'Breaking Bad' season premiere review: Fear the box cutter

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  • hlynn

    Ken – why did your recap not address the “lab notes” book that was seen at Gale’s and what this might mean for this season??? Other than that this was a great recap!

  • Rob

    I thought it was very good, not great. I did flinch a little at Anna Gunn’s weight gain and at what looks like a hairpiece (it was bound to happen) on Aaron Paul. The subplot with Hank and Marie looks like it’s going to take a long time to go nowhere very interesting. And the gimmick of not having Aaron Paul speak for the first 45 minutes AND giving Giancarlo Esposito only one line felt overdone–do one or the other, but not both.

    • Sandra

      Hmm. I didn’t notice any hairpiece, but Jesse does get his hair shaved this season, so it could be they had to reshoot some scenes after he shaved. Is that what you meant was “bound to happen” or do you think Aaron Paul is losing is hair?

      As for Hank and Marie, this was only the first episode, I’m positive it will lead to something later on in the season.

      And yeah, have two actors barely speak was a gimmick, but it didn’t bother me one bit because they are both so damn good.

    • iago’s yoda

      If you want to talk rugs, look at the sudden ‘growth’ on Saul’s dome this year.
      His hair got thicker than Skyler’s hips.

      • Juneau

        Saul looked so different that I thought it was a different actor. I did notice Skyler’s weight gain, but I’m not going to dwell on it with such good TV back again.

      • honey starr

        Stop with Skyler. She didn’t gain that uch. now she is size 6 instead of 2. television adds at least 10 pounds. If she reads this, she will go crazy. Skyler you look great

      • Sergemeister

        I’m starting to thing that Honey Starr is actually Anna Gunn the way she keeps defending her…

      • ForceFedNo

        2 to 6 – lmfao. Umm, no dear. Try 80 pounds, and thats from television to television.

    • honey starr

      Did not notice Jesse’s hair. I thought his facial expressions were so outstanding. a person can say a thousand words without speaking. that seething stare he gave at gus is scary. I have reeber this is just a show. How lucky we are to watch this

  • Dave

    It’s possibly the best show on TV, ever. And yes, I watched all five seasons of “The Wire”

  • Jen

    I guess I’m the only one who thought this episode was kind of a yawn. I appreciate slow pacing but this went over the top. Skyler becomes more and more superfluous … seriously, you could remove her from the show and it wouldn’t matter at all.

    • honey starr

      I THINK that it is 4000 people who love it to 1. maybe you’re in a bad mood

  • CamrioKid

    AMC took away some of the suspense for me by airing a warning before the box cutter scene, alerting us that extreme violence was about to happen. you knew damn well that it wasnt going to be jesse or walt..or probably not mike…for sure not gus, so it HAD to be victor. shame. otherwise, awesome episode – Giancarlo Esposito is a brilliant actor.

    • Donna

      I was so excited to watch the premiere season opener at 8pm MT that I forgot there were commercials which I found very distracting and took away from the suspense. I rented the first 3 seasons on Netflix, never caught it on AMC. So wish it was on Showtime, HBO or other commercial free channels. I will try to hold off watching til it is recorded from now on but it is still distracting while ffing. Now that I have seen all the other episodes, can’t hold off for this season to be on DVD!

  • Dustin

    Wow! That scene with Gus in the “super lab: edge-of-you-seat, nail-biting amazing! You could cut the tension with a… box cutter.

  • Donna

    Another message board commented on the red floor in the lab that was not on the previous season but was on the opener flashback with Gail and Gus. Interesting.

    • Mo

      Hm. I’m pretty sure the lab floor was always red. It kind of bugged me last season, that they had such dramatic lighting and color in a lab.

  • Slooop

    I think Breaking Bad is stretching it a little here. Gus should just kill Jesse and use Walt’s family for leverage. Especially since now Jesse might be a murder suspect and Gus killed his henchman just for showing up at the crime scene.

    • G

      You’re right, even if Gus killed Victor to send a message and/or because he was a liability. Jesse is a much larger liability and the risk/reward of killing Jesse is very justifiable considering Gus can use Walt’s family for leverage. If Walt refuses to cook then he and his whole family become expendable.

    • honey starr


  • Vladimir Estragon

    From Kafka to Samuel Beckett this show is amazing.

    • Afterschool Carl

      Who is kafka and samuel? Are they the two mexican guys who tried to kill his brother in law? If so I agree…they were great!

  • betsy

    can’t wait ’til next week! AND, so glad season three is finally out on DVD!

  • Dale

    Love, love the show, but am starting to think about the end. I understand this season and one more and that’s it. Actually, I wish season 4 was the end. This is a show that, as great as it is, could stay around a season too long. If the writers can pull off a great season 4 AND a solid season 5, that will be a triumph.

  • takehikes

    One other thing that makes the series so superb….the photography of the New Mexico landscape. i lived there for 10 years and they capture it perfectly……

  • carolyn

    I was crossing my fingers for Gale. I have loved all the parts he plays, especially Damages. But if I had to choose Gale or Jessie, then it’s Jessie.

    • honey starr


  • krackers

    Disappointed. Am i the only person who thinks the female characters in this show SUCK, fake, every time they say Skyler I wince, dumb pretentious name. The sisters are annoying, why would young pretty marie be with Hank? Why would skylark ever be with walt? They are not authentic, cliche pretty woman.
    There are so many true notes in this show, the Jesse/Walt relationship is stunning and of course it is gorgeous visually, but everything with the woman is just fake. It is an amazing show, but this episode was anticlimactic, although yes, Gus killing victor was stunning, but they go off to a diner? Walt’s family is in imminent danger. Run, take that easiest baby ever and the rest and run for your lives.

    • honey starr


    • yo

      More like Sky-lard. But, Marie would be with Hank because he’s the hunk. He’s recognized and distinguished in his officer’s duty. Also because Marie isn’t really mentally sound if you know what I mean.

  • yyz

    Gus did not chose to kill Gale. He was grooming Gale to be the chemist and planning to kill Walt. Walt secured his survival, getting Jesse to kill Gale. And Gus killed Victor for two reasons: allowing Gale to be killed and for being seen by witnesses.

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