'Parenthood' review: Cee Lo Green stole the spotlight from baby Nora

Because Parenthood is, among other good things, a paragon of domestic semi-realism (nope, still not buying that coffee-cart-girl adoption), I was dismayed to see how […] Read the full post.

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  • jrbear

    it IS so predictable. Every week, a ‘family trauma': The women brow-beat the men, then come around and apologize at the end. Then the men forgive them. Lauren Graham is the reason I started watching, but she is a under-used “Loralie” w/out the humor. I love Dax’s role too. I’d like it better if they trimmed the cast some and fleshed-out fewer plot lines.

  • VB Mermaid

    Love this show!

  • michele

    once again, another great episode. parenthood tries to show people as they are – and sometimes people can be whiny, self-centered & not make the best decisions. but that is part of why i enjoy this show – yes, sarah will likely make some mistakes in her interactions with seth, but that is what happens in real life, when parents try to do “right” by the children but sometimes make less than stellar choices. haddie was being a little petulant, but given her situation – recent break-up, younger special needs brother who takes much of her parents’ time and attention and still being a teen, it’s realistic that she behave that way for a bit. that is part of the realism of the show. granted not everything is entirely as it is in my life (cee lo is not showing up at my family’s business – still love his voice), but there is a common thread of everyday-ness to parenthood that is appealing and refreshing to me to see on tv. and finally, it was nice to see that joel’s talking to zeek was handled in a character appropriate fashion – not flashy or loud, just decent and kind. thanks again to parenthood cast & crew for an entertaining hour.

    • Di

      Totally agree Michele…best show on TV right now by far….especially for a family to watch together…too bad most families don’t do that much in this day and age. So glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks this is a GREAT show.

  • Judy

    This is my favorite scripted TV show – well-rounded, realistic characters with interesting and entertaining story arcs. I love the writing and the cast is the best ensemble cast I’ve seen on any show since I can remember. I tear up on almost every episode, and laugh, too. It offers so much for the viewer to identify with. I have four grown children and five grandchildren and have really related to many of the storylines. It’s the show I look forward to all week! Of course, since I’m so invested, there are storylines I would expand on and others I would squelch, but they aren’t writing it just for me, darn it. :)

  • Phillip

    This is the best show on TV. No reality TV and no weekly murders and rape. Families can watch this.

    • Di

      Agreed Phillip….very modern family oriented…I love it this show.

  • G

    poor poor Sarah; I hate what they do to her character; I mean….enough already on the tears and angst and heartfelt emotion from her to Seth; It’s just irratating that they won’t “grow” her character into someone strong enough to say….dude, you lost your family, you put me through hell, and the kids suffered almost as much as I did…so here’s the address to rehab; I’ve paid them, go get fixed and get on with your life without me. Instead, they giver her drippy unrequited love and angst over what could have been, and hope where where common sense needs to kick in….again, don’t like the message it send to people who are in similar situations…..hanging on isn’t the answer

  • a_preslik

    Love parenthood, and as much as I love John Corbet Im not enjoying this storyline, although its more plausible that sarah as a playwright I guess. Can they please give Amber a storyline, they are wasting talent there!

  • Jay

    I like PARENTHOOD. I don’t love it. I mostly watch it for Peter Krause, who is simply one of the most believable actors I’ve ever seen. He is always the character he plays rather than “Peter Krause starring as…”

    I wish they’d let John Corbett’s character get drunk and drive himself off a cliff on the way to rehab, die and never be spoken of again. Seth is a mistake as character and as a storytelling device.

    Let Jason Ritter’s hair go back to its natural color. Next episode, and we’ll pretend it never happened. The painted-on black hair is so distracting.

    • tori

      LOL…Jay can you take over the recap from now on!

  • Dee

    I like how real this show is. I come from a big family and there is a lot of yelling above others to be heard going on.

    I also like that they are not all rich (except Julia & Joel) and money can’t solve all the problems.

    I agree with other posters that Kristina did not want help from the Grandparents, that was very obvious by her attitude toward them when she came home from the hospital. Kristina should have asked Haddie for help instead of trying to be Wonder Woman. Kristina is the most annoying character on the show.

    • lu

      Totally agree. God, Kristina is annoying!

  • Shellyyy

    I have to agree with some of the posters here regarding Haddie. I was sitting there thinking the whole time Kristina was exhausted: why isn’t Haddie helping?! In my family, it was not my choice whether or not to help Mom, it was expected of me. Also, what happened with Haddies ex-boyfriend? Did they completely write him off the show? I assumed he would come back to cause some more angst in Haddies life.

  • te

    Love Cee-Lo, but why is it that TV producers always seem to be treating the wrong act as a Big Deal — all the way back to the Doobie Bros. on (what was it, Diff’rent Strokes?) and continuing through Bon Jovi’s go-nowhere deal with NBC and now Cee-Lo?
    And he was treated as if it were 1966 and he were Mick Jagger, for Pete’s sake. And what’s with the recording tape already loaded on the machine before they started cleaning up the studio?
    It takes a rare actor to play a guy who’s as much a loser as Seth and still be sort of likeable to the audience. Corbett still has that, at least.

    • kath

      It was what’s happening that had the doobie bros episode: which Doobie you be? Classic.

  • Cathy

    Honestly, what has sold me on this show is no longer there: Michael B. Jordan. When he was saying in one episode how he couldn’t lose Hallie because he didn’t have anyone, I almost started crying. I love the show now, but he needs to come back at some point, or someone else needs to have him on their show. He’s amazing.

    • Ally

      Yea I thought it was weird how literally one episode he was crying saying she was all he had and the next he broke up with her. But I guess that’s a boy for you so I guess that’s believable.

  • Di

    I love this show…it is like the modern day Walton’s…my husband and I never miss it.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    you can’t compare lauren graham to maura tierney. it’s just not possible. that’s my opinion. maura fans say maura is better, lauren fans say lauren is better, it has always been like that. being mad at lauren because maura had to drop out is plain stupid, i agree with that. maura should have had the role, now it’s lauren’s and we should all try to get along with it, no matter which “side” we’re on ;) i think lauren is good, i’ve always liked her on gilmore girls and i love watching parenthood. maura can take 12399496832 other jobs now to show her excellent acting skills, she’s really really talented. so get over it and don’t hate lauren because someone had to replace maura!!

  • Todd Loess

    Parenthood is the best drama on TV. No show on today shows what it is truly like to be a parent. Kudos to NBC for sticking with this fine hour of programming.

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