Ashton Kutcher joined 'Two and a Half Men' as Charlie Sheen was roasted into ashes: A review

An absent Charlie Sheen stole the ninth-season premiere of Two and a Half Men from Ashton Kutcher without showing up. Much of the half hour was taken up with Charlie Harper jokes. He’d died in France, hit by a train; the early line “his body exploded like a balloon full of meat,” crafted by four writers including Chuck Lorre, made sure there was scant sentimentality over Charlie’s departure — Harper or Sheen.  Kutcher made his entrance as the setup to an old sitcom standby, the someone-spilling-cremated-ashes joke. The spilling was done by Jon Cryer’s Alan, surprised at seeing a soaking-wet Walden Schmidt (Kutcher) appearing at the Malibu house window.

Kutcher’s performance was good, nearly as poker-faced fine as Sheen’s was. (Beware of the impending revisionism that Kutcher is superior to Sheen as a comic actor — Sheen really had a knack for this gig, and was a generous reactor to Cryer. Kutcher will probably prove just as skilled.) As you may have heard, Kutcher’s character is a bereft billionaire; what you may not have heard is that Walden is “hung like an elephant,” something he proved a number of times by supposedly walking around naked. (Camera angles and pixelation, as well as shrieks from the studio audience, were meant to imply that Kutcher was really nekkid, but I somehow doubt it, don’t you?)

What may have gotten lost in the media shuffle that Two and a Half Men has occupied in pop culture over the past year or so is that this is quite a crappy little show. Given the urgency and wildness that Sheen’s departure bestowed upon it, the show lacked these energizing qualities on Monday night. Cryer is such a canny actor that he sold the brief moment when Alan addressed Charlie’s urn with a degree of earnestness rare for the show, but of course was also enough of a pro to then deliver the immediate, curdling punchlines that decimated the “tender” moment.

The first half of the episode was devoted to cameos by some of Charlie’s former romantic dalliances (including Jenny McCarthy, Liz Vassey, and Jeri Ryan) and guest stars dropping by to see the beach house when it was briefly up for sale (John Stamos; Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson reprising their Dharma and Greg characters). In the grand low tradition of Men, there were fart jokes and punchlines about genital warts. The idea behind all this was to make sure we felt the door hitting Charlie Sheen’s backside as Chuck Lorre slammed the coffin down, hard. (Pun probably, I don’t know, intended.)

By the end of the evening, Walden had decided to buy the house, Angus T. Jones’ Jake had put in a few minutes of face time to justify the show’s title, and Alan had admitted, in a typically pathetic-Alan way, that he had “masturbated and cried myself to sleep” even as Walden had had sex with two women.

It’s easy to see how Kutcher is going to fit into the ensemble. He’s part-contrast-to-Charlie (he ordered ginger ale, not liquor, while out at a bar with Alan), and part-Charlie-2.0 (he beds women with ease, but in a nice, horny-puppy-dog kind of way).

Welcome to Charlie Sheen’s world, Ashton Kutcher. You’re living the dream.

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  • J

    not funny..

    • Ken

      TERRIBLE show. Awful. Sheen definitely polished a turd all those years.

      • Larinda

        LMAO @ Ken Tucker slobbering about Sheen being a good comic actor. The guy showed up on set drunk and lounged around like a tw@t all day…That’s not acting. That’s getting paid for being yourself.

      • Jamie

        I agree Lucinda. They wrote the character around Charlie Sheen pre-existing disordered personality. The only one here being a revisionist is Ken Tucker.

      • Linda

        Some of the worst writing for television I have ever seen. Seriously. I turned it to something else and without Charlie it seems empty.

      • KLH

        Actually same old same old. Fueled on sex, peeeeniss jokes and fart jokes. Though Ashton was a little nicer to look at. I’ve had my one episode this season.

      • KC

        THE BEGINNING OF THE END…..and Sheen is laughing all the way to the bank!

      • patruns

        Larinda you clearly have no clue. Even the producers acknowledged that Sheen was always on time and never drunk. If you don’t like the guy, that is fine. But there is no need to simply make things up about him. He lived the part. So what!

      • Kyran

        What do you mean terrible show?! Exploding dead people! Jokesabout elephant wang! What more could you ask for?! Now if you will excuse me, sponge bob is on…

      • quan

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        Dude it was awesome and really funny was cool to see Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson again You can tell the show is so much better now

    • Mookie

      Everybody, guess what? It’s Kelso with a billion dollars. I didn’t think that show could sink any lower. Oh, wait, there was that guest appearance of Dharma and Greg.

      • April

        They should have just cancelled this show. Used the budget for something new.

      • dirge

        The money this show brings in supplies the budget for countless other things.

      • Mandy

        Yeah, what was the deal with “Dharma & Gregg”?? Thomas Gibson is on “Criminal Minds” now and it would have been more appropos to keep THAT character instead of resurrecting a character that is long gone. HER character was more fitting because in the episodes she was in, she had very rich in-laws and it would have been perrfect for her to have come back and look to buy the house.,

      • Laurie

        The show sucked…..what a disappointment……what a disappointment

      • c jones

        to Mandy
        “Yeah, what was the deal with “Dharma & Gregg”??”

        the producer was the creator producer of that show as well. the actors were likely doing him a favor.

      • Keith

        The “deal” with the Dharma & Gregg cameo is that Dharma & Gregg is another Chuck Lorre show. The one he created just before 2 1/2 men.

        And I thought the cameo was the best part of the episode. Seeing that “odd couple” finally sick to death of each other. I loved it.

      • minister

        “The money this show brings in supplies the budget for countless other things.”

        If by “things” you mean “boring-ass police procedurals” and/or “chuck lorre’s gold and diamond chandeliers,” I agree.

      • Pam

        I agree that he is playing another version of Kelso.

      • dave

        How is he Kelso? He’s smart in this.

      • ella

        i really liked him as kelso but ur right he just plays that role in every other role

      • Gayle

        I agree it was awful. My first and last time watching it.


      The show has NEVER been funny! Sheen actually made it worse with his presence, so I welcome the change (even though I’m never watching the show again).

      • Janelle

        If you never liked Two and Half Men, why watch it? You must be 12

      • Lyn

        Watched out of curiosity though I’ve never been able to stick with this show for more than 2 minutes. Thought Ashton was fine. But Ken’s right: It’s always been a vulgar, crappy little show. Always astonished that some of the same people are responsible for the far superior “Big Bang Theory.”

      • K

        That is right. I watched out of curiosity. I can sit through crappy shows occasionally, but I definitely know that Charlie Sheen was my real problem with that show. It is not great tv, but at least I can stomach it better with Kutcher. I couldn’t watch Spin City with Sheen either so it definitely is not just this show.

      • dork

        Lyn – Seriously…..Big Bang Theory??? Sorry, but the world is not full of geeks as dumb as they are.

      • Steven

        @Janelle I have never seen the show, and I am 47. Accusing someone who has never watched the show is immature in itself… Kind of ironic, huh! Anyway, I watched the episode out of the same fascination I have watching politicians scramble after getting caught with a transsexual prostitute. I simply can’t wait to see how they will try to salvage something that is simply going to collapse. That being said, I am sure it will find an audience for the first year. Maybe one more. In this case Kutcher will always be Cheryl Ladd.

      • dont dis this

        dont talk smack about the show its awsome ok and btw kelso is sexy!!!!!!!!!!! As for kutcher hes funny if its the same dont watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mark

        I’ve watched and loved the show for years – but no more. It’s kind of like watching a “Pink Panther” movie — without Peter Sellers. No offence to Mr. Kutcher . . . . he’s just not funny.

      • Krissy

        What IS really funny is reading snarky comments on the internet where people try to talk other people out of what they enjoy. If the show isn’t funny….then you don’t need to tell people! If people DO find it funny, your comment isn’t going to change that.

    • Strepsi

      Or, to put it another way, “as funny as it ever was!”

    • DJ

      Great show! As usual the funny cast came through and made a character’s death a laughfest. Its going to be a great season!

      • fran

        i agree I loved it and its the first time I laughed out loud in all the time this show has been on…I hope it stays on and all the best to the cast…

      • Dawn

        I liked it aso. I don’t understand what was so great about Charlie Sheen. I actually think Jon Cryer is the better actor. I’ll keep watching. I’m interested to see how Kutcher does the rest of the season.

      • allobidallo

        I find it funny that in the days of The Golden Girls, whenever Sophia farted, you never heard the fart noise. But during this episode you heard Jake fart. Awesome!

      • liz

        I watched and enjoyed the show. Laughed out loud at times and thought that it was well done. Will watch full session. Congrats to writers and staff. Looks like the show is “WINNING.”

    • Faz

      Not a good show,

    • Silv

      This is a show based on poor taste, obnoxious sleaziness and crass body humor. It $ucked before. It still $ucks. It’s just $ucking with a different actor in the lead.

      • BobS

        Jeolous much? We should all be so lucky as to $$$$uck this badly!

      • jj

        first off, bobS, not everyone is money hungry. one can criticize something (especially a television show-sheesh!) without being jealous of it. many people find this show distasteful and/or boring. it’s an opinion- for some it’s an informed opinion and for others it’s a gut reaction. there are plenty of people that like the show as well (my dad is one of them). newsflash: we’re allowed to criticize tv shows. and just because something makes money does not make it funny, entertaining, classy, etc… financially successful? sure, but not everyone judges things by money signs.

    • Pedro

      Show was HORRENDOUS last night … transition was poor and predictable, and Kutcher… well, I don’t think I need to elaborate…

      • jesse


    • Greg

      The show was flat and not all that funny. After the funeral the rest of the show was based on based on pumping up the new character. One naked scene might have been funny, but to keep using it over and over just made me think that beyond taking stabs at Charlie Harper the writers were at a loss.

      Sheen or no Sheen what made the show funny and what is missed here was the relationships. It wasn’t just fart jokes, it was comedy based on the brothers and their relationship. Their relationship with their mother (who will have less lines now with Charlie gone), their relationship with Berta… and so on. All the chemistry that made the show funny is absent. Aston is not that funny to carry the show and Jon Cryer who is very funny seemed out of place taking the lead in the show.

      By the way, though Charlie Harper mounted anything with a pulse, when he was in a relationship or engaged he was always faithful, which in fact was the theme for several episodes, so the fact that he was having sex with someone 5 days after marrying Rose wasn’t true to the character they created on the show.

      End result….CBS will pull the show

    • Juliette

      The writers should make it so Charlie sheen never died. The accident really should be something Rose conjured up, and Charlie woke up to find he couldn’t remember anything but Rose! Down the line, re-introduce him when he remembers everything and get Ashton to tell the fans ‘YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED” What’s the old saying, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it? Charlie is NOT replaceable. Bring him back! He’s so darn funny on the show! We all need to laugh, and the original three and the cast should remain even if they keep Ashton, but bring back the MAN!!!!!!!!!

      • Spooky911

        Juli, juli, juli! I have read all the comments down to here and now I must stop! Your Wins! Pls call up Chuck and tell him we have found his replacement! Only you can save this series!

    • GregR

      I didn’t really find it funny at all. The only time I somewhat chuckled was when Alan threw the urn and screamed when he saw Kutcher in the window. The episode just seemed so mean spirited that I didn’t think it was comedy at all.

      • jj

        kinda like the episode where they killed chef. when you can see the vindictiveness in the writing, it leaves a bitter taste in this viewer’s mouth…

      • Tkav3

        I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I thought the show was poorly written and mean spirited as well. Lorre could have taken the high road and used some creativity and come up something far superior to this. I was not only disappointed but disgusted. What a waste!

    • Jo Anne

      You might as well dig the grave, without Charlie you have killed it!The show is dead!!!!!! so bury it.

    • Foolish Heart

      Chemistry is what it’s all about. Ashton had none here with Jon Cryer. Although, I expect it will get better in good time. You saw the end of the show when Ashton announced his proudness to sleep with 2 women and to buy the house. This opens the door for his up to that point horrible boring character to change into something that will have chemistry and react well with Jon Cryer’s anal-ness. My biggest complaint that needs to be rectified fast is the insistence of Ashton to have greasy, out of style, non coiffured hair and beard on an otherwise attractive man. Ashton… why do you insist on this horrible look for yourself? Shave and get a haircut…you will get more work again. Oh yeah… smile more.. you have a good one.

      • ScottK

        So? He’s playing a character who’s wife just left him, and he had just tried to commit suicide. Being unshaven and having ratty hair seems apropos for that situation.

      • Tommaayy!!

        “Proudness”? Do you mean pride. Or maybe proudity. Anyway, I agree Kutcher and Cryer have no chemistry, you could see it when they did a presentation during the Emmys. It could mean trouble. On the other hand, the jury is really still out until we’re a few shows into the season. Other than Kutcher, it sre played like same old-same old to me. I’m kind of amazed the show lasted 8 years, not even looking ahead.

    • kellybelly

      I’m a regular viewer of 2 1/2 Men. And I was eager to see this episode. And I must say it was just okay. Ashton doesn’t really seem to fit to me. I didn’t really buy his character. I think John Stamos would have been a better fit – better energy, better comedic timing. Ashton is just doing a version of Kelso. A smarter version. But then I’ve never been a fan of Kutcher’s acting anyway. I think they should’ve made the “Walden” character different from Charlie’s character. It seems that they may make him the same -philanderer, etc. But I’ll keep watching, hoping it gets better. Hoping it returns to the awesome funny it used to be.

  • kiki

    the show was awful. ashton kutcher and john cryer don’t have the chemistry. the jokes weren’t funny, and what was up with the laugh track?

    • Daniel

      Agree. It used to be my favorite…
      nice name kiki

      • Jennifer

        If this show was EVER your favorite, you have no business criticizing kik’s name you pathetic little near-braindead maggot shjtpile.

      • chris

        it was so great with charlie.. I would stomach watching it. now it is just just another tv show

      • Mike

        Hmmm…don’t think Daniel was criticizing kiki’s name. I’m not sure how you’d even get that unless you just assume people are being sarcastic at all times. Anyway, I do agree with one thing. I don’t know how anyone could EVER consider that show their favorite at ANY point of its airing lol

      • RaRa

        Sensitive much, Jennifer?

    • Mandy

      There was no Laugh Track. It was filmed before a LIVE audience.

      • Chloe

        And it was no secret there was a live audience since they had to sign Confidentiality Agreements to attend the tapings.

      • sunny

        i thought it was a laugh track too when there was a roar of laughter as ashton asked “can i use your phone?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
        i literally asked myself out loud, “wtf was so funny about THAT?”

      • incitefull

        SO, before a single word is spoken, a “casket” is funny?

      • Mike

        could be…if there was a curtain covering it and then it was lifted while the cameras were airing. Most 4 camera comedies are filmed before a live studio audience, but they sometimes enhance the laughter with a laugh track. Sometimes you can tell when the laughter is actually genuine. Ross and Rachel kissing in the Prom video episode for instance…a collective gasp then collective screaming. Not trying to defend 2.5 men as I don’t think it’s the greatest show with or without Sheen. But, I do need to defend Laugh Tracks. I remember when most people couldn’t stand single camera comedies. (i.e. Arrested Development and Scrubs being 2 of the originals) Now it’s all we see…and all of a sudden, we’ve lost our perspective of traditional comedies and assume it’s all LAUGH TRACKS. It’s a totally different form of comedy people! It’s like putting on a play! Hence, audience response is recommended!

      • Mike

        BTW…Loved Arrested Development and Scrubs..and love single camera comedies. Just noting the difference and how people’s attitudes towards them have shifted!

      • RaRa

        Even with no laugh tracks, I’m sure they have “laughter” and “applause” signs in the studio to let the audience know when to laugh. So it has the same effect as a laugh track.

      • Mike

        Eh…maybe. But when something is genuinely funny, you can tell the crowd thinks so too. Just because a sign is on telling you to laugh, doesn’t mean you’re actually going to laugh. Or at least laugh as hard as you would if something really did make you laugh without the instructions. You’d be too busy laughing to pay attention to signs.

      • Voodoo

        @Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to tell people the exact same thing. I guess some people are just too stupid to understand.

    • Chris

      I believe the creators used the script that an older Jake should be using 4 yrs down the road. Kutcher’s role is crap at its best !!!!!!!!!!! we miss u Charlie Boy

    • Molly

      @kiki, didn’t you see the earlier clip of the studio audience reacting to Kutcher’s nakedness? People actually go see this show being filmed.

      This may continue to do well with Kutcher, since there’s always a market for 14-24 year olds worshipping man-whores and sexual humor. Just please, for pity’s sake, no more hideous bowling shirts and short pants.

    • JulieB

      KiKi, you hit the nail on the head. No chemistry between Kutcher and Cryer. The show sucked big time last night. Not funny at all!!! The whole “he owns the house and lets Alan live there” only worked for the harper brothers. Now we’re going to see how Charlie made it work. Everyone seems extraneous now.

    • AB

      I don’t think that was actually a laugh track, I think they film before a studio audience.
      I wanted the show to work, but the ep last night was kind of a bomb. I wasn’t crazy about Charlie’s character, but the funeral was just lame, the jokes were just mean, the cameos were like “ok, we get it already, Chuck Lorre is a big, badass producer, la de dah” and the Walden Schmidt character is kind of dull. I like Ashton alot, he’s cute and funny, but the way the character is written so far is lame.

      I doubt I’ll stick with it past next week. I mean, I was never a fan of the show because I thought the writing was kind of stupid (don’t like BBT and never liked Dharma and Greg, not a fan of Mike and Molly either so I guess I just don’t like Lorre’s humor), but I was hoping this revamping would give us a better show, and it hasn’t. Just a huge disappointment, with or without Sheen.

      • ScottK

        The funeral wasn’t lame, it was fitting for Charlie. It was no secret he burned a lot of bridges, and was basically told to his face many many times that his funeral would be nothing more than people he has hurt just showing up to make sure he was dead. Charlie’s character was a horrible horrible person.

        As far as Ashton’s character, we meet him after he tries to commit suicide, after his wife leaves him, so the way we saw him in the first episode is not going to be his normal state of mind in the future. The character has unlimited potential.

  • Me

    When the writers are resorting to “nudity” in the premiere episode, it’s not a good sign.

    • Demi

      Not if it is Ashton. Yum, yum.

      • Lois

        “yum, yum”????? Really? More like yuck! Ashton is OK when he shaves and cuts his hair. But he looks gross on this show.

      • chris

        yummie jesus? ew

      • Jules

        Hells yeah… Better yet, let’s get that naked fineness a part on True Blood! Yummy!!

      • jason

        i agree with the others. ashton is one hot dude, but i HATE the hair. it looks greasy. and the facial hair isn’t sexy either.

      • Miranda

        If you’re 14 yrs old then Kutcher might be yummy. Otherwise he is just a skinny undeveloped guy with a Geico caveman head. He needs to work out a bit!

    • allie8

      kutcher nudity I can deal with, lol. his hair and beard… not so much.

      • stickittotheman

        Three phrases that need to stricken from this discussion board:
        1. “….I do not think it means what you think it means.” That movie is way too old to still be pulling references from it.
        2. “..I am a single female who is seeking…” Come on EW, police your board for douchey advertisers!
        3. “….not so much.” A boorish turn-of-phrase that is officially overdone. Please, can we be a little more original?

      • Nicci

        And please don’t forget, “angry much?”…”jealous much?…”fill in the blank much?”. And also “I just threw up in my mouth a little”. These need to be permanently retired as well.

    • GregR

      Since when is nudity funny? Hung like an elephant. Yeah right.

      • Russ

        I heard he is very small , one of his x g/f dumped on him……lol

  • Alma


  • AE

    “made sure there was not a hint of sentimentality over Charlie’s departure”….

    Except for the scene with Jon Cryer on the couch… whoops.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Cruelty. The ultimate insult either walking over the ashes or vacuumed dirt, hard to decide. And at least Sheen could act. Kruthcher’s supposedly smart character comes across as doofus, not nerd, unable to shake the dregs of Kelso. Five and cancelled.

      • mostboringseasonever

        It was embarassing.
        Charlie and Jon acted together seamlessly. Ashton just came across like a big dumb guy who can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

      • April

        I can’t remember watching a show that stunk this bad.

      • Diane

        The show was funny until Ashton walked in. Then the timing was off and the nudity schtick was just baad. I’d rather watch old reruns if I want a mindless laugh. I did love seeing Dharma and Greg again though

      • Laurie

        agree….what a disappointment

      • meme

        Ashton IS a big dumb guy who can’t act his way out of a paper bag who got very very lucky.

      • lol

        isn’t it funny that supposedly ashton criticized january jones’ acting skills when they were dating?

      • kellybelly


  • Jody

    I don’t know – I laughed – thought they did good. Not a watcher every week of 2 1/2 Men but had seen it and I laughed more during this than the ones with Charlie.
    I know the thing is to immediately be negative about something that has been talked about so much. Maybe when the “in thing to do ” has worn off maybe give it another try.

    • Janice

      I also laughed and it has been a LONG time since I’ve done that during this show.

      • Lisa

        I never really got into it. I saw it a few times during a late dinner but I had fun watching it tonight.. Hopefully it can improve upon itself.

      • Ann

        It really isn’t the same without Charlie. I’m just being honest here.

      • @Ann

        True. It is better. I always felt like I might catch a disease when I looked at Charlie.

    • Michelle

      I am a huge fan of Charlie’s and of Two and 1/2 men, but I thought last night was pretty good, I thought Ashton did a great job!

  • McFly

    I thought Ashton Kutcher was funny. Way more funny than Charlie Sheen ever was. I can actually stand to watch the show now.

    • Brooke

      Yeah, I watched purely out of trainwreck curiosity and Ashton was actually entertaining.

      Of course, it’s still a pile of disgusting misogny so Kutcher can’t save everything.

    • Laura

      I agree with you. Usually that show makes me cringe. Tonight I laughed a few times.

    • Brenna

      I didnt hate it so ill probably stick around

      • Nicki

        I never knew how much Charlie actually made this show for me. :( Oh well.

    • allie8

      I thought Kutcher was pretty good. Hoping that the funeral crap and lack of sentimentality was a result of awkward writing and acting given the circumstances. Willing to give it another chance or two.

    • Ann

      I didn’t like it. I may watch it again. It won’t be a priority to watch like it was this time though. That’s for sure.

      • McFly

        The lack of sentimentality was right in line with the spirit of the show. It was never a sentimental show, why start now? Ashton was always very funny on That 70s Show, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

      • Jogirl

        I agree – the show was always lacking sentimentality – that is what the whole premise of the show was. Charlie’s ex-girlfriends were always rude and hateful about him (which was well deserved). I loved the funeral part of the show. I think Kutcher will develop the character more over time. How much did you expect from him in 15 minutes?

  • Dustin Ingle

    Pretty Bad

    Charlie Won afterall. :-)

    • Borat

      High Five!

    • bett

      Very Good
      Charlie better get life back together before the premises of last nights show is actualy a reality…

    • ANNE

      THe Charlie SHeen Roast was funnier than 2 1/2 men. And if the character is soooooo rich why can’t he afford to go to a barber and also buy a razor. THis show will tank in one year. Still love you Charlie!

    • Orv

      To “win,” Charlie would have to get another job sometime. Given the stone-cold reception he got while groveling at the Emmys, that won’t be soon.

      • steven

        It has been reported that he is working on a show called “Anger Management” with someone who worked with him on the “Major League” movies. Dunno much more than that.

        And as for the 2 1/2 men and Charlie and Ashton. I never paid attention to Ashton in anything but butterfly effect and thought he was alright. Never liked Charlie in anything much except for 2 1/2 men. So far not sure Ashton can be blamed for chemistry since you are going to develop that over time, unless you don’t at all; and everything seemed to fall flat but I’m willing to blame that on crap writing. Charlie and Jon were good at making the bad writing work; the writers should try a little harder.

    • Russ

      Yes he did 1, 000.000,000 form CBS….good for hin

  • Lauren

    I tuned in cause I was curious. I just took it off the DVR schedule. To make Alan the “I know how to talk to women” person on the show is awful. I have no clue where they’re going to take the show from here, but I can imagine the ratings are going to plummet over the next few weeks when the curiosity wears off. It’s not that Ashton was that bad, it’s just not the same show without Charlie. It feels like a spin off and the fact that it’s not is going to be it’s downfall. The only way they save this is in the finale Charlie wakes up Bob Newhart style in Paris with Rose.

    • Dustin Ingle

      well said.

    • Dirk

      But Alan didn’t know how to talk to the women…at all. Not sure if you even watched the show.

      • Janice

        Thank you Dirk

      • Bounce

        that was the point she was making, now he’s playing the role that he does know, as Jon Cryer has said for the last few weeks.

      • Joe Key

        @ Bounce

        That went over your head. The funny part of the character is he is still the pathetic middle aged man who is too insecure to get women. His role didnt change at all, just see how Walden cries about his ex and both women want him, and then Alan proceeds to be pathetic and cry saying he misses his wife. Classic Alan nothings changed.

    • Bucky

      Somebody didn’t even watch the show before commenting. Or is working for Sheen’s publicists.

      • Ann

        I saw it. It was boring. I didn’t realize why I liked watching this show before. Yeah it was because of charlie. Oh well.

      • fran

        I think your right I think some of these people are being paid….the show was very funny, laugh out loud funny..which I did…I never found anything funny about Charlie’s drunk character..except the time Alan put a helmet on Charlie to keep him from hurting himself..Charlie was not 2.5 took the whole cast and the writers to make the show..I dont want it to be the same as it was…I think Charlie is going to go broke paying all these people to put Ashton and the cast down…..

    • Janelle

      Very well put, Lauren. Charlie WAS Two and a Half Men! it will never be the same and after the disgusting way they mocked his “death” I’m sure those of us who loved the show will have no interest in watching further episodes. Wonder if Lorre has ever heard of Karma???? I don’t watch a lot of television, but Two and a Half Men was always something to look forward to. Unless Sheen comes back, I’ll be surprised if it lasts. Ashton is good, but Charlie was great.

      • davey

        “I don’t watch a lot of television, but Two and a Half Men was always something to look forward to…” OH honey…really?

      • jesse

        Then again FRan you could be one being paid by chuck or Butcher’s agents

    • @Lauren

      Wake up honey. The short bus is here.

      • Jay

        Hey, Lauren. Lick my balls, skank. Nice comment.

    • Joe Key

      The irony is that Alan doesnt know how to pick up chicks any better than he did before. The character wanted to get to know Walden, and thought Walden was so low Alan might come out like the one on top for once. But again, the other male gets the chick easily and Alan has to resort to crying to get a woman to maybe like him, then she bails on him at the house to have a threesome.

    • bob

      Nah ashton was bad… all his movies were bombs….

  • Templar

    Party of one here. It was better than I expected and Ashton did fine. I didn’t realize I missed Kelso. As for whether or not he was really naked, the guy is from Iowa and was a runway model. I doubt modesty would be an issue.

    • Mike O

      People from Iowa aren’t modest?

      • DTO

        Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?

      • Corky

        I’m from Iowa and I kinda get what he means. It’s kind of a locker room mentality where pantsing a guy in a crowded place is funny as hell. Kutcher kinda seems like that with his Punked show. Not a shrinking violet.

      • Rixx

        You have our sympathies Corky.

    • Ginny

      I would not watch because of Sheen, but last night was an exception. Yes, Kelso has returned, the jabs at Charlie (subtle and not so..) were worth every moment. Pardon the pun, Sheen dug his own grave…now lie there in the dustbuster!

      • bett

        Very well said

    • RaRa

      Forget Club Med! My next vacation is in Iowa, if folks there run around nekkid!

      • Corky

        Lots of rolling around in haystacks, too.

  • Marianne

    I thought Ashton was good in it, but the rest of it was a real stinker.

    • April

      I feel bad for Ashton having to be part of this dog of a show.

      • sarah

        Yeah, it’s hard collection $1million dollars a week, sniff sniff, get him some kleenex.

    • Josh

      This was one of the first full episodes I watched. That laugh track is one of the most annoying in the history of television. Every sexual comment was treated like it was the fart scene from Blazing Saddles.

      • Sunghyun

        It’s tough because they had a lot of maatriel to lay down in a 1/2 hour, but so far the premise is not flying with me. I’ll give it a few weeks like Nicole. Honestly the Charlie character was played out. Alan is the funny one who carries the show seeing how many times fate screws him is hysterical. I do like Ashton as an actor but I hope they don’t plan to make him a Charlie copy (womanizer, drinking, drugs) I’d rather see something new.

  • Chasity

    I was skeptical w/o Sheen, started out a lil corny & slow…but they pulled it off. And Ashton’s not 2 hard on the eyes. ;-) I’ll keep watching!!

  • Tessa

    I’ve never been an avid watcher of the show, but I tuned in to see how they played off Charlie’s death and introduced Walden. I actually thought Kutcher was pretty funny. I like the character, so far. I think I will tune in next week.

  • Danny

    This show is in trouble!! Not funny at all!!!

    • Ann

      They don’t care what anyone thinks. This is more of a personal grudge between lorre and charlie again. It could be considered the worst show on TV, lorre would probably use up all his fortune to keep this up. Talk about immature.

      • Bounce

        agree!! Charlie was the money. bye, bye money!

  • Michael

    Dude it was awesome and really funny was cool to see Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson again You can tell the show is so much better now

    • Cloudy Knight

      Unfortunately, they ignored the fact that Jenna Elfman was actually on the show before, and had a little bit of a thing going with Alan.

      I would have watched a half-hour of the funeral with all the women saying nasty things about Charlie, but that wouldn’t have gotten them into the new storyline.

    • Ryan

      This was the first Men episode I sat through all the way lol. The Dharma and Greg cameo was funny though I never watched it all that much. Greg seemed like a strong candidate for Prozac though. At least on his own show he was rolling with the Dharma way of doing things since he loved her. He looked honest when he ‘joked’ about shooting himself because of his 80 hour work week and crazy life. Little disturbing. Too much Agent Hotch has worn off

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