — he wrote for anchors, reporters, and entertainers — Rooney was a lot more than the “cranky,” “Did you ever notice FILL IN BLANK?” guy that too many people ridiculed. READ FULL STORY

Ruth Madoff on '60 Minutes': Hard to believe?

It was hard to believe Ruth Madoff on 60 Minutes, on a couple of levels. The first was why 60 Minutes had her on its show. Even as a craven ratings ploy, it was pretty embarrassing for the news magazine to devote time to the wife of convicted financial advisor Bernie Madoff. Morley Safer’s kid-gloves scoffing at Ruth’s gullability was supposed to pass as journalistic interrogation, but what did the segment really provide, other than an opportunity for Ruth to natter on about her ignorance of her husband’s massive Ponzi scheming? READ FULL STORY

Andy Rooney signs off: Here's why there's a lot more to his TV work than cranky observations (with VIDEO)

Andy Rooney, in signing off from 60 Minutes this weekend, said that “this is the moment I’ve dreaded” — the final weekly installment of his “few minutes” segments. But Rooney is actually ending a chapter in TV history that many have likely forgotten, if you ever knew it to begin with. Rooney has long been the most highly visible link to the first generation of TV personalities — anchors, reporters, and entertainers. He’s a helluva a lot more than the “cranky,” “Did you ever notice FILL IN BLANK?” guy that too many people ridicule these days. READ FULL STORY

Obama, bin Laden, and the media: Telling the story, controlling the images

Appearing on 60 Minutes, President Obama told Steve Kroft that the mission to kill Osama bin Laden was “a 55/45 [percent odds] situation. I mean we could not say definitively that bin Laden was there. Had he not been there, thenĀ  READ FULL STORY

Lara Logan's '60 Minutes' interview on her attack and rape: 'I thought I was going to die'

Lara Logan gave her first and, 60 Minutes said, only interview about her assault and rape by a group of men in Egypt in February. While covering the story of the country that had erupted in celebration over the fall of Hosni Mubarek’s dictatorship, Logan was in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The attack on Logan has been widely reported, but of course it was much more harrowing to hear the reporter describe the details herself. READ FULL STORY

Christopher Hitchens gets the '60 Minutes' treatment, and survives

Christopher Hitchens was subjected to a voluntary 60 Minutes profile on Sunday night, one of the news magazine’s patented, buttery, isn’t-he-amazing? segments. It was to Hitchens’ credit that, even with a body wracked by cancer, he still READ FULL STORY

On '60 Minutes,' Lady Gaga greets Anderson Cooper in her underwear, says she 'smokes pot' while writing songs, and is 'a master of the art of fame'

Lady Gaga’s 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper was a delightful segment in which the singer-songwriter-performance-artist proclaimed, “I art-direct every moment of my life.” She claimed to be “honest all the time,” and said, “I smoke a lot of pot when I write [music] and drink whiskey… and I’m not gonna sugar-coat it for 60 Minutes… I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke a lot of weed when I write.” (Cooper prefaced the interview by saying that “her comments about drugs may concern some parents.”) READ FULL STORY

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