Ashton Kutcher joined 'Two and a Half Men' as Charlie Sheen was roasted into ashes: A review

An absent Charlie Sheen stole the ninth-season premiere of Two and a Half Men from Ashton Kutcher without showing up. Read the full post.

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  • DutchMom

    It was nice to see the transition. Lorre’s loathing for Charlie was evident…a little too evident. Lorre’s vanity card with the 3 tin cans was the final f*** you to Charlie.

    • DutchMom

      Friend asked about the can symbolism. Based on Charlie’s rant about Lorre of: “I’ve spent I think close to the last decade, I don’t know effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold.”

      • Ex fan

        Well Charlie was correct, if this is anything to go by, Lorre face it your nothing without Charlie

      • Jason

        well Lorre does have two other hit shows on the air including one with the emmy winners for Best Actress and Best Actor. So I think he will be fine.

      • @exfan

        True, if Lorre loses mental midgets like you, he will lose most of his audience. “YOU’RE”.

  • tg

    I just don’t get the popularity of this show. It is so juvenile and truly not funny. Maybe if you’re 12 it’s funny?? And you don’t like to anything challenging or smart??

    • Cloudy Knight

      It was funny for a few years but the last several were just the same old tired jokes recycled.

    • pam

      Wow! I must be crazy but It looks like everyone has a negative opinion immediately. I loved it. Yes, I love Charlie and I miss him but I think these guys did a hell of a great job on this first epiisode. Why so negative everyone? Doesn’t anyone care about all the other great characters that also made this show so excellent! Gee it wasn’t just Charlie. Jon is prettly kickass too. Give these guys a chance! Looks like most of you all went into this wishing it would fail. That is very sad.

      • Alan Carver

        @pam, I thought the same thing … having to fill in for a departed actor is a tough gig, but Kutcher did a great job and should be applauded for his efforts. At the end of the day Kutcher should be commended for taking on this role … he did a great job! Great job Ashton Kutcher!

      • Zeba

        I agree, the best actors on the show are still there. I’m not an Ashton fan, but I am willing to give him a chance. At least he’s willing to put in the work instead of ‘just showing up’ and showing up drunk at that. I loved the cameos, especially Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson.

      • D

        i know what u mean pam,i honestly didn’t think the episode was that bad.they still have the favorites like berta,evelyn,& alan so im still willing to tune in.these charlie sheen fans are really sad wishing so hard that the show would fail.the way i see it,u can’t be mad at ashton kutcher or anybody from two and a half men.when it comes down to it,charlie was the one that f’ed up & lost his spot on the show.

      • footballmom

        I enjoyed also :) Ashton was fun, and I loved the Dharma and Greg cameo!

  • steve

    it was ok untill ashton showed up went downhill after that i wouldnt be surprised if CBS end up pulling it before seasons end.

    But if isnt pulled before seasons end id be amazed if goes beyond this season.

    • maggie


    • Joseph

      I agree. When Ashton showed up, the show turned flat. It was great seeing Dharma and Greg again (though did they have to be so antagnostic toward each other?). I thought Charlie’s funeral was quite funny. But Ashton was just Kelso with long hair and a beard (Can’t afford a shave and a haircut Ashton? Count me out of the rest of this show.

      • jev1_2000

        When Ashton was on Ellen last week, he said he had to keep his hair and facial hair cut like that, per the exec’s at CBS. So it is not his choice.

  • Janice

    I LOVED it!!! Haven’t watched it in years, because it had become a one trick pony, Charlie gets drunk, Charlie beds an array of women, and Alan feels worthless. I liked this because it was nice to see Jon Cryer taking more of a central role. I laughed the whole time. Maybe my sense of humor is different than the majority, but I definitely will be watching this season. They have won back a viewer. (Oh whats with all the talk of the nudity, I guess it’s alright to parade half naked women around. Boy this country so has double standards)

    • Me

      The issue is not that I was offended by the nudity. The issue is that the nudity was a cheap gimmick. The Office uses it all the time now…because they don’t have quality writing anymore.

  • david

    I was pleasantly suprised, it’s a completely different show now, but it’s not bad. it has a different kind of charm, i can’t wait to see ashtone’s character grow with the show and what he becomes.

  • Kerry


  • Judy

    Was not a fan of 2 1/2 Men, until now. The only reason I tuned in was to see ASHTON!!!! He’s so delicious and I will keep watching!!!!!! New fan base, ya think??? Hello!!!!

  • kris

    wow so much hate for this show. I thought it was terrific, this show will shine, chuck lorre is a brilliant guy.

  • Robert

    It just isn’t the same with out Sheen, I’m tuning out, don’t like Kutchner, never did. Too bad, I never missed an episode, plus all the reruns, adios my sicom

  • alec

    Totally sucked.

  • Cassandra

    I LOVE YOU, ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep watching just to see you!!!!!

    • Lois

      Nice to see you supporting your hubby’s job, Demi.

  • Betty

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  • Daniel

    I thought it was good, I can relate to Kutcher because he’s young and not some old a$$ trying to be young, but we wanna see naked chicks next episode. It’s a dude show.

  • Huizenga

    It was awful. It will not make it.

  • jessica

    I cracked up when Thomas Gibson poked his head around that corner. He’s played Aaron Hotchner for so long I forgot he use to do comedy too.

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