'Charlie's Angels' premiere review: How silly was THAT?

The new version of Charlie’s Angels worked, if you were attuned to its wavelength, as a goof, a spoof, a silly hour of escapism even less believable than Vampire Diaries. If you were looking for something witty or sly, I think you were out of luck.

Brought to you by the guys who gave you Smallville — writers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar — Charlie’s Angels took much more from the Angels movies (co-produced by Drew Barrymore, who also had a production hand in this TV remake) than it did from the 1970s TV series that enshrined Farrah Fawcett as a star. Minka Kelly, Rachel Taylor, and Annie Ilonzeh have obviously taken their Hollywood-requisite Krav Maga lessons, letting loose with lots of elbow strikes and side-kicks in the fight scenes. And yet they also managed to curl around the speaker-phone like kittens, purring assent to the voice of Charlie. (Wait: a speaker phone? Is this the financially generous Charlie’s one concession to economy?)

The Thursday-night series introduced a Bosley played by Ramon Rodriguez who had, as Kelly’s Eve put it, “mad hacking skills” — actually, it was more like mad iPad skills, as he sent each Angel new intel as they all held their devices while standing mere inches apart.

I’d opt for the old, “let’s not over-analyze this, it’s just a show to watch pretty people for” interpretation, but the dialogue kept getting in the way of even simple ogling. “Abby put the cat in ‘cat burglar'”? “We’re angels, not saints”? Sheesh…

Unless I’ve been misreading the EW.com audience, I can’t imagine many of you are going to forsake Community or The Big Bang Theory or Vampire Diaries or even The X Factor to continue watching Charlie’s Angels, are you? I’ll certainly check out Angels‘ next few weeks out of professional duty and report back if anything better happens, but in the meantime, what were your impressions?

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  • Lem

    I gave it until the first commercial and turned to X-Factor.

    I thought there might have been some potential after the *SPOILER* explosion/death of that one Angel…but the dialogue after that was unbearable.

    I’ll still check it out, I’ll give it another week.

    • Chocobox

      Not interested.

      • Red

        I loved the original so I watched it. It WAS fast-paced, maybe too fast-paced because it was hard to care about the heroines, the villains, etc.

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      • quan

        Looked horrible. I didn’t like the blond one on Grey’s Anatomy when she was on. I love The Big Bang Theory and I DVR’d X-Factor which I later watched…it was so-so.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via
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      • Hamlinator

        Definitely didn’t watch it, but after this review I might have to… I used to watch Knight Rider as it was the absolute funniest comedy on TV. Not that they meant it that way. Sound like this is another botched remake that could also be funnier, however unintentionally, than most sitcoms today.

    • Tajah

      Loved the explosion, thought it had promise. Gave it 30 mins and couldnt stand it any more. Minka deserves SO MUCH BETTER! It looked good, but the dialogue was terribad.

      • ajax9191

        It was really bad. It made Hawaii 5-0 look like The Killing

      • VanderV

        Please Hawaii 5-O is above and beyond The Killing. One of the worst script on TV, mercifully most of the cast can actually act.

      • Aiden

        Minka Kelly does deserve better. At least she has a fallback with Jason Katim’s Parenthood, maybe, if this doesn’t work out?

      • Leann

        Sure, Minka deserves better – OUTSIDE the acting world! She’s a terrible actress. Live with it.

    • Amy

      next week, you should give Community on NBC a try..just a suggestion

      • Tajah

        Community = art. I had the unfortunate experience to DVR Charlie’s Angels. Never again.

      • Miss

        Word! Community was great as was Parks and Rec. More people should be watching!

    • Rupert

      Was hoping for Alias-type action and instead got Adam West Batman – type action. So disappointing!

    • nikkido


    • Eric P

      Minka Kelly, while super hot, was the worst acting-wise of the four leads. Hopefully they will iron out the stupid dialogue issues but i’ll stick with it as stupid as it was it is not stupider than reality tv or singing competitions.

      • Marsha

        I would love to understand what great acting skills Minka kelly has why she deserves better when I thought that sghe was the weakest link in the show besides the cheesy dialogue and the stupid plot. I have seen Minka in other roles too and besides looking pretty, she has very little acting skills.

      • Meh

        Why choose the less stupid of two options? Just turn off the tv if there isn’t anything good on!

      • Eric P

        Because i wanted to watch it and i did enjoy it even if it was cheesy.

    • richrxzz

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      ——Eli, back in the 80′s people had a lot more substance & by the way the original series was in the 70′s& I think it’s the reverse today people think that an attractive cast, high tech annoying gadgets, & bad background music can make a show hip, it’s pathetic the whole show like your unoriginal “not so much” line are cliche. .-

      • Poorxzzz

        Stop your idiotic comments about your friend getting married to a rich guy. Nobody gives a fuck about your friend getting married to a rich guy or u being happy or sad about it….this blog is about the Show u pin head!

    • Mike

      I thought the SAME THING – explosion (okay, interesting) followed by hollow, trite, lame dialogue that barely reached the level of live action Saturday morning shows for kids. Watched until the half hour mark, fast forwarded until the end. Over. Done.

  • IMM

    Didn’t watch it–don’t plan to.

    • VanderV

      Good, dont Ever. It was (how can i put this politely) 5hit!
      I cant believe I wasted precious DVR space for the damn thing.

  • Katie

    The previews looked awful. No way was I going to watch that. Netflix has rescued me from bad TV. Still pissed at them though.

  • JT

    Don’t usually agree with critics but that was horrible

    • Tom

      It is about time you guys came around to seeing things our way.

  • Mike

    Fun. Light. Filled with pretty people. It was ok.

    • Eli

      I’m sorry, but we’re not in the 80s anymore. Back then pretty people were enough to keep ppl interested. Nowadays, not so much.

      • Voodoo


      • maria pedernera

        Eli, back in the 80’s people had a lot more substance & by the way the original series was in the 70’s& I think it’s the reverse today people think that an attractive cast, high tech annoying gadgets, & bad background music can make a show hip, it’s pathetic the whole show like your unoriginal “not so much” line are cliche. .

    • Tee

      Light? Trafficking of teenage girls and killing off one of Charlie’s Angels in the first 20 minutes? Fun? Tediously hoping against hope to find some reason to care more about these girls than they apparently did about their partner? (Despite their wan, trite comments upon witnessing her death “I never thought I could hurt so much”/”She was like family” I didn’t buy a moment of their grief, and a moment was all they gave us. Guess they ditched her funeral, huh? Yes, dark and heavy stuff for a pilot, funerals, but they’re the ones who wrote an Angel’s death.)

      Farrah Fawcett wasn’t “pretty”, she was breathtakingly gorgeous and sexier than anything you ever saw on TV in 1976. Kate Jackson, nominated for two Emmys for that show, was the gravity that held all that fluff together. David Doyle (another Emmy nom for that show) had great comedic timing as well as some gravitas when called for. You believed Farrah, Kate & Jaclyn liked each other, trusted each other, and could physically and emotionally do what their scenes called upon them to do. (And when they couldn’t, that was part of the plot, they got in a jam, they broke down.) People keep believing reviews that dismissed the original as badly written, jiggle TV, just three pretty girls, disembodied voice, that’s about it. No. Farrah Fawcett was the luscious heaven and Kate Jackson was the steely earth of that show, and David Doyle was the avuncular comic relief, and no reboot that fails to capture those three elements will ever really succeed. Witness seasons 4 and 5 of the original, following Jackson’s departure.

      This version won’t make it past EPISODES 4 and 5, not unless it has some angel with a pay-or-play contract or the network’s other series are failing left and right.

      • TSC

        I so agree with your review!

      • Aymen

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  • LOL

    America loves recycled crap.

    • ks

      Not this American

    • Liz

      If it’s done right YEAH!

      • Emma

        >Olá o tabralho quem vem sendo executado nesse site tem sido ótimo, porém minha pergunta é referente ao restante das temporadas de Smallville, porque não consta as outras temporadas?Abraço

    • Ignacio

      Watch the first episode, not impress. I’ll stick on watching the originals on DVD..

    • Auntie

      No we don’t. Network exec and lazy writers just think we do.

    • Ma’at

      Which is why we gripe about it and this shit gets cancelled and doesn’t make money.

      We aren’t the ones making, or even watching, this crap. It’s a handful of morons at the studio. Not our fault.

      So. Where’re you from? Let’s see what crap shows up on your television.

  • Dave

    The previews looked awful. There’s no way I’d give up Community and Parks and Rec for this. And I wouldn’t waste space on my DVR for it either. There are plenty of other shows on TV filled with pretty people that are actually decent shows.

  • slim

    So, so bad. I enjoyed the movies… pretty people and escapism but also with genuine humor and silliness. We didn’t make it to the second commercial break. And I was looking forward to a fun new show!

    • Flip

      Does the new show take place in the same universe as the movies? I want Drew to cameo as Dylan!

  • angela

    The show has potential. I can see it improving. Overall it was okay.

    • Bobby H.

      I was horrified at first, the dialogue was cheesy & bad, but I did see a few glimmers of hope. Too bad Robert Wagner isn’t voicing Charlie, this clown was so robotic. I’ll keep watching because I’ve always been a huge Angels fan, but the dialogue nees to improve. Plus, all of the technology references – yeah, we get it, it’s the 21st century and you’re checking out the bad guy’s twitter feed. Ugh.

      • Bobby H.

        *needs* to improve :)

      • Matt

        Who WAS the voice of Charlie, anyway? My friends and I were struggling to figure it out and I don’t think it said in the credits (at least we didn’t see it)….

      • Jenn

        It was Victor Garbor. Of Titanic and Alias fame.

  • sv

    DVR’d it, began watching after The X Factor – man, this is just silly. I mean, honestly, I can’t imagine this show lasting very long.

  • Kat


  • Cocoachica

    The acting and the script were both pretty horrible. I was hoping it would be more on par with Alias.

  • kim

    Please, please, please let the show stay on air until the Erica Durance episode. Then it can fall off a cliff for all I care.

    • Jo

      I’ll only be watching for Erica Durance, but I’m not hopeful that the show will last long enough for her episode to air. The reaction to the premiere seems pretty dire!

      And besides, what the hell were you thinking, Erica D, working for Gough and Millar again??!! They treated you and your character Lois Lane like sh*t in order to pimp their clear favorite Kristin Kreuk and Lana Lang. You’re much more forgiving than I ever would be.

      • aaron

        Do you understand how TV works? I mean this in every possible way it can be interpreted.

      • Jo

        Damn skippy I do! I need the people with Nielsen boxes to keep clicking their gadget while watching Charlie’s Angels long enough for Miss Durance’s episode to air. I’m Nielsen-boxless, so my viewership is kind of redundant.

        Also, Erica Durance is probably doing this show for ABC rather than her former lousy bosses, so that her new show Saving Hope might get picked up by the network. Still galling that it’s Gough and Millar she’s working for again, though. The awesome Erica Durance is obviously less petty (or more shrewd) than me!

    • Ida

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  • lisa

    I decided not to watch it when I found out that the new angels were bad girls instead of ‘once upon a time there were 3 girls who went to the police academy.’ It changes the whole spirit of the show – sounds more like a remake of she spies.

    • gingersmom

      Thank you, I could not remember the name of that show. She Spies, that’s the one with Pamela Anderson and Holly Culver, that came on at midnight or later, isn’t it? I was watching college football this weekend on ABC and probably heard “we’re angels not saints” a thousand times. Between that and pushing Dancing With The Stars all day and night there was no way I was even going to consider it.

      • Eric P

        Pamelas show was VIP

      • Marsha

        “We’re angels, not saints”, the minute we heard that should have been warning enough that we shouldn’t venture forth, but still I ignored the fact that the show is rife with cheesy one-liners and stuck with it for the entire episode. Gosh, horrible, horrible in every degree.

    • dmj

      She Spies was better than the product they put out last night. It was really bad. I watched 20 mins. and couldn’t take it anymore. I won’t be wasting time with this “crap” again.

  • Jen

    Looked horrible. I didn’t like the blond one on Grey’s Anatomy when she was on. I love The Big Bang Theory and I DVR’d X-Factor which I later watched…it was so-so.

    • LP in FL

      My sentiments exactly. There is something about the blond that I just dont like. It was confirmed for me at the Emmy’s.

    • Karen

      I felt the same way about the blonde from Grey’s. I’m glad she’s not on it anymore.

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