TV news goes bonkers over Casey Anthony verdict: 'I am so angry!' 'The devil is dancing tonight!'

Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera got into a shouting match, and Nancy Grace presided over a lynch mob of lawyers eager to top each other in venting their rage over the Casey Anthony trial verdict on Monday night. The networks tried to act as though they were above it all, while every one of them featured the verdict prominently.  Scott Pelley led off the CBS Evening News by saying the case “became a sensation on cable television,” but that was just spin, in order for Pelley’s broadcast to exploit the Anthony case for its own purposes. Later, CBS preempted the legal fiction The Good Wife to present a legal reality: a “special edition” of 48 Hours Mystery about Casey Anthony.

The hypocrisy was thick as one news outlet pointed to another to suggest excessive coverage. On The O’Reilly Factor, the host scoffed at the way the Headline News channel “went 24/7″ on the case; “they ran wild with this,” he said. And then he proceeded to spend most of his hour talking about the case with guests. “I am so angry about this verdict!” he said loudly to guest Geraldo Rivera. “I can see the seething,” said Rivera, feeling Bill’s pain … that is, until their segment turned into a shouting match when Rivera tried to suggest some reasons why the jury reached the conclusions it did.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, O’Reilly hauled out Bernard Goldberg, who sneered at Rivera and asked whether the latter would be so “open-minded” if a “militiaman” had “killed a Hispanic immigrant.” What? Gee, why did this ethnic example spring into Goldberg’s swampy mind when talking about Geraldo Rivera?

Over on HLN, Nancy Grace spilled over into Dr. Drew’s show for an extra-long squawk session. “The devil is dancing tonight!” Grace proclaimed. One of her guests, Sue Moss, seemed to be on the verge of exploding her own eyeballs as she screamed, “We’ve been OJ’d!”

I’ll be honest: I haven’t followed the Casey Anthony trial on TV; details about a murdered child are too upsetting, and I try to avoid them. But I was certainly aware of the repulsively excessive media coverage of this case, and so I watched a lot of what’s been aired since the verdict came down this afternoon.

Grace’s show was certainly the creepiest forum, with her endless array of experts eager to tell us that Casey Anthony is going to “go out drinking, dancing, and sexing” when she is eventually freed. But CBS was just about as bad, using HLN regulars, for instance, to go over the more sexually explicit accusations made about Casey’s parents. On ABC, Nightline hauled in Tru TV’s Ashleigh Banfield to narrate the story and even gave network airtime to Nancy Grace — how disappointing; Ted Koppel would probably not have gone down that road.

It’s time to acknowledge once again that in its quest for ratings and ad dollars, TV news does a lousy job of reporting the news, of placing a news story in proper perspective. Was the amount of airtime this verdict attracted really more important than, say, more extensive coverage of the debt-ceiling crisis? No.

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  • Jason

    The only reasonable and sane take on this verdict that you’ll find on television will be from the Daily Show.

    • Carol

      DS and Colbert are on vacation. However, I can certainly see them making fun of the newsies running around the courthouse trying to get a photo of the lawyers having lunch. Ridiculous.

      • Sam J

        Every channel has a legal “expert” which makes America think they’re an “expert” as well. Prosecution couldn’t even explain HOW she died for sure. The media shows 30 second sound bites from lawyers NOT involved in the case. If she was found guilty, with all the media coverage, we still would overexposed to the actual “facts”. That sealed court room knew more than us.

      • Shiny

        Jeez, I do feel like my eyeballs are exploding with rage. On the one hand Anthony got away with murdering her own child, but she also was exposed as a liar while managing to commit emotional matricide, patricide and brothercide. She may be free but her own family hates her for throwing them under the bus. The verdict makes her the Typhoid Mary of the greater Orlando area.

      • Gwen

        I think that Stewart, at least, will avoid the topic like poison. He is too sensible to try to joke about it and has small children, so isn’t likely to take Casey Anthony’s side. As a voice of reason, didn’t the DAs offer manslaughter? Seriously, even the juror that spoke said that he thought Casey caused Caylee’s death but that it wasn’t murder. Unfortunately, a retiring prosecutor trying to get one last big win lets a murderer go free.

    • Kat

      This article really reminded me of Jon Stewart’s description of what drives news networks (including the “liberal media”): conflict and sensationalism. It’s so true. I hate the attention this case has received and I haven’t read much about it because, like Ken Tucker, I find the whole thing too upsetting. Bring on a Charlie Sheen meltdown and the ensuing excessive media coverage; I will totally read the hell out of that like it’s a soap opera. But I don’t want to follow a media circus and gossip about a murdered child.

      • SM

        And yet here you are reading the article & commenting on it. You are adding to the fire.

      • @SM

        Anyone else think it’s high time people started distinguishing between objecting to something and contributing to the mania surrounding it? Nobody is upset that so many people have expressed opinions decrying the bombast surrounding this case. Taking the time to write a dissenting opinion is not feeding the flames because it doesn’t invite people to renew interest in the case. Besides, these posts don’t draw attention to this case because the only people reading them are already on this article anyway (and if you’re thinking of accusing Ken Tucker of feeding the flames, I still think you’d have a tough time of it).

      • Jaye

        Also, SM, Kat is not commenting on the case itself; she is commenting on the news coverage surrounding the case. That is also what this article is about: the excessive coverage. I didn’t follow the case at all, but I certainly noticed all the news coverage, and I clicked on this article to see what Tucker had to say about the news coverage. The topics are connected but still distinctly different.

      • Tim

        Thank you Jaye, I’m so sick of that retort as well.

    • Yo

      CBS was showing so much improvement; then it went and bit the dust on this one.

    • True Dat

      Um Ken, Pot, Kettle? You piece of sh!t anal cancer.

      • Nick

        Commenting on an issue doesn’t make you part of the issue. Saying, “Genocide in Africa is bad” doesn’t mean that you’re aiding genocide in Africa. Saying that the media went insane on this doesn’t mean that he fed this thing that’s been going on for THREE YEARS.

      • TomS

        Good lord, “True Dat”. What on earth made you think that is an acceptable thing to say. You manage to give even trolls a bad name.

      • Mark

        But Ken is contributing to the so-called excessive coverage by writing an article about it.

    • Zanny the Nanny

      I haven’t kept up with the trial. I’ve been too busy babysitting.

      • Dallas

        Gosh, Zanny. You have been babysitting so long. It’s almost like you are an imaginary friend, not really babysitting at all. No matter.

    • frank wright

      yeah , they ‘re real journalists…….

    • Vicki

      Yesterday I heard a local media pundit talking about the case criticize media pundits for talking about the case too much. Ironic, huh?

    • abadstroller

      I’ve been missing Stephen and Jonnie! Voices of reason….

    • Cygnus

      It was a not guilty, not because she was innocent, but because this was a major fubar by the DA. He rushed the case to trial to prey on the hot media coverage at the time, rather than getting a solid case together, which wouldve taken more months and allowed the media frenzy to die down. Don’t blame the jury. The case was so flawed, that reasonable doubt was successfully delivered. The jury did its job, the DA didnt.

      • tigersmurfette

        rushed the case?? its been years since this whole nonsense started. if they take too long the murdering ho-bag couldve claimed she was denied a quick and speedy trial and walk free.

    • Tn

      I saw agree Ken. The major networks pissed me off b/c they tried to act like they were above it all, meanwhile they devote hours of air time to the trial. Atleast with Nancy Grace you know what you’re getting

    • Pete

      What’s amazing is that one of the foundations of the American legal system is “Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” Yet all these blow hards on TV scream about how the verdict is wrong. The important thing is the principle of law, not some TV commentors overblown and over-emotional rant to capture ratings. But in Corporate New America, principles don’t matter anymore.

    • Popeye

      @Jason…you need to get out more

      • Paulina

        Ooh, that’s almost lscriaege not responding to emails until you get back from vacation. I often do the same. It’s a way of simplifying I check for urgent emails and try not to reply unless it’s really important.

    • rozay

      I don’t see how anyone could find sense in this verdict. It is obvious that Casey Anthony either killed her child or was negligent (a charge the jury founf her not guilty of smfh)when she allowed her to die. Either way she duck taped that child’s mouth, body and tossed her down a pipe/well as though she were a pile of trash! Casey should know no peace for the crime she just go away with!

  • Gerhard Bayer

    You got to be kidding.That’s why we need professional jurors.What a bunch of idiots in florida

    • ems

      “Professional Jurors”, really? In theory it works but to be honest Tort reform was a good idea in theory too. (Watch the documentary Hot Coffee) Sorry, I think it opens the door to Jury tampering a little too easy for my liking. I’ll take my chances with a bunch of people I don’t know who are your everyday Joes and pi$$ed to be missing a day or so of work rather than a group of folks who get paid a salary to sit there and are in constant contact with all members of the court system (lawyers, judges, members of the press, hmmm….lobbyists) for this kind of stuff. Just remember, this is the state of Florida were talking about. The same state who has sentenced a guy who ran down and killed two pedestrians and left the scene to serve house arrest for 2 years. How is that possible you wonder? Because his lawyer made a great case explaining if the guy (whose family has big old money) would of went to prison, he would of had no means to compensate the families of the people he killed.

    • Dinjab

      Gerhard, you’re the idiot for commenting about your opinion of the verdict. That isn’t the point of this commentary at all. Do you have anything to say about the COVERAGE? Idiot.

      • District 12

        Dinjab how far up your ass is that stick?

      • Jim

        Dinajb go back to India or Pookpakistan or wherever the hades you’re from, you couldnt even sit on a jury here because you’re an illegal alien.

      • Eli

        You’re such a class-act Jimbo, we love you.

      • jp

        Jim, you ignorant slut. It’s called a handle. I love how the racist in you kicks in and immediately goes into overdrive at any remotely-exotic sounding handle.

    • Schatzi

      While I’m not sure I see the relevance of your comment to this article (though maybe you’re just now finding out about the verdict via this article? I could see that)…I have to say, I am totally happy to see that your name is Gerhard. My father’s name is Gerhard and I’ve never EVER heard of another man being named Gerhard before. My apologies for the very off-topic comment; I just miss being able to see my daddy more often, I guess. Hooray for Gerhards!

      • Marianna

        My next door neighbor’s name is Gerhard. Totally cool guy. Hooray for the Gerhards indeed.

      • Squishmar

        There was a Chancellor of Germany named Gerhard.
        And to Gerhard… I said that exact same thing over on the board about what celebrities are tweeting regarding this case. They are really discussing the case itself over there… not just the media coverage. I’ve thought we need professional jurors for a long time now… although they got it right in this particular case, I’m sorry to say, with the evidence they were given.

      • True Dat

        You are an ignoramus if you have never heard of anyone else named Gerhard.

    • wake up

      Gerhard Bayer, just like the bunch of idiots in California who said OJ was not guilty! No, I am not from FL, but there are idiots in “every” state,.. idiot.

      • Squishmar

        You’re making his case further. That’s a real example of jury idiocy. This one, not so much.

    • Iowa mom

      Dysfunctional family, dysfunctional jury! Now Casey can makes millions on this murder! Do not buy any books or watch any movies! The Ants have made more than enough money off their murdered Caylee. Murdered at the hands of a monster she called mommy!

      • Frank

        The jury did their job. The prosecution did not fulfill their burden of proof. All the evidence was circumstantial. Whether or not Casey murdered her daughter, justice in this country should not be handled like a lynch mob and definitely should not decided by armchair lawyers getting their information from the sensationalistic media.

      • wakeforce

        @ Frank- I agree that the twelve jurors in the case know more than me, but out in the real world, Casey Anthony will have to go the supermarket and have people yell out “murderer”, she will have to find some means of support. What kind of job is she going to get- working a stripper pole?. Is Daddy gonna let her stay in the family home after the defense painted him out as a molester? She may actually wish she had been in protective custody. My guess is in 5 years or less, she may try to kill herself. Look what happened to Dan White.

      • Dorimifah Solatido

        @Frank – there was more than enough evidence here to convict, the jury just disregarded it. “Reasonable doubt” doesn’t mean no doubts whatsoever, and most cases are only circumstantial. You are rarely going to have direct evidence of a murder – an eyewitness or a videotape. And eyewitnesses are unreliable; enough circumstantial evidence is better than an eyewitness. The prosecution did not prove a cause of death, used scientific evidence that is new & not universally accepted, and made mocking faces during closing arguments – all of which the jury could have accepted & convicted Anthony, at the very least of manslaughter. The defense strategy of confusion & deflection prevailed, and it shouldn’t have. Definitely the jury failed at its job.

      • katherine

        amen she is a monster not a mommy ~ RIP baby girl~!!!

  • Em

    On Twitter, the caseyanthonyverdict was trending at the same time as Dexter Morgan. That was way creepy…

    In other news, Nancy Grace is neither a lawyer nor a journalist. Why is she talking about something she knows nothing about? She is not an expert. And it feels as if journalists aren’t being compassionate about the case, but merely stating their anger over it instead of letting people do it. What the hell happened to objectivity? The case is sad, and the trial may or may not have reflected what actually happened. But instead of tv actually reporting on these reasons, we get to hear outrage from some tv personalities with no expertise. Cable news makes me sick.

    • sara

      it was a coincidence that they were both trending.

      • sara

        okay, meant to type it WASN’T a coincidence.

      • Em

        Oh, I know. But it still creeped me out that so many people were tweeting, ‘Casey Anthony, meet Dexter Morgan.’

      • Dexter Morgan

        Good thing I’m already in Florida. Saves me a long trip.

    • District 12

      my hubby and I were just talking about how they should incorporate this story into the up coming season of Dexter lol

      • What?

        That’s not funny AT ALL.

      • a

        Dexter isn’t a comedy…

      • bake6798

        @ a- no but it has a dark twisted sense of humor

    • tamara

      Em, just an fyi — Nancy Grace was a prosecuting attorney in GA for several years before she popped up during the O.J. trial. I do agree with you though. She is annoying, self-righteous, and has probably done more to sabotage this case than anyone just because of the comments she’s made.

      • Zeep

        She’s not the reason why a jury of 12 people found reasonable doubt in a murder trial.

      • tickles

        Nancy may be annoying and self righteous but if anything happened to my son I would be praying to God that Nancy heard about it and decided to feature it on her show.
        As a mother I would answer any dang question she had for me. I would volunteer for lie detector tests, let them administer sodium pentathal, or hypnotize me if it would help find my child. I would strip bare ass naked and walk down times Square if that would help.

      • SLB

        So she could exploit it like everything else?

      • Bingo

        nancy Grace had nothing to do with the outcome. Are you that stupid?

      • SLB

        Are you stupid? It has nothing to do with the outcome. Nancy Grace exploits everything she can. That’s how she makes her money. You think she really cares?

      • Sam

        Nancy grace said we can’t get find celebrities guilty like OJ and Robert Blake, but Casey isn’t a celebrity. She made her one, for the last 3 hrs that is all she ranted about. If she would have shut up and let it go it would have been a news story and the courts in Florida would have handled it and the verdict may have been different.

    • April

      Nancy Grace was a prosecuting attorney.

    • Jeannie

      Nancy Grace IS a lawyer…

      • Jim

        And she IS annoying, self-righteous and a general pain in the a–!

      • Squishmar

        Nancy Grace seems to have real mental health issues.

      • Aaron

        Thank you Jim! I have never been able to watch more than 5 minutes of Ms. Grace’s show…the yelling, the “my s*** don’t stink attitude”, the condescending glares and inability to actually sit and here someone else’s opinion before firing back and talking over them…drives me BONKERS! She is flat-out arrogant.

    • Get your facts straight

      Nancy may be annoying but she was a prosecuting attorney in Georgia.

      • KJRE

        What does that say about Georgia?

    • waya

      Nancy Grace is a lawyer and former prosecutor. Good one from what I’ve heard.

      • Richard Crossgrove

        Nancy Grace used to be a Federal Prosecutor in Georgia and came dangerously close to being disbarred for unethical conduct several times in her career.

    • MrsB

      Nancy Grace needs to crawl back under her rock. She is NO ADVOCATE FOR ANYONE. She is rude, overtalks, bullies and is just too hard to watch. I turn the channel when I see that crazy woman. I think Anthony guilty – but cannot listen to Grace go on and on an on.

      • Ada

        Nancy Grace was ready to hang Casey from the second this story broke 3 years ago. Yes it sucks, she acted guilty, but they have no evidence other than guesses, wishes and buts… It sucks that this little girl is gone but you can’t hang a chicken for an egg. When they announced the verdict I really expected to hear that Nancy Grace had had a stroke. Nancy and Bill should get together and they can complain about how Casey is guilty together. Geraldo seems to be the only person who is sane in this.

      • Bingo

        When your child goes missing, don’t turn to her for help then.

      • Melinda

        Wow, Ada – such a reasoned response. Small voice in the forest, however…I actually never even heard of this case, before I read this article.

      • Lauren

        Melinda you are full of it. There is no way you hadn’t heard of this case.

      • JC

        @ Lauren. I also didn’t hear much about this case until the last few days and am just now curious as to why she was found not guilty and thus found this forum. The reasons I haven’t heard much are as follows.
        1) I do not own a TV (nor plan to), I surf the net to relax not catch up on the doom and gloom news of the day. 3) I don’t even get the paper (neighbors tend to steal it before I wake up)

        Given what I’ve seen on several forums though I am going to just go back to playing a few games and reading webcomics, there’s to many people angry and ranting for the reasoning to come out easily. Perhaps eventually I will decide to check up on it again and see if i can find out what happened, but I will likely just hear about it from a friend instead and file it away because as sad as it may sound.
        In the long run of things, this will really never effect my life directly so isn’t worth me carrying or worrying much about.

    • Dot

      Em. I am afraid you are the one that is clueless. Nancy Grace was a prosecuter who never lost a case. Plus I think someone with their own news program would be classified as a journalist .

      • Tank Girl

        It takes a lot more than having a “news program” to be a journalist.

      • Em

        I actually forgot she was a prosecutor. You are right on that, Dot. So why the hell is she on my tv then? So she can exploit cases and give her bias to the world? When I said she is not a lawyer, I was mistaken. A journalist? Hell, no. Is she objective? Does she report upon crime? Nancy Grace is a tv personality who uses cases to support her claim that she is a people’s champion of the wronged.

      • John

        Howard Cosell had a sports program. Didn’t make him an athlete.

      • Sherrill

        Nancy Grace was not only a prosecutor but a woman whose fiance was murdered. I see her as someone who burns with vengenge for victims who no longer have a voice. She has a bigger platform now than when she was a prosecutor.

      • Richard Crossgrove

        Do you not count the ones she got censured over for unethical conduct as losses and reversals on appeal due to prosecutorial misconduct?

    • JMB in FL

      Well, Dot, just because someone has a TV show that peddles “news” does not make them a journalist. Journalists are supposed to have integrity and ethics (see this link:

      All journalism shows bias, but _credible_ journalism attempts to avert bias and explore all angles of a story. Nancy Grace, as a trained lawyer, looks for a particular angle and moves the pieces of a story around to fit her theory. This is not journalism, and to call her one just because she has a “news” show is a ridiculous assertion.

    • abadstroller

      The reality is that NG makes her money getting worked up about bad things happening to cute children and beautiful women. Unfortunately the “whiter” and prettier, the better. Not being racist–just observant. To be fair, she should have equal opportunity outrage…but there isn’t enough airtime or interest out there for that.

    • Lee

      Em, I’m NO fan of Nancy Grace–I find her over-bearing and just plain annoying to watch/listen to–but she most definitely IS a attorney; spent 10+ yrs as a special prosecutor in Atlanta. Over-bearing and annoying, heck yes!; but she is a lawyer and DOES know her subject matter well.

    • Betty

      Actually, Nancy Grace is a lawyer. She used to be a prosecutor before she became a commentator on Court TV. When she first started out she was ok but she has become over the top crazy, no such thing as innocent until proven guilty with her.

      • JC

        That type of attitude is what gets people ratings, its been growing overall on TV for years, its why I got rid of mine and stopped paying attention to all of it.. just gave me a headache.

    • Kat

      Nancy Grace is a lawyer and former prosecutor. What rock have you been under?

  • irma

    I don’t understand the thought process behind writing an article discussing the over exposure of the case…the reason for my confusion should be obvious. But that aside while in everyday life 1+2=3 in a court of law no assumptions can be made you can’t go with the obvious conclusion with out supporting evidence. I don’t know how I feel about that but I do have a guttural reaction to the fact that a useless crazy whore that killed a baby she only barely supported so she could continue to party without burden of her sick conscience serving a few years makes my skin crawl.

    • Squishmar

      Well, you seem to be making assumptions just fine.

    • Sara

      So funny! Either you’re a master of satire or…well, I’ll just assume you meant this to be satire.

  • LoveBug

    Nancy Grace is a former Prosecuter. She is a tv host not a news person. Now I don’t like her either – and her voice scares me, but she does have some background!

    Also – why are we letting people in FLorida decide murder cases, they don’t even know how to vote! Absurd!

    • Nathan

      So true, everytime Florida is given an important job to do, not only do they blow it but they blow it in ways that nobody else on earth imagined even possible before.

      • Amy

        Hahahaha this.

      • Squishmar

        The prosecution blew this case… but not the jury. They actually did what they were supposed to do.

      • steph

        I agree with Squishmar. The prosecution has to determine that Casey Anthony killed Caylee. They had little to no forensic evidence, and the majority of their case was circumstantial. We don’t know what went on in the courtroom during the past month and a half of the trial, and that’s solely what the jury has to base their decision on.

    • Gary

      Yes, she was a prosecutor who was sanctioned by her peers for doing exactly the same thing then….deciding guilt in her own mind as a way of excusing her own misconduct attempting to gain a conviction. She is responsible for some very serious criminals being set free on appeal due her inability to play by the rules the courts and the Rule Of Law demand instead of believing she can decide guilt and railroad those whom she decides aren’t worthy of a fair trial as a result. Nancy Grace is a disaster for everyone she comes near.

      • Bingo

        ALL LIES!

    • Sherrill

      We can vote just fine….. stop drinking the media Kool-Aid!

    • Sherrill

      So Lovebug, where do you live and vote? Jerk…..

  • Ken

    “The networks tried to act as though they were above it all, while every one of them featured the verdict prominently,” says the man trying to act as though he is above it all, while featuring cable news’s coverage of the verdict exclusively in his nightly column.

    • Me

      Agreed. This article was incredibly pompous.

      • Squishmar

        I believe “Incredibly Pompous” is actually Ken Tucker’s middle name.

      • RyRyNYC

        Totally agree – pompous is Ken Tucker’s middle name. Everytime I read one of his articles I scratch my head and wonder, doesn’t he know how stupid he sounds?

  • How exactly

    …is this man supposed to comment on trending TV topics without a bunch of people jumping on him to criticize he’s creating media over-exposure?

    Does that mean that no one can report or remark on it?

    • Nick

      Those people aren’t any smarter than the jury. Every time I see people complaining about Ken’s articles, I wonder, “They do know that he’s SUPPOSED to write about TV, right?”

  • Summer

    I don’t think we actually know all the facts about the murder yet. I’m not saying whether or not Casey Anthony is guilty, I’m just saying…I think there’s more to the story than what the people in court were able to drum up over the length of this trial.

    • Squishmar

      I totally agree. And I believe her father is going to be a part of what comes out.

      • Trudy

        So you believe the vitriol her defense threw out there? You really are stupid.

      • Summer

        Trudy, seriously? There’s no need for insults.

      • Aaron

        Chill out, Trudy. There was nothing stupid or insulting about his sane, fair, and logical response. You are the poster girl for Ken’s article…people who get seriously worked up and emotionally involved in something that we truly (if we want to be honest with ourselves) do not know that much about.

      • Peg Bundy

        I agree. I think the whole family knows what really happened. Probably not what the defense said, but something they all know about. They staged their act in court to try to create doubts for the jury.

      • Kumala

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  • Tawny Jones

    Vultures like Nancy Grace & Bill O’Reilly have no shame & no dignity. It’s fun to see all those haters eat crow. Casey Anthony rules! Jose Baez us da man!

    • Nathan

      God I wish Dexter Morgan was a real person, hopefully there’s at least one person down in FLA who’s watched too many episodes and finds ms anthony.

      • Rolo Tomasi


      • tickles

        I kind of thought the same thing!!

      • Sherrill

        At least Dexter Morgan behaves in a somewhat logical manner. But partying for weeks when your child is missing? Then making up story after story to obstruct the police from their job when the missing child has finally been reported? These seem like the actions of a guilty party and not excusable in any way. An abused dog is a better parent than this miserable witch!

    • Nancy Grace


    • doobie yo

      I think Casey is a wonderful person. She should write a book and make millions. She should have another baby as well. She was obviously a great mother.

  • e4ia

    It was tremendously annoying that for 2 months, HLN thought that nothing else was going on in the world except for this trial. I wouldn’t have minded an end of the day re-cap of the trial. But to show live coverage of the entire trial (as well as repeating it on weekends) and then filling their prime-time shows with nothing but trial analysis was huge over-kill. They really should be ashamed of what they have become. So much for “headline news”.

    • Allison


    • JC

      From what little I’ve seen in the news in recent years its mostly over sensationalized BS that takes over while real issues are pushed to the sides in a ratings war. Face it, more viewers = you can charge more for commercial time, which makes the people in charge richer and happier.

      Real news, nobody wants to deal with, is depressing (like most of this sensationalized crap), and doesn’t draw viewers. So if you want money, why focus on it?

      Here’s a question. News today: casey anthony not guilty of murder, or such and such politicians voted to pass a bill that will give more money to their political allies instead of to teachers who could use the raise.

      What would you watch.

  • Bryan

    Mark July 5th on your calendar!! The day Ken Tucker was actually right for a change!!

  • jc

    Be careful not to step on any glass as you throw those stones, Ken.

  • Antoni

    First the hysterics over the royal wedding and now this. I guess Women really are from Venus.

    • Squishmar

      As someone said on a completely different board… the non sequitometer has just been broken.

    • Jahangir

      First off, I have to stare at the title…it fired me up! Thanks very much!And thanks for sinrhag, I felt like being just prayed over…I feel so much better and light.On your post above this one…I will be back here to read more as I have a chronic illness myself.I LOVE your songs…so LOVE it!

  • rod

    Nancy Grace has been SCREAMING about this case for over almost two years and will continue to do so for at least another six months. But she is a media whore who uses her OUTRAGE on any subject to garner attention. There is no such thing as balanced coverage anymore. Just ringmasters with their opinions that they fight with everyone who disagrees with them.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      She’s outraged yet I bet she’ll keep the money she got talking about the case for three years

    • LOL

      Olbermann didn’t mention it at all. There were other things worth covering.

      • Ava

        That’s because Olbermann is a class act.

      • DGH

        Olberman didn’t talk about it cause he couldn’t blame it on Bush!

    • iggy

      Don’t forget Jane Velez Mitchell…another sensationalist who yells into the camera for her entire show.

      • dan

        and she does it with bad hair

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Hell if I was locked up for three years, I would go out drinking, dancing and sexing too. Nancy Grace should be fired. She was the same way with the Duke Lacrosse team and was proven wrong there also.

    • Lay Jeno

      Tired Jay tried to joke about the verdict last night and got no reaction. I haven’t seen a joke bomb like that in ages.

    • Cristiano

      This is the rectify Service Times | Welcome Pentecostal Center blog for yaonne who wants to move out out most this topic. You note so often its near wearing to discourse with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new stunting on a subject thats been graphic nigh for period. Respectable clog, but large!

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