'The Killing' season finale review: Who did it, why, and where does it go from here?

The Killing concluded its first season with an ambiguous ending that seemed less thought-out than anxious — for something that would strike viewers as worth the 13 episodes we’ve spent in the cold Seattle rain; for something that would leave us gasping with surprise (consider me un-gasped); and for something that would be so open-ended that it would compel AMC to renew it for a second season (mission accomplished).

When I’m thinking about a show’s business decisions as much as I am its dramatic content, that’s usually not a good sign for my, and possibly your, involvement in it. And indeed, there were weeks during The Killing‘s slow, sagging middle — those hours spent with what almost always felt like a red-herring plot about the Muslim school-teacher as a suspect; or those long moments when the camera held onto its close-ups of Michelle Forbes’ Mitch doing variations on silent, depressed grief — which practically invited our minds to wander. These were occasions to remove ourselves from the (in)action and idly think about whether it was really as uncomfortable, chilly, and damp as it looked when the actors filmed this thing, and whether stars such as Joel Kinneman (as cop Stephen Holder), Billy Campbell (as politician Darren Richmond), Kristen Lehman (as campaign coordinator Gwen), and Brenden Sexton III (as the mommy-issue working-man Belko) were being directed to remain perpetually poker-faced because any one of them might turn out to be the killer of Rosie Larson, but they hadn’t been handed those crucial script pages yet.

Most of all, we had ample time to contemplate Mirielle Enos’ Sarah Linden, as good at police work as she was bad as a mother and fiancee. Enos deserves a majority of the credit for sustaining interest in The Killing, since she managed to maintain the series’ dedicated dour mood while always taking advantage of those small cracks in the episodes that permitted her to show us Sarah’s torn loyalties, her parental guilt, her ambivalence about and irritation with the guy she was supposed to be leaving her job to marry (kudos to Callum Keith Rennie for playing the half-baked role of Rick as though it had a real narrative through-line, which it most certainly did not). And about mid-way through the series, once it was revealed that Holder was an addict in active sobriety, Kinneman really got to release Holder’s loose-limbed wryness, sarcastic pessimism, and a convincing fondness for Linden that even the ending could not contradict. I can’t think of anyone this side of Eminem who’s wrung more changes on white-boy hiphop mannerisms in a manner that didn’t irritate but which actually illuminated, even made eloquent, his state of mind.

So, how about that ending? In last week’s episode, we were led to believe that Richmond might be the killer, since his email alias “Orpheus” received the I-know-what-you-did-style messages Linden was sending. But we are experienced TV watchers — we know that whoever is 100% sure to have done in the penultimate episode will never be the person revealed as the true malefactor in the final episode.

And so it was here. Sort of. Pretty much. The big reveal: Holder is corrupt; he doctored the toll-bridge camera photos and is seen climbing into a car with someone else, saying confidently of a framed Richmond, “Photo worked — he’s going down.” The lingering questions are, who was in the car with him (you may say Jamie; I say perhaps Gwen), and how will this play out next season, since in the final scene, Belko was advancing upon Richmond at a public rally to assassinate him.

This conclusion was twisty, to be sure. But it’s one that leaves me disappointed. I don’t want Holder to be a villain — this is the character that supported the show on his knobby shoulders when it was at its shakiest. He’s the guy with the funky sense of humor. Now we have to think of him as a bad guy? Or is he pulling a noble scam, closing in on the real killer by pretending to play along? Simply knowing that The Killing has been renewed, and that Kinneman has received raves from viewers and critics, makes me think the series doesn’t want him to come back next season only to be arrested and sent away by Linden.

Furthermore, what does it say for The Killing that the likely murder of Richmond (do we know whether Campbell has signed on for a second season?) seemed not to matter beyond its shock value? It made me realize how little I had invested in that character. Campbell’s performance was fine, but he was written as a predictably weaselly pol in a manner that David Simon would have sent back for multiple re-writes on The Wire.

I think the weaker aspects of The Killing might be traceable to producer Veena Sud’s evident style on CBS’ Cold Case. The initial seasons of that series followed Kathryn Morris’ intriguingly disheveled, quietly tough cop trying to solve murders that would bring some peace to both the dead and their living mourners. The show had a gray palette, and was frequently shot in the (supposedly Philadelphia) rain. In its later seasons, Cold Case had become repetitive and mawkish. In its first season, The Killing could barely sustain its organizing conceit, the approximately one-day-per-episode exploration of a disheveled, quietly tough cop trying to solve the murder of a girl and bring comfort to her extravagantly grieving parents.

In considering the plot threads left dangling — Holder’s role in the crime; Sarah’s possible marriage; the unhappiness of her son — I am not filled with anticipation to find out how these will be snipped or woven into a satisfying dramatic fabric. Instead, I find myself wishing The Killing would start anew, with Enos at its center, with a fresh case and some clearing skies. I also wish Holder would be by her side, helping her track down clues with his drawling sarcasm and barely contained frustration at being paired with the only cop in Seattle who presents even less of an affect than he does. Yes, those are the wishes of someone who’d actually like it if The Killing was either more conventional or more drastically, experimentally different. But at this point, none of what I hope for seems very likely, does it? So I’ll just hope for the best Killing possible.

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  • Cate

    I think you hit all the nails straight on the head with that review!

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      • Dandridge

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    • Marg

      I also agree with the review and am not happy at the (not) resolution and the apparent inclusion of Det Holder as a part of the conspiracy. I liked the series well enough, but I’m not so sure that it’s a good thing when your reaction to a finale is: “Huh? and What now?”… I hope that they will take more care when writing season 2…

      • Sam J

        In the pilot, there was a camera pan of the Larsen’s buffet with family pictures and a close up of a picture of Rosie(same picture as ad “Who killed R.L.?”). What stood out was that a bunch of wadded and wrinkled dollar bills were around the picture like pocket change? I suspect this is a clue as to the murder being about MONEY. My suspect was the $5 mill campaign donation rich guy, and later I found out he likes young hookers! Too easy? He would be at a casino. He might want a power play with a potential mayor, so he might frame Richmond knowing his conection to Rosie. ?????? I will watch season 2!!

      • mfish

        Wow Ken ,I guess I expected you to be more open minded.Fact is you don’t know where any of this is going,and the extent of how deep the political end goes.Was Holder being a political pawn?and why ,his gambling,drugs? With all we know,we know nothing.That to me is fascinating,this is just the tip of the iceberg.That was the biggest twist in tv history,and you shrug it off.Perhaps you should have given it a week,given more reflection,then given your critique.

      • I just don’t care

        Sam, you’re probably right. But it’s just too late cause I don’t care. Writers can’t jack around their audience like this and think it’s ok. All of those stupid red herrings all through out leading nowhere just wasted my time. I love a great, twisty, suspenseful story with many possibilities, but the writers just tossed crap out there as if the audience was too stupid to catch on. AMC should cut its losses now or else it WON’T be a network that can do no wrong.

      • ashlee

        L also agree. The finale was a DUH; and I was crushed when Holder got into that car. However, I never bought that Richmond was the killer. He could have easily taken out Linden when in the computer room. Yet, he stood there without reaction. There was no tension, no change in voice, nothing to indicate any association to the murder. Also since he was lite from behind,the outline of his head did not match the outline in the police shadow photo. I suspect who the photo outline matches but I will wait for next season for confirmation.

      • Robocats

        I was under the impression this would be a self-contained season. I watched the whole thing knowing it would have an ending. They lied! A cliffhanger is not an ending! I agree with Ken- I wanted this season to end and next season to begin anew with Linden and Holder solving another crime. I am not sure I will be back either.

    • done with the killing

      they lost a fan. i am done with this show. i wish i hadn’t wasted precious hours watching this trash. i was willing to give it chance and see it through to the end and i did. i will not waste my time with this show again. i could not care less what actors are coming back or who killed the girl. whoever is writing this show should be fired. the endless red herrings, the twists that were just solidly annoying, and the subplots – all just lame. AMC should cut their losses now. this show won’t last with this writing.

      oh and mr. kinna-whatever? I read your interview and was actually looking forward to tonight’s episode. you lied sir and said we would be totally blown away by who did it. Uh huh. go frak yourself.

      • Done with the killing too

        I so agree with you! I would stay up to watch the show. Missing extra sleep to find out that I was faked out with the suppose to be ending. Too slow, and too long. Why couldn’t they just end this show, and bring back a new script? I won’t be staying up for the next season to find out who killed Rosie Larson! And that’s a big IF they decide to reveal the killer! I’ll just wait to hear it through the grapevine.

      • Shabbir

        I agree.. all the time watching the episodes and the one of the worst season finales ever.

        I would understand if this was dallas etc.. but this was the end of the story. next season will be a new murder and so to leave us with an empty story is ridiculous.

        If they follow the danish version, the next season will start 2 years later and so this conclusion sucks big time. Im not going to waste my time on this.

        Maybe the killing title meant the killing of a good story.. then it makes sense. :-)

      • Alidanui

        I am in total agreement with “Done…”. This series was a complete waste of time. No fulfillment for the audience. I will not be back next season. As a Seattleite, I was especially annoyed by the constant RAIN (way to heavy and completely wrong, like a hose held over the camera lense), and by the assumption that people from Seattle are racist idiots, which, as a whole, we are NOT. Then, the general lack of respect for the intelligence of the audience was irritating, too. Does that have anything to do with with the Danish origin of the show and the standard european condescension towards Americans? (They may be right about some of us, but I suggest they should try to appeal to the more enlightened among us.)
        I do think Mr. Kinneman was a highlight of the show. It was enjoyable to watch Mirielle Enos finally act/emote a little bit in the last two episodes. But it just wasn’t enough. No there there. I’m checking out!

      • kgb

        Bring back Rubicon and cram this crap where it belongs. I won’t watch this junk again next year.

    • Rush

      The Killing….of an audience.

      • soonerwife

        good one!

      • madeleine

        exactly right. I’m not sure why I hung on through the last episode. But as they say, “fool me twice, shame on you.”

      • MB

        Fool me twice, shame on me. But I take your point. And as The Who sang: Won’t get fooled again.

      • Sam J

        The reviewer on the NYTimes website said the killer WAS revealed last night. I read his article feeling stupid, like I didn’t get the episode. He thinks Richmond did it and it was revealed last night. He writes some viewers may feel there is a 0.00007% chance Richmond DIDN’T do it. After visiting IMDB and EW, I feel less stupid than the NYTIMES.

      • where is JD?

        you all are nuts, the show was awesome, the long pauses were great, the acting all around wonderful – if you want frantic pacing watch junk like CSI

      • Chart

        Who said they want frantic pacing? The acting is top-notch. The problem is the plot. Tell me, after 13 episodes have they truly answered anything about the central question of “Who killed Rosie Larson?” No, they have not. It has always been: Introduce suspect; present compelling evidence; disprove compelling evidence; and repeat. Would you like me to run through the list of red herrings (whereby we are still never closer to even the remotest sense of resolution of the central question?)? I can do it if you would like.

      • kgb

        Great comment!!!!

      • Anne

        The critique was on the nail. I was terribly disappointed with the ending – which was so obviously rubbish. I really will not watch the next series….

      • Numpty

        “but this was the end of the story. next season will be a new murder and so to leave us with an empty story is ridiculous.”

        Not so. The writers have said the Rosie Larsen murder will be conclusively wrapped up in the next season, as well as a new case being introduced. (And let’s not forget the original Danish series took 20 episodes to wrap up the same story.)

    • Blue0808

      The author says exactly what I feeling after watching all 13 episodes. Great show – needs new case now. acting is top notch. Don’t drag out Rosie Larson…..

    • Carol

      I agree with Ken’s review. I watched most of this series with the mistaken belief that it was a one season mini-series. (We had DVRed a whole bunch of episodes and skipped the commercials.) When I read that it was renewed, I assumed that the 2nd season would focus on a new murder, the Rosie Larsen murder having been solved. I was very disappointed to find that this was not the case. If the writers are smart and pay attention to the viewer comments, they’ll wrap up Rosie’s murder in first episode of the new season and take it from there with a new murder. Otherwise,I don’t see how they can sustain viewer interest for another 13 episodes.

      • Tracey

        Carol, that was my thought, too. I thought they would resolve this storyline, and Season 2 would start a new case. I was very disappointed to find out they will drag this on another year.

      • Meredith44

        I also thought that the new season would be a reboot, with a new case to solve. Even then, I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it, because so much of this season dragged. And now? Without any resolution to the previous story, so that it will drag out even longer? I’m so done. There were some good moments, but not enough to sustain me. Oh well.

    • Bryan

      Ken doesn’t get it…. yet again. He is pre-historic in his ideas of good/bad funny/not funny. He is the ONE reason not to read EW.

  • Ben

    It needs retooling and I hope they’re not too proud to come out and admit they made some mistakes that need to be addressed. This show started with promise, and still has some, but not in the way it’s currently headed.

    • west coast ram

      Read an interview with Veena Sud just prior to the airing of the final episode and I wouldn’t expect there to be any changes. Such a great start, slow and wondering middle and very disappointing ending. Don’t know if I’ll stay with it to season 2 but if I do it will only be because of Enos’ work.

      • Jhake

        I’ve wanted to watch this show but haven’t had the chacne to yet I loved 6 Feet Under so much, I had high hopes for it. Btw, Anna Paquin’s hair looks AMAZING in the third pic how can I have hair like that??? (Probly a weave )

  • LOL

    The killer is revealed in Season 2. Our old buddy Ausiello has an interview with Sud posted.

    • Sherri B

      For me, Sud’s name is Mud.

      A comment in another article stated, “Sud says she can’t worry about fans’ impatience. ‘The only paradigm I have right now is how we felt as writers….'”

      So, in black and white she explains that it’s all about them (the writers), not us (the viewers). Fine. So be it. But don’t expect this viewer to hang around while you writers communally-stimulate like agitated pack of Bonobos. I have better things to do with my life.

      If “The Killing” does, in fact, return for another season, I’ll wait until it’s over, read the reviews, and if it warrants, I’ll rent it from Netflix. However, there is no way in this great green world that I’ll participate on a week-to-week basis in what will just as likely result in another viewer betrayal.

      • mia

        I agree with you Sherri b! 100 percent

      • Alidanui

        Agree 100%!

      • l

        I didn’t know they had alluded to revealing the killer, so I wasn’t expecting it. The only twist was the photo, I found the guy with the guy to be a cheesy ending. I think the acting and style of filming is great, but the writing slow. In all, I think if this show wanted a cliffhanger, that’s cool, but waiting nine months? Not so much. If this show returned in the fall, I think everyone would be fine.
        Unfortunately the slow parts turn some people away just like Rubicon. AMC and their writers/producers need to understand that it is really difficult to sustain a story and have almost a year break in viewing does not work and might be their downfall. Just a slight adjustment, that’s all.

      • Anne


    • Chart

      Oh, so the killer will be revealed in season 2? Gee, that means they did not reveal the killer in season 1 and therefore Richmond isn’t the killer. Perhaps someone should tell the person who wrote the NY Times review and tell her she is wrong, that there was no resolution at the end of the 13th episode. (after all, the sane people know the killer was revealed at the end)

    • Sarah

      Why would we believe her this time around? Like people are saying above, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

      I’ll find out from message boards who did it. I’m not interested in being Sud’s pawn any longer.

      • hcorte

        Sarah…….You’ll calm down and watch season two which will reveal the killer. Just like 90% of the emotional whiners here will do. You can’t fool me even once.

  • Neil

    I’ve been reading posts and comments for hours and the last paragraph of your post about your wishes for the show really hits home and reflects why I am so disappointed.

  • Kalie

    The finale would have frustrated me if the show hadn’t already been renewed for a 2nd season. I’m satisfied enough because I feel like I know who the killer really is, Richmond’s girlfriend. I’m also curious to find out what will happen to Holder when it comes out that he brought in fake evidence. So much for the progress he’d made with Linden. The finale may not have been as shocking as expected, but I like the show and the characters enough that I’ll be watching next season. I also disagree that “Cold Case” became repetitive in its later seasons. I always enjoyed the show very much and actually thought the last couple of seasons were better than the middle seasons.

    • sue1102

      I think it was his girlfriend, too.

      • I just don’t care

        At this point, I don’t care who killed her or why. But I’ll take a shot based on how the show is written:

        I bet it’s Stan’s old Russian colleague’s second ex-wife who may have seen Rosie from afar when she wore the same dress that her dead daughter wore when she was mauled by a bear at the family camping trip. She *had* to kill Rosie because she thought it was her dead daughter coming back as a zombie. I bet this is it cause that’s how the writers of the Killing roll – LAME.

      • Wish I’d Said That

        You nailed it! Thanks for the best comment I’ve read. Share it other places if you can – you’ll make people happy. I’m still laughing.

      • Wish I’d Said That

        My above comment was in response to “I just don’t care”. I don’t know why my comment didn’t get indented.

      • Alidanui

        Yay!Thanks for a suitable ending!

  • dunky

    we don’t exactly know that Holder is involved in the crime. The vibe I got was that it was still very much possible that it was Richmond, there was just no proper evidence so he “got a little help” so to speak. I doubt it was Jamie or Gwen. I feel like there may be a connection to the Mayor. Then again with Veena Sud’s admission that she was essentially making it up as she goes, I fear that she just ruined the story arc with that weak twist of making Holder into a potential bad guy. he’s the most interesting part of the show and now Linden knows he’s done something wrong. It would clearly only be a matter of days before that call was made pointing out the error in the bridge footage and the case would be tossed as circumstantial, costing Holder his job, so it all just reeks of poor planning and writing. I’m bummed.

    • AvaDrew

      This is just what I was thinking about Holder–seemed to me like he was impatient with their sargeant and the lack of “concrete evidence” against Richmond, so decided to help their case with the phony photo.
      Don’t know who he got in the car with–could’ve been the senator (Gwen’s dad), or even Mayor Adams.
      The show could really drag at times, but I must confess I will watch next season–if for no other reason than to see how they fix this mess

    • Blue0808

      Holder was a vice cop and worked undercover for years….. I don’t think they’ll make him bad guy, but keep him edgy. I will continue to watch season 2, though I want them to resolve who killed Rosie in the Season OPENER and then start another story arc.

    • AB

      I think Holder got into the car with the mobster Stan Larson used to be hooked up with.

  • seymour

    My only disagreement with your review is that you called Linden’s police work good. I don’t think a good police officer (1) tells a victim’s family they know who did it before making an arrest (and then turns out to be wrong); (2) waits to thoroughly inspect the car where the body was found until weeks after the case started; (3) waits to inspect the entire crime scene with dogs until after a perpetual two-week downpour washed away any scent trail or (4) gets fooled by a faked photo.

    • enzoiscool

      Agree with everything but Point #4 – she trusted her partner and had every reason to believe that the picture was the real deal – she gave him her code for the request.

      • Sarah

        And apparently, Holder is the dumbest cop on the block because he used her badge # for a second request, thus making them call her and revealing Holder’s lie in record time. Not to mention, the fake photo would quickly be found out by the defense team. I guess Sud wants to paint Holder as seriously brain damaged.

    • swthompson

      Except only thirteen days have passed since the killing of Rosie– I think you’ll find most murders are not solved as fast as the usual tv narrative would have you believe. (I thought it would end with no leads, be called a cold case, and season two would be set a few years later. What do I know?)

      • Pittner

        Also, Holder just pops in with a photo knowing that Linden is expecting a call from the people at the toll bridge. He had to know she would get a call from them no matter what.

    • Stef

      Don’t forget 5) leaving crime scene photos on a laptop she shares with her son so he can email them to his friends!

      • Terry

        hahaha! That was a classic moment! I believe that all police laptops should be shared with adolescent sons who also use it for personal emails and gaming. Love it.

    • Numpty

      “waits to thoroughly inspect the car where the body was found until weeks after the case started”

      “Weeks” after? The show was paced at one day per episode, so season 1 wrapped up no more than 12 days after the body was found.

  • wtshine

    I guess I’ve never really been very critical of what I’ve watched on TV. OR, this show promised much more than it delivered.

  • Dave

    “Sarah Linden, as good at police work as she was bad as a mother and fiancee”

    Ken, were we watching different shows? The only thing worse than Sarah Linden the mother is Sarah Linden the detective.

    Doesn’t check the Larsen’s phone records (waits for Belko to tell her he overheard Rosie making a call). Doesn’t check to see if cabs picked up a girl around Bennett Ahmed’s place (waits for Mohammad to say Rosie left). Takes the entire season to figure out that the killer gassed up the car.

    It goes on and on and on. The depiction of policework in this show has probably raised crime rates, as the cops are shown to be bumbling fools who mostly luck into their biggest clues (Linden discovering the Adelle while jogging).

    • Donna

      Agreed 100%! Let’s add:

      She just happens to be in his apartment when the e-mail comes through.

      Tells Mitch that the teacher is the killer.

      If Richmond is shot that’ll be two lives ruined by these two bumblers.

      Any two detectives on Law and Order would have had this wrapped up in two episodes.

      • hcorte

        Right….LAW & ORDER that’s your benchmark. A show that solves cases in an hour week after week, as if in reality cops solve murders in just one day. This kind of series just isn’t for you.

    • Marie

      You seem to forget the episodes consisted of a mere 13 days….duh; that’s less than two weeks…how often are all investigative procedures accomplished in less than two weeks? (See the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Fla!!!!)

  • HempKnight757

    Like most I just wanted to see it the end. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows(that & Dexter). So I figured I’d give it a shot even though I still think the Walking Dead never lived up to expectations. Very short season. The preview for “The Killing” say you will be mad when its over. If anything I was always happy. The show was very slow even though the actors were give good performances. Very good twists in the last episode, but the way it ended to me is a big FU to the audience. Breaking Bad is the best nothing on AMC can touch it. & yes that includes Mad Men.

  • Pera

    Very nice

  • Bette

    Holder. On no you DI’INT !!

    • PMKS.

      Ha ha. Good one Bette.

  • KatherineM

    Very irritating show. I was ok with the pace and being part of a TV show ‘experiment’, but after 13 weeks I deserved lots more of a reward for my effort. Don’t these folks know that this is exactly how to kill a ratings/fans, and not to build them?

    A big statement “Holder is corrupt” though. I think you can are being sucked in by the show and its trickery. Probably other layers to find out next year. Maybe not, I always thought Cold Case was kind of anti-man.

  • Maggie

    I agree it was slow in places but I still enjoyed the story. I think everyone here missed the boat – it’s the beau soleil connection – I think Tom Drexler did it. Remember him? He’s the guy that gave Richmond 5 million for his campaign and had the beau soleil girls swimming in his pool.

    • Rush

      Yes, and he’s arranged his townhouse to be below a pool with a glass ceiling so he can watch the young girls underwater. It’s a drowning fetish.

    • Rush

      And Richmond helped cover it up to secure the donation. Remember that Drexler said that he could get away with anything when he has friends like Richmond who can clean up his messes.

      • Buket

        Hey bien , le grand jour arrive, je vous sihuaotes bonnes chances et amusez vous bien en plein desert, lol. On va surement avoir du plaisir a vous voir progresser tout au long du parcours.

    • LadyJNewYork

      You are so on point. It’s someone else….very shocked about her partner though! WOW! I will watch when the show returns. I liked it “The Killing.”

    • Mo

      The moment they introduced Drexler’s character, I thought he’d end up being the one. Rich, sleazy, able to get away with anything, connected to the Richmond campaign, but seemingly unconnected to Rosie herself, so not an absolutely obvious suspect right off the bat. Of course, on Doc Jensen’s recap that week, he was theorizing on how Richmond’s assistant would end up being the one. It’s a wonder he didn’t quote Marcel Proust and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to make his point. Thank G for small favors. Anyway, by now I was only watching to find how who did it, because I found the show too slow going. It also had lost sight of the victim. I cared about Rosie in the beginning. By the end, there had been so many unrelated red herrings and we had swerved so much from who she was and what she did that she had become a cipher and a non-entity, while all the stuff that had been happening meanwhile with the cops didn’t make me care about them, either. I don’t think I’ll be back for season 2. I’ll just look up the culprit on the internet.

    • Kimmy

      Why would he give Richmond $5M, then frame him and ruin his chance at winning? Doesn’t make any sense.

  • Kenny

    Excellent review! Very unsatisfying finale. Enos is great. I wish we knew more about Linden’s past. And tell me, someone, what kind of boyfriend/fiance can’t be patient for two weeks while the beloved solves a major crime? If the conceit of the show allowed more time to pass, then perhaps I would sympathize.

    • mfish

      Really??? Thats the thing about a great show/mistery,you WISH you knew more…Well,you will,duh.You all act like you’ve been slapped in the face,but the fact is ,it IS a show that will answer questions while raising others,and thats why we watched and will watch.Great drama,excellent character development…and who the hell says sarah Has to be a great detective.With her distractions and headstrong convictions,perhaps these are her “flaws”.Everyone in the show has them.Call me crazy for loving to sit back and be entertained. You all have ADD

      • ashbee

        no it’s not ADD. it’s the lie that the network told us that this would be ONE SEASON with a conclusion. too many commercials (that creates ADD). it was a good series NOW they have made it a MONEY game. :(

      • hcorte

        mfish…this is the most intelligent reply to all of this that I’ve read here. Thanks for the relief.

      • Thana

        Mystery upon mystery is why I watched Lost… not a cop show.

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