'Game of Thrones,' 'Friday Night Lights,' 'Sherlock,' and 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' among big winners of Television Critics Association Awards

Jon Hamm was named best actor in a drama and Modern Family’s Ty Burrell and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman tied for best actor in a comedy in the annual Television Critics Association awards ceremony held on Saturday night.

The full list is:
•    Individual Achievement in Drama: Jon Hamm (“Mad Men,” AMC)
•    Individual Achievement in Comedy: Ty Burrell (“Modern Family,” ABC)
and Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation,” NBC)
•    Outstanding Achievement in News and Information:
“Restrepo” (National Geographic Channel)
•    Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming: “Amazing Race” (CBS)
•    Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming: “Sesame Street” (PBS)
•    Outstanding New Program: “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
•    Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials:
“Masterpiece: Sherlock” (PBS)
•    Outstanding Achievement in Drama: “Mad Men” (AMC)
•    Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: “Modern Family” (ABC)
•    Career Achievement Award: Oprah Winfrey
•    Heritage Award: “The Dick Van Dyke Show”
•    Program of the Year: “Friday Night Lights” (DirecTV/NBC)

I voted as a member of the TCA and was pleased to see a tie-vote award going to both Ty Burrell and Nick Offerman. While I can quibble here and there — I’d say the past season’s superb Parks and Recreation could also have tied with this season’s excellent Modern Family, to split hairs, and delightful  Downton Abbey over the fine Sherlock, to split PBS — but this is a very solid list, don’t you think?

The ceremony was hosted by Parks and Rec‘s Nick Offerman, who sang a deft parody of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line” re-worded to josh about not going on-line to read comments left on TV-review message boards. Carl Reiner, representing  The Dick Van Dyke Show (along with Rose Marie and Larry Matthews in the audience), was tumultuously funny and gracious.

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  • erin

    So glad Jon Hamm and Mad Men won. Last season was absolutely outstanding.

    • sue

      Shame Benedict Cumberbatch didnt win for Sherlock. Now there’s one of the greatest actors in the world.

      • Amy

        I watch Mad Men and was very unimpressed with last year. FNL last year and overall is a MUCH better show. Jon Hamm is a great at Don Draper, but in my book Kyle Chandler is by far a better actor. Has made Coach Taylor iconic.

  • Jen Jen

    FNL – Program of the Year . . . yes it was.

    • Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Texas Forever

      A truly wonderful show, its a shame more people did not watch it. Also loved Sherlock and cannot wait for the new episodes to come this year.

    • phoebesnow

      FNL–just an amazing show over its entire run. Just watched the series ender last week. It will be missed. In fact, I went back and watch the pilot over the weekend; the genius was there from the start. Emmy voters need to take note and finally recognize this show with a statue.

  • sally

    So sick of Mad Men winning everything! It’s the most overrated show of the past decade. There’s a reason only snobbish critics care about it. It’s a tv show for rich white people.

    • WillFerrellStinks

      Agree about Mad Men which is just a night time soap with chain smoking actors . And the reality shows should be kept out of awards shows . Give them their own award show – The Reallys or Trashies or something .

      • Cameron J

        Reality TV is, 75% of the time, a bust. Seeing as you’ve probably never seen the show, The Amazing Race is probably one of two reality shows I say truly deserve awards. It is simply magnificent. Watched it since I was 9 and it really opened my eyes to the world.

      • @ Willferrellstinks

        Like your idea of the “Really Trashies”. I nominate the Kardashian clan for the Trashy of the Year.

      • Ynjka

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    • Steven

      Just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t make it overrated. I’m neither rich nor white, yet I also believe it’s the best show on television.

    • Dan

      If you would actually take some time to watch Mad Men, you might be able to see why it is the best show on television next to Breaking Bad right now, and why it still does and deserves to win every award.

      • sbwm

        Breaking Bad is just so good, but after that is MM. We are lucky to have such excellent TV right now. Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire round out the quality.

      • WillFerrellStinks

        Wrong ! The best show on tv is Game of Thrones and next to that Dexter . Some boring nostalgic piece of crap where dull as dishwater people chain smoke at an ad agency is for old farts and people too cheap to buy HBO ! Mad Men belongs on the soap opera awards show .

      • Xander

        Dexter was great, but last season was weak. So, in my book, it’s not tops (or near) any longer. I hope it gets there again.

      • Lenny Hecht

        I agree Mad Men is a great show…acting..writing are the best and it is a great history lesson.

      • jay

        spartacus returns in january…now thats a great show

      • Bedo

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    • jonathan

      wow….racist much?

    • Caio

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  • Jessie

    No show has ever been more deserving of whatever awards it receives than FNL. Keep ‘em coming.

    • Betsy

      Better late than never on FNL; I’m going to miss those characters more than probably any since Seinfeld.

    • Adlio

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  • lynne

    Yes Sherlock! Can’t believe the Emmys didn’t nominate them or the actors for best tv movie/miniseries…Steven Moffat better win his writing Emmy.

    • May

      Actually, not surprise that the Emmys didn’t. Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and the whole crew are too good and innovative for the Emmy voters to recognize at its first season.

    • jess

      Cumberbatch has been robbed so many times of awards. He’s of the standard of Peter Finch or Paul Schofield.

  • SoyBombGuy

    AWESOME for Friday Night Lights to get “Program of the Year” !!!
    Also … hey Ken T., heard you doing a music review on NPR a few days ago. You have a very good radio voice, man ! Just sayin’.

    • Ken Tucker

      Hey, thanks!

      • Gungun

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      • Lindergrad

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  • johnc

    So sick of Oprah was awarded again!

    Ken and his crtics friends are drunk with Oprah’s kool-aid.

    • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

      Oprah is the worst ever, peddling her garbage pseudo-science on the TV for gullible sheep for decades. She has done more to harm science and evidence-based medicine than anyone on the planet.

    • Cameron J

      Meh. Love her or hate her (I’m indifferent) it still doesn’t change the fact she did a lifetime of big stuff on TV. So, yes, technically she deserved it. It confounds me on how it’s a fad to hate certain people or media for no reason.

    • Cameron J

      …heh, hope you’ll pardon my repost without snarky, hateful comments- my phone’s being a jackwagon.

      • Cameron J

        …that repost comment was supposed to go at the bottom… I kinda hate my phone right about now.

  • Jody

    Yes..Sherlock!! Some critics ahead of the Emmy nominations mentioned it should be..and Benedict should certainly be nominated for Best Actor (because that’s what he is) but alas..it didn’t happen, except for writing and some other nominations. Of which, as said, Moffat better win for “A Study In Pink” – that shoud of been shown in movie theaters.
    But there is next season and by all accounts it’s going to be Just as good and who knows maybe even better than the first “season” and maybe the nominations they deserve will be there.

    • John

      I;m tired of Moffat getting the awards for Sherlock. It would be nothing without Cumberbatch breathing life into rather mediocre scripts.

  • film4future

    Woo hoo! Sherlock! That was a brilliant series.

  • Cris

    Good to see Nick Offerman get some kind of recognition for the most outstanding comedy character … and mustache … on television.

  • claudenorth

    SO happy to see that The Insufferable One is not among the winners. Finally, television critics are realizing that there are other shows and performers who are deserving of accolades.

  • Cameron J

    Reality TV is, 75% of the time, a bust. Seeing as you’ve probably never seen the show, The Amazing Race is probably one of two reality shows I say truly deserve awards. It is simply magnificent. Watched it since I was 9 and it really opened my eyes to the world. Not to mention that was the season BJ and Tyler won. Yeaaaaah.

  • Daniel Montgomery

    I love Nick Offerman, but it’s odd to award “Parks and Recreation” in that category and not go with its star, Amy Poehler. But then the TCA doesn’t like to honor women if it can possibly help it. Otherwise, though, I’m happy to see “Sherlock” recognized, and the choice of “Friday Night Lights” for Program of the Year is a sound one, far better than the embarrassments of some years past (“Heroes,” I’m looking at you). But after the TCA awarded “Battlestar Galactica” two years ago, it seems kind of like a “Sorry we didn’t award you before when we had the chance” kind of award, because “FNL” (and “Battlestar” for that matter) had better seasons it should have been rewarded for.

    • Cordy

      I love Amy Poehler, but as far as just being funny Nick Offerman won that award easily this year.

    • tgh

      I love Amy Poehler and ‘Parks and Recreation’ is the best network show of the past two years, but Nick Offerman was the best part of this season, Amy Poehler could have won for season two.

      I’m a little surprised no one is talking about ‘Fringe’ as one of the best shows on tv. I think it is. I also think ‘Breaking Bad’ is far superior ‘Mad Men’, that is mainly great for its style (as there really isn’t that much depth to its subject matter)… Just my thoughts.

    • Mauel

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  • Cait

    Thank you, thank you TCA for putting in the effort to recognize quality programs! While I would have pulled for Community or Parks and Rec for Comedy Program, that FNL get top honors, Sherlock recognized for more than just writing, and Nick Offerman win only further highlights how the Emmys have become more and more irrelevant.

    • Tarek

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  • liza

    FNL was really the Program of the Year the past 5 years, but to finally get this recognition is incredible. Texas forever.

    • Cordy

      no it wasn’t. But we’ll just ignore the 2nd season

    • LMFAO

      Undisputed truth: Nick Offerman is The Man and reality TV is for idiots.

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