'Pan Am' premiere review: Lighter than air, but not bubble-headed?

David Caruso needs his trademark sunglasses to look up at the bright sky and glimpse CSI: MIami‘s new Sunday-night competition: the sleek airliners of Pan Am; it’s a new series that is, to use a word that would have been employed during the era in which the show is set, kicky — fun, with the promise of something more.

West Wing director and Pan Am executive producer Thomas Schlamme directed a dreamy vision of what it was like to be a stewardess circa the early 1960s, and his smooth visual storytelling did a lot to cover up clunky dialogue and corny plot twists such as a married passenger boarding a flight containing the gamine stewardess (a pert Karine Vanasse) he’s been having an affair with. Kate (Kelli Garner) is helping out the CIA with a little espionage, even as the Bay of Pigs mess is dragged in to lend some heavy seriousness to a series that really wants to be lighter than air.

The most engaging co-star is Christina Ricci, playing a rebellious stewardess with a working knowledge of Marxism (you can practically see her beatnik black turtleneck beneath her stew uniform; and Ricci’s wide dark eyes suggest evenings spent pounding bongos while reciting protest poetry). In general, Pan Am juggles romance, espionage, and comedy in subplots that will take a while to get sorted out. Right now, the show doesn’t seem to know exactly what it wants to be, and is experimenting with tone, and seeing what works and what doesn’t. That’s the kind of attitude that, if the tinkering is done right, could lead to an interesting series.

Pan Am — along with The Playboy Club, which has already landed with a resounding flop in the ratings — suggest the deep yet almost inexplicable envy that broadcast networks have of Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men. The period drama has a persistent allure for network programmers, despite the fact it hasn’t really worked for them, ratings-wise, in a long time (pace Swingtown, Homefront, American Dreams), and that if Pan Am were to only get Mad Men-sized ratings for ABC, it’d quickly do a death spiral into cancellation.

The show could certainly do without dialogue that tries to articulate what it wants us to believe about it — that back then, the career of stewardess led  to, as one of the horny pilots says without a trace of believability, “a new breed of woman… they just had an impulse to take flight.” Puh-leese. What Pan Am is selling is fantasy, or an envious reminder of what life used to be like up, up, and away — yes, kids, there really used to be roomy seats and attentive service. (But then again, you were wearing suits and ties or dresses to fly, not sweat pants and t-shirts with Starbucks stains on them.) I’m intrigued enough to watch again to see how the show shakes down, what proportion of romance vs. spy story it will settle upon. Are you?

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  • waya

    I turned it off after 20 minutes. Total snooze fest and all the girls looked alike. Couldn’t tell one from another. Nothing to bring me back.

    • chris

      You need glasses.

      • ally

        lol seriously

      • quan

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    • Leslie

      I agree thought it was so boring!…I know I am in the minority, but I liked the campy “The Playboy Club” much better!

      • Ian

        Leslie, you are so right! “Playboy Club” was better. On PanAm, I didn’t feel anything for any of the characters, and they all seemed so bland.

      • BuddyBoy

        Pan Am was boring, but loads better than Playboy Club. I plan to watch Pan Am to see if it gets better. Playboy Club isn’t getting that same chance with me.

      • Craig

        I agree too, I feel like I am living in Bizzaro World. where the fun frothy “Playboy Club” gets slammed by the critics, and the boring, Bland “Pan Am” gets praised!…I will take Playboy bunnies, The Mob, murder, and Tina Turner look a likes any day over polite dated suds!

      • LOL

        America loves crap!

      • Anonymous

        The Pan am pilot was 1000X better than playboy club.

      • NoChance

        Other way around for me. I turned off the TV during ‘The Playboy Club’ but really liked ‘Pan Am’. I’ll be back next Sunday.
        It was just fun and sometimes that’s all I need in my TV shows. Something that entertains and doesn’t have to be edgy.

      • Ramubay

        Well if you’re a minority then you probably hated it because there were no minorities in it. Maybe next week they’ll introduce the ground crew.

      • Ramubay

        Hate to point this out but smarter people will like PAN AM, dumber people will like PLAYBOY CLUB. That’s kind of snotty to say, and I’m not even claiming to be one of the smarter people, but its true. Smarter people appreciate the subtleties. Its true with literature, fine wine, music, film and TV. That’s why it received better reviews.

      • Adrian

        Playboy Club was much better. Hope it sticks arourn.

    • Molly

      Are you kidding? A redhead, a blonde, a brunette, and Christina Ricci’s kewpie doll face all look alike? Dude, what show were you watching?

      • Rob Grizzly

        I get what waya means. Aside from hair color, the girls all felt the same. Jumping around with all of them, and their flashbacks, didn’t help in telling one from another

      • Ramubay

        I guess you grew up watching Power Rangers where you needed every character to wear a different color. I don’t think you can blame the women for all wearing the same uniform, I think more of the blame goes to your parents and your teachers for raising an idiot. I multi-tasked on the computer, and looked up every now and then, and was still able to follow the various plots and different characters. It wasn’t difficult. This wasn’t War and Peace!

      • that

        Hey Ramubay why don’t take your stupid name and shove it up your racists AZZ!!! BOO-YA!!!

      • truly

        A redhead (fugly), a brunette (fugly), a blond (fugly) and Ricci (super fugly, do you get (they all look alike) now??.

    • Jay

      I also didn’t even make it halfway through the show… turned it off and went to bed.

      • Anna

        I have to agree with you. I lost it with the espionage. Yikes. Bad show.

      • Rhonda

        Anna, believe it or not, the espionage was not a far stretch…Pan Am was a major player in MANY of the International issues of the time. Bay of Pigs, the fall of Saigon and more…As a former PA Flight Attendant myself, I don’t think it is far fetched to think that the crew could have had a “hand” in issues from time to time. :)

    • J9

      the set-up for the show said that they were suppose to be similiar… you have to use your brain and learn about each one! Good luck with that challenge!

      • Rachel

        LOL how many will actually take that challenge? :P

      • Ramubay

        This was a show meant for a smarter audience than those who watch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

    • beebop

      I completely agree – I only lasted 15 minutes – what a BORING SNOOZEFEST. I don’t think David Caruzo has to worry about his sunglasses (at least not for this show!)

    • SJ

      Funny, there are a number of things to complain about if you have to, but not that the girls look alike! I was actually impressed they weren’t all cookie cutter. The french woman is not conventionally Hollywood and even Christina Ricci is quirky looking rather than model gorgeous.

      • whatevs

        Agreed! I was intrigued by the casting. Everyone’s tiny, of course, but the ladies (except maybe the bride) were beautiful in more unique ways than I’m used to seeing these days. Nice to see faces with character.

    • Ramubay

      It didn’t pick up until after the first 20 minutes, then it went like gangbusters.

    • MaryJane

      Couldn’t tell the girls apart? Are you 90 or something?? “those darn kids all look alike” *shaking angry fist*

    • Sasha

      I loved Pan Am! I just loved the atmosphere of the show and the generally the look of it. I’m also very interested in the spy storyline and Christina Ricci. And let’s not forget that everyone thought Mad Men was boring when it first started. It didn’t get popular until it’s 3rd season.

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    • JayNYC

      LOL, I said the same thing – many of the girls looked alike. I stuck with it though, I think things picked up toward the end once they’d sort of established who everyone was. I’ll definitely give it a few more tries.

    • econruth

      I had some serious problems telling all the men apart. Did they all have blond hair and blue eyes? Captain and co-captain, affair guy, even the “Russian”. At least he had an accent. The women on the other hand definitely looked different to me.

    • Dream Out Loud

      they all look the same, huh? The Klan said the same thing about the Cosby kids.

  • D

    I thought the spy angle was ridiculous. I’d much rather focus on character-driven storylines. There were also a few lines that sounded like they could be spoken today–not in 1963. The writing wasn’t “period” enough. Having said all of this, however, I will tune in again, mostly because it’s harmless fun. I’ve ditched Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters got the ax, so this is something to watch after CBS’ The Good Wife. That’s about it.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Well said. I hope they ditch the spy stuff. It felt like it was in the way, and not done particularly well. I’d prefer the producers to blatantly copy Mad Men and follow the 60s and watch how these young women get transformed. That to me would make a more interesting show.

      • Ramubay

        Since it obvious from your comments that you lack knowledge of the 60’s perhaps you should watch the show as it is and learn something. The cold war and Bay of Pigs were very significant factors for Pan Am and commercial flight in general. Its like making a film about the 1940’s and not including WW2.

      • Curtis

        Ramubay: Except in WWII, there wasn’t the same group of people invovled in all major battles. Yes, Pan Am was involved, just not the same group of meddling kids.

    • Chloe

      That “spy angle” is true. The series is based on TRUE recollections of women who actually were Pan Am stewardesses in the 60’s.

      BTW for those who can’t see beyond their noses: Mad Men and Pan Am are TWO different shows; yes, takes place at the same time but two totally different genres. As Man Men progresses into the 60’s, things change towards the end of the 60’s (I know this for fact since I worked in advertising in the late 60’s). Not until the 70’s does the airline industry change as does the role of a “stewardess”.

      • bamiller

        Absolutely Chloe, Nancy Holt Ganis, a former Pan Amer did us pretty proud last night on PAM AM’s premiere! Travel in the sixties was top drawer, when men usually wore jackets and ties, and woman wore pretty dresses. The cockpit is dead on B707, even including those cheesey blue balloons in our first class lounge! Flying was different then, there were manners, respect for the profession. Things changed in the late 70’s, with ACLU and EEOC. But the stories ring true, just ask any Pan Am stewardess or pilot…the plots were based on actual facts. She did her homework! Kudo’s Nancy!

    • Anna

      D, how can you say that the writing wasn’t true to the time if you didn’t know that stewardesses actually worked as spies? Most of the plots that will be used on the show are based on real life stories from stewardesses.

    • Suzny

      Pan Am did assist with espionage during the Cold War. A flight attendant would be an excellent foil. Remember, women were required to be college graduates and at least bi-lingual, in addition to being lovely to look at.

    • D

      Oh, I know the spy stuff was based on true tales. I’m just saying that I’m not sure I needed that in THIS show. It might turn out to be a good plot device. I’m just not sure.

  • Diana Fontaine

    Such an opportunity lost. The producers had a chance to incorporate the wonderful music of that time (Come Fly With Me/Around the World/Mack the Knife) into this look back at flying in its heyday and decided to push that to the background. Meanwhile, no captain I’ve ever flown with on an international flight is that young (I’m a an international flight attendant now). It takes years to reach that status and captains have developed gray hair by that time. I’m disappointed that you have squandered this opportunity to showcase the exciting world of flight.

    • Chris

      I totally agree with you… I grew up in a Pan Am family (Dad was with them for 44+ years) and I was flying internationally at age 5. not one was the pilot EVER younger than him that I remember until much later in his career. and he was 41 when I was born.

      • Tim

        Of course you’re right about the pilots all being older, but come on, this is TV. They’re not going to ccast old geezer-types in the roles. They want attractive, youngsters to provide material for romantic subtexts. If you want realism, watch a documentary.

      • phil

        come on now, if you place a show in a time period then you must follow through and get it right as Mad Men painstakingly does. I took my first plane ride in the late sixties and there was so much smoking on there it was foggy! and the stewardesses? either miserably serious or bimbos, remember the popular book back then “coffee tea or me?”

    • Chloe

      I agree on the pilot angle. Most were former military pilots who flew during, yes WWII and the Korean War. The airlines ON LY hired those with military experience. In the 80’s you had pilots that flew in the VIetname war. As time went on, the pilots got younger because we had no wars (not until the last 10 years) to hire pilots with that mlitary experience. For years I would always check out the pilots when I boarded a flight to make sure they had gray hair!! All those with gray hair today are retired!!!

    • Eric P

      I agree the pilot looked like he was 15, but on the other hand it’s TV not a documentary. It’s like when you watch CSI and the murder is solved in 2 days completely unrealistic.

    • Ellen

      Diane, I don’t understand your comment about the music. I thought the music was used in the right places, but unless they all go to a concert, I can’t see how they can bring it forward any more than they did. If I remember correctly, someone was playing music on a record player, too. This premiere was packed full as we learned a bit about the main characters’ background. I don’t see how they could have fit any more music into this episode. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more of it as the season goes on.

      I enjoyed the premiere very much, although I completely agree about the young pilots.

    • Badger31201

      as to the music… (1) turning a show into musical nostalgia has been done LOTS (China Beach, Wonder Years, Quantum Leap), but (2) is damned expensive– especially when you consider they have an eye toward DVD release and syndication. Everybody knows the music. If you like it that much, press “play” on your iPod playlist while the show is on. Geez.

    • SJ

      I wondered about the pilot’s ages, too! They seemed so young. On Mad Men in makes sense in advertising as junior executives, etc. It seemed to me too the pilots on Pan Am were too young. It would’ve been better to have a storyline about a young guy trying to make captain to oust a veteran. But you know, no one pays me to write TV shows, I just blog about them for free.

  • Flip

    There was hardly *any* Christina Ricci in this episode! That was the only thing I found disappointing. I love the espionage angle! It’s the 60s, you gotta keep it interesting somehow.

    • Rachel

      Totally agree!

  • Garry

    I was hooked in the first five minutes–due mainly, of course, to the atmosphere and exciting visuals of the re-created Pan Am terminal of 1963. The show’s nostalgia for a time when flying was an exciting, classy way to travel is well-deserved. And Pan Am was THE airline to use. There were a lot of plots to keep straight (some were more intriguing than others), and it’s a challenge to learn who all of the characters are in just one hour, but I’ll be back every week for as long as the series is on.

    • Kat

      I was totally hooked as well. Yes there were a lot of plots, but I appreciated that they gave some backstory to the women before they introduced those plots. That was the exact issue I had with Playboy Club, I was completely confused by the end and couldn’t keep everyone/their husbands/people at the club straight. With Pan Am, I knew who each character was and I thought that they teased the story lines well and I was glad that they connected (again, Playboy Club seems to have 5 very different story lines with small pieces that overlap, but those overlapping pieces are ultimately unimportant). I thought the espionage thing was fun (I’m also a big fan of that kind of stuff) and I will definitely be tuning in next week.

    • Chris

      I don’t think they did enough research on what flying was back then… especially on Pan Am. it also would have been better to have “Kate” already a spy and not give the back story or make it sooo obvious in the first 2 minutes… and there in lies the problem with network TV these days… watered down simplistic concepts slicked over with pretty faces and smooth camera work.

      • BuddyBoy

        No, the problem with this show and Playboy Club is that the networks think that we want to see the classy 60s world of MadMen. What they don’t understand is that we want to see good storytelling and compelling characters. Playboy Club totally misses the mark. Who knows, maybe Pan Am will figure it out.

      • Chloe

        The classy world of the 60’s!!!!! That’s funny! Since I came of age in the 60’s, don’t remember anything classy about it!! Women were repressed, couldn’t follow the careers they wanted. Not until the mid-60’s, did things start to change. Things changed drastically during the Vietnam war years for just about everything – music, fashion, women were no longer relegated to be “stewardesses”, nurses or school teachers. The world opened up for them.

      • Hannah

        Actually on of the producers was a pan am stewardess, so I’m pretty sure they did the research.

      • Badger31201

        they did tons of research. My hubby is a commerical aviation nut… he was salivating the whole way through. From the planes, to the menus and serviettes. And don’t think that whoever remains to make a penny off the PanAm name and logo haven’t been all over this with their legal and PR team.

    • Bill

      I’m with you! – I too will be back again next week for the next episode!

    • kate middleton

      I loved it! Gorgeously shot, loved the music too. I thought they did a good job of balancing character introduction and not making the spy thing so central quite yet (unlike Playboy which began with the murder). Will be interesting to see how it’s handled going forward. But I will definitely be watching again!

  • Jno

    I liked the playboy club better than Pan Am. At the very least you had eye candy with the Playboy Club. Pan Am just bored me. When’s Mad Men coming back :(

  • Asdf

    I didn’t think that Ricci was anything special. Margot Robbie on the otherhand is awesome. I really hope the writers showcase her. Not only is she gorgeous, and Australian, but she is a very talented actress.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Which one is she? I couldn’t tell the two sisters apart. I had no problem with Christina Ricci and Karine Vanasse, since Vanasse is from Montreal and I’ve seen her in a ton of Quebec and Canadian movies.

      • Sara

        The younger sister, who looks like Jaime Pressley.

      • Chrissy

        So funny, I thought she looked like Jaime Presley too. Even sounded like her.

  • chris

    I liked it. I was a little confused with the CIA storyline. All of the characters were likeable.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed it especially seeing the ladies dressed in feminine styles. It was an age when the best of both sexes were highlighted for their distinct differences. Would be nice to see that come alive again in the US.

    • Flip

      Go back to your tea party, hun.

      • YeahNo

        Butthurt neomarxist detected.

      • Ellen

        Geez, Flip, that’s a knee-jerk assumption, isn’t it? I agree with “Anonymous,” and I loathe the tea party, “hun.” Everywhere we go today, people look like slobs or hookers, and I count myself among the “slobs,” unfortunately. It was nice to see people dressed neatly, and not a sign of sweatpants or oversized untucked shirts barely covering massive beer bellies, or flip-flops. It’s an opinion, Flip. What is your opinion, anyway? Do you have one, or do you only have childish snarks at other posters in your repertoire?

    • Chris

      watch Mad Men instead to get a better picture of those times… this show will water it down so as not to offend anyone. Whether it was ‘sexist’ or not doesn’t matter. The time period was the time period, heck even the new book from Jackie Kennedy’s own recordings showed that she got her opinions from her husband! And she was a smart, articulate and eventually independent woman.

    • Ann Nonny Moss

      I agree. It would be nice if we did return to some sense of civility and elegance instead of having some Jerry Springer mentality. I love the part when the wife oh so nicely says for the French stewardess to keep the picture the little boy drew to remind her “not to sleep with other women’s husbands.” LOL. I enjoyed the show and will be watching again next week.

      • Pip

        I see your point but I thought it was kind of stupid. Granted, I wasn’t really paying attention the entire time so maybe I missed something. But I don’t see how in the world the wife would know it was that girl in particular. Again, I wasn’t paying attention. But I also kind of laughed at the whole idea that you had to tell other women to stay away from your husband versus telling your husband to keep it in his pants.

      • NoChance

        There’s absolutely nothing to stop you from “dressing to the 9’s” when you fly. Just because everyone else flies casually doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.

        I wanted to tell the “wife” to tell her husband to wear a wedding ring to “advertise” that he was a married man.

    • Jan

      All of the fashions, none of the attitudes. That would be the way to go. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • Ava

      Yes the best of both sexes. Women were second class citizens in their own homes. I don’t know what women these days are thinking. Independence? Who needs it? Yuck! Best to just let a man smack you around a bit and tell you what to think.

      • disappointed

        You’re painting it with such a broad brush. That wasn’t true for everyone. I think real feminism is women making their own choices whether it’s being a housewife or working outside the home.

  • ally

    i didnt think i’d like but i really did, i was so happy to see mike vogel! im really interested in bridget’s storyline. ill def keep watching

  • Mike

    Entertaining enough for a 2nd episode … but hasn’t grabbed me like a couple of other shows did this past week. Know what I was really bothered by? I kept wondering how Christina Ricci’s hair went from shaggy and long to short with a tiny flip during what was supposed to be a short cab / helicopter ride.

    • feminista

      Yeah, me too. Bad editing?

      • klowb

        If you take a second look, there was hair sticking out of her bag in the cab scene–not sure which style was the wig, but that would explain the striking difference.

      • nancy

        i wondered the same thing about her hair. thought that was pretty “off”. if it was a wig, they should have made a reference i.e. pulling off her wig as she goes from free spirit to prim and proper pan am stewardess.

    • Rosey

      actually many gals wore wigs back then. It could have been that (which was what I thought). Perhaps I am showing my age…

      • Dessa

        They wore wigs and “falls” — where you’d clip in more/longer hair. I also remember my mom’s wigs & wig boxes. Crazy bouffants and bobs. She’d sit around all night back-combing her wig to get the height.

      • Mandy

        Or if you didn’t have wigs – a lot of Aqua Net hair spray!!!

    • NoChance

      Exactly, Dessa,
      Probably a fall – they were very popular in the 1960s and early part of the 1970s. My sister and I both had one,

      • Mandy

        Sorry, ladies – falls did not come in until later in the 60’s, after the “British Invasion”. Early 60’s, as this show and “Mad Men” are taking place, ladies “backcombed” their hair into the flips you saw, curled their hair with plastic curlers and slept on those curlers (TERRIBLE!!!) overnight and then teased the crap out of their hair in the morning and used that Aqua Net hair spray!! , many “stews” at the time put their hair into “french twists” so they could wear those hats and STILL have their hair above their collar (a MUST – no long hair). The hair styles in the show were pretty authentic but for that one thing – your hair was never flying around in the wind!!!!

  • abby

    Not a bad show. Kinda hard to hear some of the dialogue though.

  • Precious

    Loved it, I didn’t lose any brain cells. Tuning in every week!

    • Rachel

      Same here!

  • smiles

    i loved it. not too.. much C. Ricci…which was great (thanks for letting newcombers get some light). I loved the music and pace..story line was great (come on guys…..it’s 42 minutes!!!). I’m not much of a mad men watcher (too boring and slow) but this got me in the first 10 minutes. Can’t wait til next episode.

    • Jan

      Yeah…Mad…Men is not…really…for…over-users…of ellipses… or.. random… double..periods…

      • tinkles

        oh shut up, you with your mad men support. go support it on another page…

  • Justin

    Pleasantly surprised. I kind of loved it, even against my better judgment I suppose. The main thing that stood out to me was the production value. I mean yowza, the show is just stunning to watch. Great feel and great vibe. It doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, but honestly, the espionage plot wasn’t nearly as distracting or as awful as I thought it would be. It all actually seemed to blend sort of well. Definitely a nice surprise. I can see myself watching this and thoroughly enjoying it for a while. I’m anxious for the ratings.

    • Chris

      Production value includes quality casting and no pilot that young would EVER be flying a maiden voyage especially internationally… not to mention I never ever saw planes decorated with a hot air balloon wallpaper and flew internationally (on Pan Am) before I was five… my dad was a 44+ year employee

      • Jamie

        Did it ever occur to you that these were narrative choices and not mistakes? These 60s nostalgia shows are quite obviously not entirely accurate depictions of the era. It’s not a lack of quality to choose a young pilot, it’s just the fiction half of “historical fiction” making its presence known.

      • Jan

        You may have been spoiled by the extremely authentic Mad Men.

      • Justin

        I thought the casting was great. The rest of your point is irrelevant.

      • disappointed

        They wanted hot young pilots for the girls to get involved with.

      • tinkles

        shut up chris. you keep talking about your dad and all, we know already about your father. but this is television, get over yourself….

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