'Parenthood' review: Cee Lo Green stole the spotlight from baby Nora

Because Parenthood is, among other good things, a paragon of domestic semi-realism (nope, still not buying that coffee-cart-girl adoption), I was dismayed to see how […] Read the full post.

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  • Kato

    If people’s complaint about the show not getting the ratings cause its predictable. So is pretty much every other show on television. For me, I am sad another great show like Parenthood isnt getting the attention other shows get. Yes it can sometimes be predictable but, at least for me, I can see humanity and realness in the characters and the conversations that i dont see in any other tv show on today

  • lu

    “Time and subplots are precious on this show; we can use the time for more details about the stories we’re invested in long-term. ”
    What the hell are you talking about? !
    We´re invested in Mark/Sarah romance since season 01!
    What’s wrong with people that can’t stand romance storylines? Without Sarah’s romance, the show will become really boring for a large number of fans, believe me. Not everyone “adore” that adam/kristina thing.

    • Ava

      Totally agree! The Adam/Kristina branch of the family is my least favorite. Sarah’s is the most interesting. The others are all tied but Adam and Kristina are last. They just seem to yell a lot. That whole part of the family just yell a lot.

  • John

    One of the best shows on television, no question. I love Maura Tierney, but I feel like she would have been Abby from “ER” all over again, with the “woe is me” attitude. I love Lauren Graham, but I too hate the Seth thing. I want to see her get with Mark and be happy, and stay happy. She can’t be upset with him because he’s mad that she is helping her loser ex-husband (you can see the bad stuff coming from this…) get back on his feet. I love the Crosby/Adam switching over the past two episodes, but I hate Jasmine so looking forward to getting rid of her so Crosby can move on with more women that look like Minka Kelly. Haddy is the worst character on the show. How about helping your mom out for a second rather than complaining she’s too busy to help you out? They helped your ex-boyfriend get out of a certain jail sentence, and you’re always upset. Give me more Mae Whitman…but Drew? Jeesh. If my son grows up to be that shy and clueless, I did something wrong. Granted, no father figure, but he lives with Zeek, the manliest of men, so grow a set, huh kid?

    • what??

      “that look like MInka Kelly?” Hmmm. Okay.

  • ALM

    “Usually sensitive Haddie”? Haddie’s only ever sensitive to herself–she’s a selfish, whiney brat.

  • katy

    weekly recaps please!!! and why no more dexter recaps either???

    • HLB

      Agreed!!! Please EW Mag we need a weekly recap. Great show & charachters; wonderful acting. Seems likely that as soon as Julia & Joel complete the adoption, Julia will become pregnant (so there’s the predictable aspect again) but that will make love & joy abound for the Braverman clan.

  • Dahlia

    Lauren Graham really sold me this week. Her anguish was not over the top, but very heartfelt. Emmy worthy acting.

    • Erik

      HMM – idncsiriminately ordering round of beers late at night and having trouble the next day. Who do you take after?????

  • SusanS

    In defense of Haddie, she was planning to handle the college essay by herself. It was Kristina who insisted that she had to review it and then couldn’t follow through because she was so sleep-deprived. If Kristina hadn’t tried to control everything like she always does, the essay would have been completed a lot sooner.

    • Jill

      Yeah but at the same time, she is old enough to realize that her mom is exhausted, so maybe clean the house up, wash some clothes or do some dishes while Kristina rests up. Then once she wakes up, she has less stuff on her plate and can focus on Haddie’s essay.

      • HG

        Jill, have you met any 17 year olds? Yes, Hattie is responsible, but she is still a teenager who is mostly overlooked due to her brother’s autism. Now a new baby is in the house. It would be difficult for any child that age to “suck it up” and do some laundry.

      • Ally

        Actually is always seems like Haddie always wants her mom to leave her alone, everytime her mom tries to talk to her she is a complete b*tch. And no it is not difficult for a normal 17 year old to have some compassion for her mom and help her out with some chores.

  • Sue

    Oh, and I predicted that CeLo would come back as this was clearly NBC inspired cross promotion and they would not paint him as a bad person who fired the studio and stiffed them on payment, since he was playing himself and they want people to watch The Voice

  • Amy

    I thought las night’s episode was great! I love this show!

  • Valley Girl

    Yes, one would think the retired in-laws could have been helping Kristina out with a newborn. Hope Sarah does not screw things up with Jason Ritter’s character.

    Agree with you, Ken, about downbeat aspect. Then again, Thirty Something, Once and Again, and My So-Called Life weren’t full of lollipops and rainbows 24-7, and I enjoyed and appreciated them for it

  • Deb

    I love this show. The Seth storyline doesn’t bother me at all. If you have ever loved someone with an addiction, you know what Sarah is going through. She still loves him, and has to wonder what life would be like with him if he stays sober. Heartbreak is the likely outcome. I feel heartbreak coming on for Julia too. Letting her get the baby would be predictable. And by the way, you can be a hot shot attorney and still be distracted by other things. I think Erika plays the part well. As for Drew, of course he would be nervous before his first kiss. He’s not even old enough to drive yet. I can’t believe people think he’s not “manly” enough. Give me a break. I dislike Haddie’s character. She is an ungrateful whiny brat. She could ahve cleaned the living room and cooked dinner for mom rather than pouting. Seriously. My favorite part of this episode was Joel’s unexpected dressing down of Zeke. This is the first time I have actually liked his character.

  • Lu

    Maybe Kristina didn’t want Zeeke’s help…

  • helen

    Love. This. Show.

  • John

    I don’t think Cristina wanted grandparents’ help. You saw how she reacted when they were all going crazy over the baby once they got home. I can see how the Bravermans as well meaning as they are, could get overbearing. I usually hate shows like this but this one is great.

    • Xavier

      I agree. Also, Let’s not forget that Kristina has a tense relationship at best with Camille. We have seen this several times over the course of the show, but it really came out during the beginning of the Haddie-Alex storyline when Haddie ran away from home.

  • tori

    I really like the role reversal between Crosby and Adam. It was great to see Crosby getting to be the adult for a change. I also really liked the Cee Lo story line.

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